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* r\iv.»:\*s 


3 3573 


00050 6169 

Raynham P^^™* 
Raynham. WV 02767 - 

UNITA6 200$ 


B>rj oc;t\\/A'mR.-l2^YN^i am 

\bb N/|^uHt Pe&?6pe.ct ^ 

&E.IDCE.W/ATE.E. N/|A 02324 

(508) bq-y-bqoi 



^L ^H 

^^k x 

-- 1 



I U<i2.c>uqii0UT the course of our 
lives we experience various rights of 
passage. Entering high school is one 
of the first major life changes we ex- 
perience. Freshman appreciate the 
new sense of freedom that comes 
with fheii*passage and are quick to 
r take it for granted. Being the oldest 
and most experienced students in B- 
R, the senior class learns to really 
treasure their time left at the Regional 
as graduation gets closer with every 
passing day. 

Life as a high school stu- 
dent drastically changes upon gradu- 
ation, whether graduates choose to 
attend college or begin working and 
earning a living. The realization that 
one's adult life has truly begun comes 
with every bill that has to be paid, 
and every student loan that is wait- 
ing to be paid off after college. As 
seniors prepare for college and learn 
to support themselves, they realize 
how special high school is.... 

1 . Kylie Biela and Steve Rebolo save the last dance for each othef. 

2. John Bascon, Nick Green. Paul Oliari, Dertnis Rodrigues, Joe Powers, and Greg Feroli can't wait to join the rest of their friends al 
the semi. 

3. Kristen White and Sarah Prime catch some rays. ^ 

4. Mike Bradford is astonished that it's not chicken ni 

5. Good friends Renee Perkins. Jesse Cruise, and Rob Kennedy live it up at the prom. 

. Shannon Morrissey, Jenn Pi/./.utti, and Allison Howe stop to take one last picture before heading to their prom. 
/. Vanessa Carney is living large in Frumpy's hat. 

8. The Triangle. Toby, Koo G Us, and Jeeef throw up signs before the junior prom. 

9. S. Saunders. C. Arrighi. C. Duerden. B. Brezner, D. McGovern, C. Ricciardi. S. Salamon. S. St. Martin. K. Chappel. K. Harrington. A. Mastria. 
A. Clapp. L. Burt, and B. Dailcy bring in the New Year with close friends. 

£?uhc;q& t ear£ 

AltU<?ljcU the past few years 

have flown by. the memories we 

have made along the 

way will forever remain 

golden in our minds. In- 

stead of spending our 

days concentrating on 

world events or school 

tests, we spent our days 

sitting in the sandbox 

and debating what color 

freeze pop we wanted. 

The boys happily kept 

themselves entertained 

with the newest Teenage Mutant 

Ninja Turtles toys, while the girls 

were inside with their Easy-Bake 

Ovens and Care Bears. Our days 

were filled with Winnie the Pooh, 

Scooby Doo, and Sesame Street. 

can only cherish the light-hearted 
days of our youth. 

1. A Raynham kindergarten class of 
1990 says "Cheese!" 

2. Jen Engelhardt and Cristen 
O'Donnell first became friends in 

3. Greg Feroli. Dan Lucchetti. Joe 
Powers, and Dennis Rodrigues try 
to look cool. 

4. Chris 


measures AJ 


and Matt 



6. Sarah SalaflM^Uex 
5. Bryan. Cheri. and Deborah Jean Mastria. and 1 

Sharland stop play time to take a quick Mastria prove that Raynham 
picture sports fans come in all sizes. 

7. Kate Kilroy and Sarah 
Prime getting ready for 
their dance recital. 

8. Megan James and 
Sarah Govonlu get read) 
to Trick or Treat. 

9. Kristen Franceour, Michelle Finley 
and Liz Burt smell something funny. 

10. Betsy Kenney, Melissa Casey. Kyla 
Harrington. Caitlin Brides. Gretchen Isenor. 

Katie Hiltz. Katelyn Chappell. Katelyn Mahoney. and Derek Bracato give Tim Hall a lift before then 
Rachel Hauck, Meghan McKenney and Ryanne act for the "Oldies but Goodies Show" in 8th 
Bradshaw have their first big sleepover. grade. 

1 1. Matt Peabody. Tim Cronin, Clint Cooper. 


12. J.O'Neil, L. Venuti. S. Durso. H. Laubinger. A.Forman. 
and M.Fit/.patriek work hard in shop class. 
1 3.B. Smith. B. Noone. R. Leroux. A. Porazzo. J. O'Neil. D. 
Van D\ke. M. Fitzpatrick. R. Sperrazza. and C. Derocher pose 
at the Sth grade graduation party. 

14. Camille Curry Joanna Sullivan. Shannon Gobin. Je»sic 
Cruise. Elisabeth Gonyea. Sheana Breese. Kim Moras! and 
Hollv Laubinger take time out from a junior high dance to 
pose for a picture. 


or the Gold! 

.-R athletes 
have always 
been in the 
upper echelon 
of courage, 
and sportsman- 
ship. Our 
athletes embody 
both the 
spirit and scholarship 
necessary to not only 
succeed in sports, but 
also to be productuve 
members of the B-R 
community. These may 
-fee oiir 'golden years of 
athletic ability, but the 
lessons we learned on 
the Trojan's battlefields 
will last a lifetime. 


1 . Mark Folkins shows his perfect swing through during, golf practice 

2. Andrea Foreman and Kim Smith slop to smile between innings. 

3. Tim Chiappini takes a breathe after a vigorous XC r"*** 
4.Callahan runs the ball during an important football' 

5. Jen Lyford gets ready to throw one home. 

6. Sabrina Gambill kills the competition with her powerful kick. 

7. Steve Nelson does what it takes to eet the ball back over the net. 

8. Quarterback Matt Peabody tells the team what play to run during a huddle. 

9. S. Berry. L. Burt. K. Francoeur. C. O'Donnell. V. Carney, B. Dailey, E. McCann, K. Chappel. S. Salamon. C. Ricciardi. 
K. Harrington, S. Prime, and C. Mailloux are anxious for the pep rally. 

10. Golf captain Cory Blanchard gives some advice to Matt Caycr. 

1 1 Jill Parenteau. Christina Ricciardi. and Kristen Francour cool down after winning a meet. 

12. Jen Lin lakes a long stride over a hurdle. 

13. Steve Prisco swings hoping to get that home run. 


r % 



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to<! .vL A y * v 

m ; 


\Ve. here at B-R take pride 
our many academic 
Students coura- 
geously come to 
school every day 
expecting a chal- 
lenging learning 
experience. Through 
B-R's Science, 
Social Studies, * 

English, Language, 
Art, Mathematics, 
and many other courses ( 
we prove that B-R consists of 
many intelligent students and 
faculty members. Our teache 






111 || lift < 

¥ mm* i 1 _, 1 ^B 

\\\\\ i 

may be tough at times. . 
students always know who they 
can turn to for help. 
1 .Rusty Best is determined to get an A. 

2. "Can't a guy catch a nap?" wonders Dave Miles 

3. Am_\ Golden tries to focus in the classroom. 

4. In child study. Kristen McDonaugh prepares 

5. Jesse Aslop studies a map in history. 

6. Measan Heath searches for the da\ "s work. 

- f 




Jii fa 




the future. 







\*tfy -&- 



L BjMmS^L 

B i 

Mr -r* 

rfc «* ™ 

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14 II t WH 


■■few ^^*<^ ^ 


a B 

7. Mike Zella and Brian Dwyer are listening intently to their teacher. 

8. Better not get caught with that bubble gum. Megan Buchanan. 
' 9. Michelle Weir look read) to participate in class. 

10. Shannon Morrissey. Kim Smith, and Allison Howe rush to their classes. 
I 1 . A historv class ponders an age-old question. 



> students at B-R the times 

.e will remember the most will 
be the times spent with friends. 
Special moments such as the 
pep rallies and proms unite the 
two towns, but the little things 
formed lasting frienships. 
During football games, dances, 
parties, and bonfires, we 
bonded and became the class of 
2003 we are today. Our friends 
supported us through the loving 
and the fighting, the laughing 
and the crying, the giving and 
the taking, all the make-ups and 
the break-ups and for that., we 
will never forget them. 

1. Andy Ameral gives Christina 
Ricciardi a lift. 

2. Dennis Rodrigues and Greg Feroli 
share a friendly smile before going out 
for the night. 

3. Good friends Jessie Cruise. Kylie 
Biela. and Camille Curry share a 
bonding moment before the beginning 
of class. 

4. Alishia Gonsalves embraces Laura 
McElroy on the way to class. 

5. Dan Lucchetti, Marc Pratti. Gus 
AL-Obaidi. and Justin O'Neil take 
time out from their junior prom to 
smile for the camera. 

.Holly Laubinger and Staci Durso prepare to reak havoc on Halloween. 

. Brigid Dailey. Cristen ODonnell. and Kim Nehiley are fearless as they wait to ride a roller coaster at 6 Flags. 
*. J. Bascon. J. Powers. M. Fitzpatrick, S. Prisco. M. Peabody. P. Moynihan, and C. Cooper meet up before a Saturday home 
ootball game. 

). Shannon Morrissey. Alysa Freni, Lindsay Saba. Kristyn Whittington. Kim Smith, and Allison Howe anticipate pasta day. 
0. Man Peabody. Kaiev Chiocca. Sara MeElrov and Chris Arrighi at the Coast Guard Beach tor some fun in the sun. 

Pe^ma, dates, late nights, and 
parties; these are some of the 
events where our special 
moments took place. 
Sleepovers provided nights of 
talking and driving town 
seemed an ordinary thing. 
Bonds were made along with 
memories. Think now of that 
special feeling when you made 
a new friend, reflect on that 
"look" from a certain someone, 
hese are the golden memories 

; will always cherish. These 
are our special moments. 

O oi" 



r " 

■ 1 



l.Greg Feroli and Kristen 
Simmons before they go off to the 
2001 Miss Regional Dance. 

2. Amanda Barker and Katey 
Chiocca are all smiles as they head 
towards the dance floor. ^ \ 

3. Becky Kennedy. Jackie Murphy, 
Meg Quarterley. Jessi Wood. Laura^ 
Calderone. Erica Whynot, and Katie Sp. 

4. Chris Arrighi gets one last hug from Sara McElroy 

5. Elyse Roberts, Kayleena Tunawicz, Bridj 
before Junior Prom. . 

6. At 8th grade graduation. Megan James, and Sara"WJvonlu look forward to high school 

7. Matt Peabody. John Bascon. and Clint Cooper gather together at the Pep Rally. 

ore leaving the Miss Regional Dance. 

Brassard. Jackie Lopes, and Mary Chambers look glamorous 

8. Holly Laubingcr, Kylie Beila, Kristyn Whittington, Lindsay Saba, Camille Curry, Staci Durso, Kim Morast. and Lindsay Vcnuti in 
gorgeous array. 

9. 9th Graders K. Smith, C. Shaiiand. K. Reid. J. Sullivan. J. Phanuf, A. Thompson, T. Sly, K. McCarthy, J. Magee, M. Pistone, J. 
Bra» u . and J. Lovell are filled with excitement at the prospects of their first semi-formal. 

HI' -< 'il&z&i ' -■■MSii 

10. Shawn Churchill, Paul Augustine, Nick Bulgaris, Chris Sullivan, Tim Pearson, Pat Allen, Matty Munise, "Frumpy"', and John Frcyermuth 
>h<m off their bowtics, hats, and pinstripes before Junior Prom. 

11. Kim Smith, Rachel Hauck, Megan James and Stephanie Fontes are psyched before the first dance of the year. 

12. C. Mailloux. K. Harrington. S. Salamon. K. Hiltz. V. Carney. A. Mastria, S. St. Martin, R. Bradshaw, S. Saunders. K. Chappell sit prettv 
before the semi 2001. 

13. P. Oliari, B. Springer, J. Powers. D. Rodrigucs, and D. Lucchetti looking a little nervous before they pick up their dates for the 2(KX) Semi- 


sports and academics, they also enjoy many differet 
clubs and activities. Outside of school we spend our 
time going to movies, parties, and "chillin"' with our 
friends. Pep rallies, skiing, and volunteering time 
prove that B-R students are active members of the 
community. The fun field trips will alw ays be a way 
of remembering our school. Students have been able 
to express themselves on many levels including 
drama, band concerts, and through clubs like the Ski 
Club and Renaissance. B-R has continued to provide 
programs for all types of students. 

1 . Kathleen Reid and 
Cheri Sharland stand 
proud after performing inj 
their 8th grade chorus 

2. Kait Kilroy and Jen 
McGuire show a little 
class enthusiasm at the 
2002 pep rally. 

3. B. Smith, G. Hartford. I 
J. Grein, AJ Ronayne, R. jjj 
Simpson, M. Turner, R. |I 
Prime, D. Chipman, and 

M. Petrin. | 
show boy] 
can play | 


4. Paul 

Oliari. Jo 







rowdey a; 

usual at 

the pep 


5. L. 

Burt, B. 

Dailey, K, 
Nehiley, K. Chappell, S. Salamon. K. Franceour. S. Saunders. S. St. 
Martin, C. Ricciardi, C. Mailloux, and V. Carney all bundled up 
miring girl's weekend in Vermont! 
6. Paula Moniz paints a poster for the pep rally. 


The Class of 2003 would like to dedicate this yearbook to Ms. Barbara 
Norman. During the course of any high school career, we are taught by 
many teachers, but few teachers actually make the effort to connect 
with every student as Ms. Norman has. Every student can benefit from 
her guidance and be inspired by her hard work and organization. She is 
the mother of three lucky kids and a great person all around. From her 
aid in setting the foundation for our learning, to her seemingly endless 
patience, she was always willing to lend an ear. We would like to thank 
you, Ms. Norman, for making our stay at Bridge water-Raynham Re- 
gional that much more special. 


Ms. Barbara Norman 

The graduating class of 2003 is honored to dedicate this yearbook to 
At. Edward "The Doctor" Porter. Many teachers guide us through our 
ears at B-R with patience, dedication, and a clear sense of purpose, 
ut few possess the qualities which make "The Doctor" such an amaz- 

g teacher and friend. His years of teaching here at the Regional have 
ieen nothing less than memorable and he is easily considered a 
niracle worker. His laid back attitude and sense of humor have al- 
ways made him popular with his classes. The mutual respect between 
nentor and students create a comfortable atmosphere in Dr. Porter's 
lassroom. With much gratitude and respect, we dedicate this year- 
ook to "The Doctor!" Oh happy day! 



Mr. Edward Porter 

Ms. Wendy 

rich teach 

This year we bid farewell to French teacher 
Ms. Oliver. Over her 30 years of teaching here at 
B-R, she has engaged her students in such 
activities as "teaching French verbs on a Friday 
afternoon in a free countrv". We look back on 
her teaching career with pride and admiration. 
As a teacher, an advisor, and a mentor she 
inspired many students to learn a new way of life 
and language. We will all miss Ms. Oliver and 
wish her well in her future endeavors. 

Special thanks to the Senior 

class advisors: 

Ms. Barbara Norman and 

Ms. Barbara Murdoch 



-Is ■-* 

We are fortunate to have such a spirited and dedicated staff 
here at the Regional. Attending sporting events, running clubs, 
and working hard both during and after the school day, they 
inspired us to do our best. Seniors and underclassmen would 
like to thank the faculty for their patience, effort, and under- 
standing towards their students. 

1. Tara Smith discusses her plans for the blank canvas with Mr. Phaneuf. 

2. Ms. McGuire reviews Tim Pearson's page design for the yearbook. 

3. Ms. Fisher is astounded with the caliber of her students work. 

4. Mr. Gillis reviews Samantha Smith's math homework. 

5. Every morning Ms. Brown prepares the morning attendence. 

6. Ms. Kennedy break down the Spanish language for Kellyrose Shea. 

7. With a careful eye, Ms. Brown measures the size of Rachel Dacy's clay pot. 

8. Mike Pistone and Krista Smith know that with Ms. Calef, physics is fun! 

9. Mr. Heaslip says, "Do the right thing!" 

10. Ms. Murdoch preaches the importance of U.S. History. 

11. Ms. Bridges teaches the joy of chemistry to Megan Quarterly and Andy 

12. Ms. Blocker keeps close watch over her students. 

3. Mr. Mastria and Mr. Holmes argue over whether the Red Sox or Yankees rule. 

4. Science teacher Mr. Folan demonstrates his worldiness. 



Mr. Stephen Heaslip 

Mr. Alan Peabody 
Assistant Principal 

Mr. Steven Sarantopolous 
Acting Assistant Principal 

Mission Statement: 

Energized by the collaborative 
vision of students, parents, com- 
munity members, and educators, 
Bridgewater-Raynham Regional 
High School provides quality edu- 
cational experiences for all stu- 
dents. Utilizing a common core of 
learning that "Expects the Best" 
in teaching and learning, 
Bridgewater-Raynham Regional 
High School values individuals 
and fosters good citizenship. 


Ms. Yvonne Chadwick 

Dr. David Chuckran Ms. Charlotte Cloutior Mr. Paul Conroy Mr. Alan CougliUn 





Mr. Capen challenges Mr. Sarantopolous to a one-on-one basketball game. 

In Ms. Benigni's Latin II honors class, Matt Benvie and Alec Tolivaisia 
translate excerpts from Seneca's letter on Marc Antony's vices. 

* ^p 

Sarah Chappelle and Alvssa Freni 

know that good students always 

make Mr. Lennon smile. 

At the Winter Concert, Mr. Hyman 
conducts the chorus 


Dr. Robert Hartman 

Ms. Lorna Hickey Mr. Stanford Holmes Ms. Donna Holt Ms. Louise 1 loi ne 






Mr. Porter takes Marc Narcisso, Tom Greco, Oscar Singsong, Steve Robolo, and 
Kyle Davies on a tour of the internet in the distance learning lab. 

■I sf^r^mr i j j . ij n.tiu 



At the end of a long day, Ms. Grublin Mr. Burke and Asnley i 

is still grading papers. library a^quietplace to study. 

Mr. Osgood helps Luke Dasilva with 
an English assignment. 

"Do the right thing!" reminds Mr. 
Heaslip to everyone at lunch. 

Mr. Wayne Horton 

\ mm 

Mr. Gary Hyman 


Mr. John Kearney 

Ms. Lynne Kennedy 


Mr. John Lennon 

Mr. Johathan Levesque 

Mr. Robert Mastria 

Ms. Diane McGuire 

Ms. Janice Murphy 

Ms. Karen Natale 




I ■ 

I ■ 



Mr. Dana Osgood 

Ms. Susan Pina 

Mr. William Walker 

Mr. George Pacheco 

Ms. Dolores Paterna 

Mr. David Patrick 

Mr. Adam Pomella 

Mr. Edward Porter 

Mr. John Powers 

Ms. Angela Watson 


HflfilB . an 



Mr. Jeffery Sylvia 

Ms. Judith Sylvia 

Mr. Richard Sypher 

Ms. Linda Ventd 

Ms. Natalie Winsor Officer Geroge Zanellato 

Mrs. Kaszanek discusses an assignment wit i 
Jessica White 








* ^^ 

i^* \ 

jfl j 

^■^ ^ 1 9*i 





1. Amie Bettencourt and Justin Lovell get ready for the greatest night of their 
Junior year. 

2. Staci Durso, Kristyn Whittington, Holly Laubinger, and Sophie Myers show 
off their smiles before their prom. 

3. Alex Mastria, Sherry Saunders, and Jackie Robak turn back the clock for the 
70's and 80's dance. 

4. Paul Oliari and Steve Prisco hang out after a baseball game. 

5. Shannon Morrissey, Radha Sinha, Alisa Freni, Allison Howe, Shannon Kisil, 
Andrea Forman, Jen Pizzutti, and Jill Diliddo enjoy dinner at Bertucchi's. 

6. Dave Danforth, Mike Fitzpatrick, Justin O'Neil, Craig Derosher, Jay Akstin, 
Matt Langton, Gus Al-Obaidi, Jeff Ramadan, and Pete Moynihan give the 
"Gargiulo" face. 

7. Stephanie St. Martin and Haven Nichols share a dance. 

8. Pat Allen and Matty Munise give a little assistance for those looking for the 
busiest room on semi-night 2001. 

9. Kylie Beila and Kristyn Whittington enjoy the rain after a track pasta party. 

10. Sarah Salamon shows endurance on the court. 

11. Lizzie Burt and Andrea Thompson pose for a photo at a colorguard 

12. Kathleen Reid and Cheri Sharland vacation in Florida. 

13. Amanda Clapp and Brigid Daley dry off after getting caught in the rain at 
Six Flags. 

14. Chelsey St. Martin, Jen Chaves, and Lauren McGrath show their support 
at the football season opener. 

15. Sandra Berry and Alex Hanson get close for a picture. 

16. Chris Benvie and Sara McElroy take their place on the dance floor. 



Andrew Aiello 

Andrew Amaral 

50 Deerfield Drive 



Meaghan Renee Anthony 

206 Main Street (B) 

Gus J. Al-Obaidi 

"Koo G Us" 

70 Fox Hill Drive (B) 

Kyle Anthony Amoedo 
198 Michael' Road (R) 

Theodoras C. Athanasiou 

56 Arrowhead Lane (R) 

Jason Akstin 


Sirena Amaral 

Christopher Arrighi 

155 Deerfield Drive (B) 

Patrick Allen 

85 Brookside Drive 


Kenneth John Anderson 
91 Fremont Street (B) 


Lindsay Atkins 

Wayne Audette 

84 Sherwood Lane 


I Justin John Baillie 
"Baills " 

John Bascon 


437 North Street (B) 

Xavier Baez 


121 Wall Street (B) 

Joseph Peter Balboni 
180 Main Street (B) 

Christopher John Begley 

1490 High Street (B) 


Paul Augustine 


220 Bedford Street F7 (B) 

Peter Joseph Balboni 
180 Main Street (B) 

Kevin Beaudoin 
166 Eleanor Road 


Dana Baggs 
"D, Danish Burger" 
345 Cross Street (B) 

Amanda Barker 

21 Yoke Road (B) 

Kylie Beila 


554 Pleasant Street 



Denise Bentley 

30 Tammi Ann Terrace (B) 

Sandra Berry 

"Sandy B" 

54 Adam Lane (R) 

Marissa Black 


Joseph Berg 


94 Chickering Road (R) 

Amie Simon 

"T3 ~ „" 

169 Easy Street (R) 

Heather Blanchard 

15 Evergreen Drive 


Christopher Benvie 
15 South Bridge 
Farms Way (B) 

Russell Best III 



Cory Edward 


80 College Road (B) 

Teresa Bernier 

206 Comfort Street 



Richard Bisson 


52 Gatsby Drive (R) 



Megan Courtney 


"Lil' Meggy B" 

59 Elizabeth Drive (R) 





Jeffrey Booker 


114 Hayward Place (B) 

Jonathan Bragg 


795 Scotland Blvd. 


=—- ' s- 


Benjamin Brezner 

"Ben, Caveman" 

28 Erbeck Circle (B) 

Jeffrey O'Connell 



25 King Street (R) 

Shaena Breese 


257 Main Street (B) 

Kyle Brown 

Lisa Bostrom 


133 First Street (R) 

Molly Brassard 
92 Dean Street (B) 

Caitlin Brides 
174 Temi Road (R) 

Ryanne Bradshaw 

54 Bridge Street (R) 

Mark Brezinski 


545 King Street (R) 

Nicole Brown 

"Brownie, N2" 

249 Main Street (B) 


.. ^m 


Justin Bruhl 

420 North Main 

Street (R) 

Elizabeth Ann Burt 

397 Main Street (B) 

Meaghan Callahan 
226 Temi Road (R) 

Jennifer Burgess 

" Jenny , Jiffy" 

54 Shady Lane (R) 


Melissa Cabral 
33 Sandy Hill (R) 

Jenna Capozzi 

"Jen, Jenner" 

330 Oak Street (R) 

Nicholas Christopher 


"Bulgy, Jim" 

15 Boxwood Lane (B) 

Nicole Butts 

"N2, Buttsy" 

29 Bear Stump Circle 


Christopher D. 


"CC Rider" 

126 Dean Street (R) 

Kelli Burke 

"Kel, Burkie" 

50 Macy Street (R) 

Rachael Calise 
33 Nicholas Road (R) 

Vanessa Carney 

"V, Vegas" 

58 Elizabeth Drive (R) 


Jared Carroll 
1359 Broadway (R) 

Jennifer Chaves 

30 Greenbrier Lane 



i \ 


hawn Conniff Churchill 
1 135 Birch Street (B) 

Melissa Casey 

Katherine Chiocca 


10 Summerdale Farms 

Way (B) 



Timothy J. Chiappini 

8 Birch Hill Road (B) 

Amanda Clapp 


85 Maura Drive (B) 

Katelyn Chappell 

441 Broadway (R) 

Daniel Chipman 


60 Lyman Place (B) 

Elizabeth Ashley 


"Liz, Lizzie, Lala" 

120 Green Street (B) 


Daniel James Collier 


40 Gypsy Rover Way 


Ashley R. Coury 


48 Lakeview Drive (R) 

^^B mi i 




Jessie Elizabeth 

65 Appletree Circle (B) 

Kenneth Correia 

172 Warren Street 

West (R) 

Natalee Crimmins 
147 Nicholas Road (R) 


w <. 


Matthew Robert 

1435 Old Pleasant 

Street (B) 

Clint Sherwood Cooper 


45 First Street (R) 

Christopher Coyman 



» ■** Hf 

1 Ip 

Camille Curry 

105 Pine Ridge 

Drive (B) 

Laura Kathleen 


501 Judson Street (R) 

Timothy J. Cronin 


57 South Main Street (R 

Brigid Maire Dailey 
"Bridgy, Lefty, Brig" 
61 Hall Street (R) 


Fatima Cristina 



Andrew Downs 

'Downsy, Chedda' 

106 Spring Hill 

Avenue (B) 

Craig Derocher 


1522 Plymouth Street 


Eric Paul DiMarzio 
215 Temi Road (R) 

Christopher Duerden 

300 Cherry Street (B) 

Sara DeLeo 

140 Old King Street 


Jillian Diliddo 


14 Tony Terrace (B) 

Michael Driscoll 
50 Sherwood Lane 


Mark DeSisto 


57 Dean Street (R) 

Christina Doris 
50 Glenmore Lane (B) 

Karyl Dunham 


328 High Street (B) 



Daniel Dupuis 

65 Amherst Avenue 


Cassie Ellis 
403 Main Street (B) 

Brianne Faria 
643 Pine Street (R) 

Brian Dwyer 

Marc Emma 
25 Redwing Drive (B) 

Heather Marie Feldman 

185 Hayward Street (B) 

Staci Durso 
65 Aspen Drive (B) 

Ryan Emerick 
110 Elizabeth Drive 


Bethany Farias 

"Bethy, Lucy" 

19 Edward Road 


Sheena Marie Eaton 

383 Oak Street (R) 

Jennifer Engelhardt 


40 Ann Street (R) 


Vianka Feliciano 

198 South Street East (R) 






Gregory Feroli 


180 Boxwood Lane (B) 

Kristin Follett 


191 Tearall Road (R) 

Serene Fraihat 

Michael Fitzpatrick 

"Nos, Fitzy" 
1150 High Street (B) 

Andrea Forman 


45 Bayberry Circle (B) 

Alysa Freni 


143 Carl Road (R) 

Ryan Fisher 

174 Sherwood Lane (R) 

Stephanie Fontes 

300 Hall Street (R) 

Kristen Francoeur 
45 Ashtead Road (B) 

Bridget Flynn 

"Bridg, Buttons" 

296 Main Street (B) 

John Wayne Foster 

117 Comfort Street (B) 

John Freyermuth 

364 Vernon Street 




Sabrina Gambill 


Christopher A. 



811 Pine Street (R) 

Lidia Goncalves 
100 Norlen Park (B) 

Nicole Gelinas 

"Cole, Little Foot" 

75 Warren Street W.#34(R) 


Amv C. Golden 


55 Partridge Terrace 

Joshua David Gourdin 


1537 Plymouth Street (B) 

Kelly Gardner 


1020 South Street (B) 

Shannon Gob in 
68 Mill Street (B) 

Katrina Gorga 
55 Cindi's Way (B) 

Lawrence George 
928 Judson Street (R)| 


Cristian E. Gomez 

"C Note" 
27 Hale Street (B) 

Jennifer E. Govain 

95 Lakeview Drive (R) 


Julie E. Govain 

95 Lakeview Drive (R) 

Michael Greely 
209 East Street (B) 

lu 4 

Timothy Michael 

73 Suzanne Drive (R) 

Tim Gracia 

"Tdog, Muttski" 

88 Cherry Street (B) 

Jonathon Grein 

"Jon, Grein" 

30 Julians Way (B) 

Courtney Hanney 

25 Bobwhite Lane (B) 

1 ■*) 

Sara Govonlu 
55 Nottingham Drive 


Nicholas Green 


105 Walnut Street (B) 

Christina E. 


69 Leonard Street (R) 

Thomas B. Greco 
"Tom, Grex in Ex" 
21 Laurel Lane (R) 

Laura C. Guilfoy 
36 Main Street (B) 

Alexander Robert 


561 Walnut Street (B) 




Kyla Anne 



52 Overlook Drive (R) 

Thomas Patrick 

Hennessey Jr. 


55 Paddock Road (R) 

Andrea Marie 


"Andi, Hubcap" 

71 Chickering Road (R) 

Rachel Ann Hauck 

185 Wilbur Street (R) 

Katie Lynn Hiltz 

"Kate, Lil Hiltzy" 

49 Martin Drive (R) 

Caitlin Jahnke 


71 Pond Street (B) 

Gregory Hartford 


35 Christina Drive (B) 







Nicholas Michael Herrick 

70 Lyman Place (B) 

Gretchen Elizabeth 



457 King Philip Street 


Angela Raquel 


"Goddy, Gaz," 

45 Country Club Drive (B) 

Allison Colette Howe 

"Alii, OZ" 
99 Ruth Ellen Road (R) 

Megan Nicole James 

58 Nottingham 

Drive (R) 









Paul R. Jankins 
385 Judson Street 


Whitney Elizabeth Kaye 
80 Dundee Drive 


Robert Anthony 

" r>„i_" 

7 Crescent Street (B) 

Daniel Thomas Johnson 


130 Briarcliff Road, 

Apt. 3 (R) 


Meredith Whitney 

' Mere, Lefty, Special K" 
380 Locust Street (R) 

Nicole Faye Kimball 

" Nicki, Shorty" 
40 Oliver Place (B) 

Allison M. Jeannette 

230 Forrest Street (B) 

Brittany Marie Kearney 

" Britt" 

20 Meadow Lane, 

Apt.6 (B) 

Andrew Kerrigan 
" Drew" 


Benjamin Michael Katz 
" Ben, Katzy" 

25 Ladyslipper Road (B) 

Stacy Jo Kenn 
518 Center Street (R) 

Erica King 

38 Spring Hill Avenue 



Eric Kirchick 
44 Bobwhite Lane (B) 

Holly Marie Laubinger 

182 Center Street (B) 

Eric Robert Linehan 

"Floyd, Johnny 


1867 South Street (R) 

Christopher Michael 


"Spartacus, Greek" 

200 Boxwood Lane (B) 

Kimberly Knight 


15 Glenwood Drive (B) 

James V. Lecesse 

'Camino, Vinny 

161 Church Street (R) 

Adam M. Lavoie 


225 Robinson Street (R) 

Danny Jonathan Lopez 

120 Briar Cliff Road (R) 

Jacqueline Lopes 

'Jackie, Jax' 
44 Mary Lane (B) 

Mathew J. Langton 

45 Kathy Circle (B)" 


Robert Letendre 


180 Main Street (B) 



Justin Daniel Lovell 
"J-Lo, Jim, Justinian" 
18 Liberty Road (B) 

^j . - 

1 1 


, p 





Daniel Lucchetti 


35 Woodland Drive (B) 

Mark Kevin Lyman 
123 Green Street (B) 

Caroline JoAnn 


"Cari, Cari May" 

22 Murray Circle (R) 

Craig William Lunday 

1300 South Street (B) 

Megan Magill 

Kristen Marconi 


Kevin Luis 
473 Borad Street (B) 

Dan Mackey 


1018 South Street (B) 

Heather Diane Mann 
220 Main Street (B) 

Justin Luthi 

578 North Main Street 


Patrick Maguire 

336 East Street (B) 

Tracie Mare 


178 Center Street (R) 




John Marinella 

502 Plymouth Street (B) 

Kyle McCarthy 

"The Package, Revolution" 
655 Conant Street (B) 



Lauren McGrath 

60 Tommi Terrance 


Joseph P. McBride 


69 Crescent Drive (B) 

Sara McElroy 


260 Auburn Street (B) 

Erin McNamara 

110 Dundee Drive 



^^A - _ /jjj 

Alexandra Mastria 

636 Pleasant Street (R) 

Sean McCoy 

"McCoy, Butch" 

589 Elm Street East (R) 

Julianne Marie 


"Julie, Jules" 

1500 South Street 


Elise McCann 
"Piggy" I 
157 Comfort Street 

Dillon McGovern 

5 Terry Lane (B) 

Crystal Medeiros 
140 Gardiner Street 



Nichole Medeiros 
356 Leonard Street 


Lindsay Mitchell 

1476 Plymouth 

Street (B) 

Robin Morse 

'Shorty, Bobby' 

31 High Street (B) 

Dennis Allen Mitchell 
25 Alexander Drive (B) 

Kimberly Morast 


65 Fox Hill Drive (B) 

Pete Moynihan 


10 Kathleen Road (B) 


Carrie Melcher 

25 Southbridge Farms Way 

Paula Moniz 

168 Main Street 


David Moseley 

41 Village Gate 
Drive (B) 

Kimberly Mitchell 

56 Crapo Street (B) 

Shannon Morrissey 


75 Warren Street West 

#29 (R) 

Kristen Mullaney 

110 Mill Street (B) 


Sean Matthew 


86 Lounsburg Drive 

(R) ' 

Jason Munise 


38 Harvard Street (B) 

Marcus Narciso 
88 Michael Road (R) 

Steven G. Nelson 


422 North Main Street 


James Nelson 

Brian Noone 
181 Walnut Street (B) 

Kimberly Nehiley 

14 Jaclyn Way (B) 

Haven Nichols 


30 Carriage House 

Drive (B) 

Sophia Marie Myen 

309 South Street (B) 

Jeffrey Nelson 
422 North Main Stre 


Scott Brandon Norris 

160 Boxwood Lane (B) 



Caitlin O'Connor 

25 Kenneth Drive 


Justin Thomas 

Ml Hayward Street (B) 

Kimberly Nicole 


81 Crescent Drive 


Caitlin O'Leary 
'Caity-O, Irish, Lin' 
50 Gloria Drive (B) 

Aaron K. Pacheco 


644 Judson Street (R) 

Matthew Edward 



316 Center Street (R) 

Cristen O'Donnell 
15 Kenneth Drive (B) 

Paul L. Oliari 

35 Dickens Street (B) 

Andrea Paul 

"Annie, Re" 

151 Atkinson Drive 


Michael James 


"The Real Deal" 

259 Vernon Street (B) 

Thomas Parenteau 

90 Forest Street (B) 


\~ ^ 

Timothy Adam 


"Scooter Dearson" 

30 Evergreen Drive (B) 


Ian Robert Perm 
846 South Street (B) 

Matt Perrault 
11 Mowry Street (R) 


Michael Pistone 

98 Pine Street (B) 

Jaren Perewitz 
264 Flagg Street (B) 

Derek Phillipe 


152 Carver Street (R) 

Anthony Paul Porazzo 

180 Main Street (B) 

Jeffrey Michael Pentz 
160 Pine Street (B) 

Michael Paul Petrino 

334 Main Street (B) 

Jennifer Pizzutti 

82 Francine Road 


Renee Marie Perkin I 
1688 High Street (B; 

Erica Joy Pinto 

244 South Street West (R 

Makia Shan'Tay Powell 

31 Temi Road (R) 


Joe Powers 

"Flowers; Joe" 
85 College Road (B) 

Sarah Prime 
"Sarah Lee, 
7 Rainbow Circle (B) 

Melissa Rebelo 
"Lissa, Beni" 
8 Edward Road (R) 

Marc Pratti 

"Pratti, Hecate" 

45 Sherwood Lane (B) 

Michelle Tracey 


54 Marianne Drive (B) 

John Reckord 
461 Broad Street (B) 

Steven Praino 


Stephen Patrick Prisco 
"Steve, Prisco, Guy" 
130 Aldrich Road (B) 

Steve Rebolo 


24 Leslie Lane (B) 

Robert Douglas Prime 

"Robbie, Primetime, Bob" 

17 Rainbow Circle 


Jeffery Ramadan 

"T „„£" 

5 Ivy Circle (B) 

Kevin Reese 


45 Appletree Circle (B) 


Kathleen Reid 
115 Forest Drive (B) 

Elyse Roberts 


834 Plymouth (B) 

Evan Roy 
540 Auburn Street (B) 

Christina Ricciardi 

185 Grange Park (B) 

Dennis Rodrigues 

45 Jane's Way (B) 

Lindsay Saba 


294 Hayward Street (B) 

Jacqueline Rhilinger 

"Jax, Slimette" 
104 Spring Street (B) 

Andrew Rocha 


133 Cynthia Drive (R) 

Amanda Ryan 


431 Vernon Street (B) 

Jacqueline Robak 

18 Bolton Place (B) 

Adam Joseph Ronayn 
527 North Street (B) 

Sarah Salamon 
45 Jade Drive(R) 


Robert Sanderson 
"Rob, Bobby" 

55 Lady Slipper Road (B) 

Shawna Scanlon 
38 Jade Drive (R) 

Cherilyn Virginia 



>6 Fox Hill Drive (B) 

Patrick Sargent 
105 Crapo Street (B) 

Brett Scott 
60Spring Street (B) 

Ryan Thomas 


1234 South Street (B) 

Aharon Sarafian 

Leisel Schwenzfeier 

186 Lounsbury Drive 


Christopher Sietins 



Sherry Lynn Saunders 


43 Ann Street (R) 

Bryan Sharland 

"Bry, Neo" 

355 Grange Park (B) 

Radha Sinha 
758 King Street (R) 


Ashley Elizabeth 



20 Legge Street (B) 

Kimberly Elizabeth 

10 Parkwood Drive (R) 

Kevin Adam Souza 
590 High Street (B) 

Holly Rachael Smith 

"Slim, Holz" 

43 Wall Street (B) 

Tara Lanette Smith 

"Zero, Tarry" 
514 High Street (B) 

Erin Spillane 
25 Vera Drive (B) 

* . 

Teresa Sly 


72 Concetta Drive (B) 

Krista Joy Smith 
450 Vernon Street (B) 

Richard N. 


"Ricky " 

45 Aberdeen Lane (B) 

Jennifer L. Smith 

225 Boxwood Lane 


Krystina Lynn Sousa 

"Slick, Stina" 
19 Concetta Drive (B) 



Brandon Springer 

1 Bobwhite Lane (B) 


sfatthinee Srisathith 

Blacksmith Road 


Jonathan Stairs 

//T II 

15 Charles Street 

Jillian Sullivan 


L50 Green Street (B) 

Chelsey St. Martin 

"Chelly, Blimp" 
15 Vinny Circle (B) 

Merry Stone 
176 Plain Street (B) 

Anna Takahama 

1071 Pleasant Street (R) 

Hayley St. George 
38 Saddle Drive (B) 

Scott Michael Stevens 
460 Robinson Street 


Joanna Sullivan 

Stephanie Lynne 

St. Martin 


145 Ramblewood 
Drive (R) 

Christopher Cash 


"Money Bags" 

75 Deerfield Drive (B) 

Jesse Tebbetts 


486 Pleasant Street (B) 


Andrea Thompson 
10 Clover Drive (B) 


Derik VanDyke 


Joshua C. Webber 

82 Fiske Drive (B) 


Kayleena Tunewicz 
35 Walnut Street (B) 

Anthony Walker 

110 Ladyslipper Road (B) 

Jason Weigold 


40 Ashtead Road (B) 

Rebecca Anne Torres 

21 Stretson Street (B) 

Lindsey Marie Venuti 


125 Riverside Drive 


Jeffrey Weeks 


406 White Street (R) 

Matt Turner 


25 Turner Street (B) 

Kourtney Washburn 

"Korky " 
279 Auburn Street (B) 

Kenneth Willette 

"Big Guy" 
205 Britten Street (R) 


Julianne Whittemore 


342 Pine Street (R) 

Kristyn Whittington 
236 Pine Street (B) 

Michael Zella 


of the 
Class of 


Chris Bergeron 


Scott Byam 


725 Pleasant Street 


Dan Davies 


289 High Street (B) 

Julie Anne Innocenzi 

"Faye's Kid" 

591 South Street(B) 

Elyzabeth Andrea 


"Betsey, Betty" 

306 King Street (R) 

Ashley Machado 
125 Barbara Road (R) 

Derek Morey 

20 Lakeview Park 

Lane (B) 

Dan Phillips 
115 Bedford Street (B) 


Kristen Francoeur 

Amy Golden 

Christian Gomez 

Katrina Gorga 

Tim Gracia 

58 Baby Pictures 

Christina Hamilton 

Kyla Harrington 


Rachel Hauck 

Katie Hiltz 

Caitlin Jahnke 

Megan James 

I < 1 

Meredith Kellogg 

Erica King 

Kim Knight 

Matt Langton 


You must have been a beautiful 

....Aaah! Those crazy years in our lives 
where so many sweet memories were 
made. The time when sandboxes were the 
places to be and having a spaghetti cov- 
ered face was the latest trend (1. Matt 
Peabody and 2. Sherry Saunders). The 
years when we sat in front of the t.v. (with 
our matching undies of course!) watching 
the brand new episodes of "Care Bears", 
"Smurfs", "Sesame Street", the "Ninja 
Turtles", and "My Little Pony" and got 
angry if they weren't on (3. Lauren 
McGrath). The years when having an 
extra few pounds was considered "oh so 
cute". We loved our teddy bears and 
blankets so much we refused to leave 
home without them! (4. Brittany Kearney) 
And now as life takes us onto college, 
which some of us were eager to get to (5. 
Nichole Butts), I'm sure they'll be a few 
stowaways of stuffed animals! 

Most of all we'll remember our friends! 
(6. Erica Pinto) The people who gave us 
the red crayon after ours broke, who 
played with us everyday at recess on the 
playground, and who offered a shoulder 
to cry on whenever we needed it. They 
were always there to make a funny face to 
make us smile! (7. Brigid Dailey) 

To all our friends, thanks for the memo- 
ries and most of all for being my friend 
when I asked you in kindegarten! 


Class of 2003 
Baby Pictures 

Baby Pictures 59 

Holly Laubinger 

Justin Lovell 

Caroline Mailloux 

Joe McBride 

Sara McElrov 

^h r 

Erin McXamara Kimberh" Morast Shannon Morrissev 

Melissa Rebelo 

Bryan Sharland 
60 Baby Pictures 

Robin Morse 

Peter Movnihan 

Steve Rebelo 

Christina Ricciardi 

Amanda Ryan 


Shavvna Scanlon 

t — 

Cheri Sharland 

Kristin White 

Baby Pictures 61 


Best Friends 

Lisa Bostrom & 
Gretchen Isenor 

Class Artists 

Brian Sharland & 
Renee Perkins 

Class Musicians 

Ian Penn & 
Lizzie Burt 


Besf Friends 

Marc Narciso & 
Jimmy Lecesse 


Kylie Biela, Tom Greco & 
Tim Cronin 

Most Athletic 

Julie Innocenzi & 
Clint Cooper 

Best Friends 

Christina Ricciardi & 
Kristen Francoeur 

Class Flirts 

Ryanne Bradshaw & 
Dennis Rodrigues 

Most Confused 

Tim Gracia & 
Camille Curry 



Most Likely to Succeed 

Jeff Nelson, Steve Nelson & Sarah Salamon 


Sophie Myers & 
Costa Tremoularis 

Class Clowns 

Paul Jankins & 
Lauren McGrath 

School Sprirt 

Steph St.Martin & 
Matt Munise 


Worst Drivers 

Kyle Brown & 
Radha Sinha 


Mm .- 

Mosf Talkative 

Kelly Gardner & 
Matt Langton 

Class Couple 

Kayleena Tunewicz & 
Jay Weigold 

Class Actors 

Shavvna Scanlan & 
Josh Webber 



v SraoENTS, Best 


















J-I^LiDAY Party 

On Monday, December 9th, 2002, the senior class gathered in the cafeteria, bound 
together with holiday spirit, as it permeated from each and every student present. Some 
were more festive than others, but no one could possibly be embarrased by his or her 
costume. Yes, truly, self-consciousness was not part of our holiday celebration, although 
in hindsight one may not understand the mindset of someone who dressed as a stocking, 
or an M & M, or a shower stall. For sure, it was a night to remember. 

1. Staci Durso and Lindsey Venuti 
ask, "Plain or Peanut?" 

2. Scarecrows Dana Baggs, Nicole 
Kimball, and Denise Bentley sing 
"If I Only Had a Brain!" 

3. Peter Moynihan, the singing 

4. Helpers Amie Bettencourt, 
Kathleen Reid, Cheri Sharland, 
Bridget Flynn, Andrea Thompson, 
and Krista Smith surround Santa 
Steve Nelson. 

5. Christina Ricciardi and Kristen 
Francoeur stop dancing for a quick 

6. Kyla Harrington and Haven 
Nichols dress for a round up. 

7. Best costume award goes to Tim Cronin and Megan James 
Austin Powers and Foxy Cleopatra. 

8. Brigid Dailey, Lizzie Burt, Steph St. Martin and Sherry Saundel 
enjoy the party. 


9. Matt Peabody in "Fear and Loathing in the 

10. Cristen O'Donnell and Katelyn Chappell 
came down from heaven just for the party! 

11. Is that John Freyermuth? Nope, its just a 
confused Matty Munise. 

12. Maybe TJ : could use robo-presents John 
Bascon and Joe Powers. 

13. Jill Diliddo shares a secret with Snow 
White (Radha Sinha). 

14. Knights in shining armor: Tom 
Hennessey and Tom Greco are ready to slay 
any dragon. 

Clint Cooper and Kenny Willette, the 
st wonderful thing about these guys is 
t they are the only ones! 
Stocking Stuffers: Kristen Mullaney, 
ila Moniz, Sabrina Gambill, Katey 
iocca and Sara McElroy. 


1 . A determined Paula Moniz 
sprints for the endzone. 

2. As B-R looks on, Steph St. 
Martin calls a play to break a 

3. MVP Julie Innocenzi makes 
the Viking defense go nuts. 

4. The mud-covered Powder 
Puff Champions! K. Francoeur, 
A. Mastria, C. Mailloux, S. 
Saunders, R. Bradshaw, S. 
Salamon, C. Ricciardi, K. 
Harrington, C. O'Leary, C. 
O'Donnell, and S. St.Martin. 

5. The EB team lines up for 2 and 
12 against the Trojans. 

6. The "Gruesome Twosome": 
Head Coach Matty Munise and 
Captain Steph St. Martin go over 
the line-up in a pre-game 





gSta ' ::::: - 





)*A ( 



% &% 



7. B-R squeezes together in 
hopes of staying warm. 

8. The girls take a breather as 
they reflect at half-time. 

9. Paula Moniz reverses a play to 
gain serious yardage. 

10. Alex Mastria looks on as the 
girls go at it. 

11. Steph St. Martin and Kyla 
Harrington hold the cherished 
trophy, while covered in mud! 

12. Cait O'Leary looks on as EB 
attempts to make a comeback. 

13. It's all over! Now we can go 
home and get out of the cold! 

14. Kristen Francoeur and 
Cristen O'Donnell are feeling 
this victory. 

Girls just 
wanna have 

The fun began when two close friends met at the football scrimmage between East 
Bridgewater and Bridgewater-Raynham and decided to create Powder Puff Football. With 
weeks of preparation and hard work, the first annual Powder Puff Football game was a 
complete success. On a chilly, windy, Saturday morning, the senior girls arrived at the field 
with their semi hair still in tact. The mud covered field was transformed with EB and B-R 
colors. With the help of undefeated Head Coach Matty Munise (move over Coach Huron) and 
the rest of the varsity football senior boys, B-R clinched victory 22 to 8! Memories were made, 
heroes were created, and the senior girls blitzed their way into B-R history \\ a\ to go girls, \\ e 
claimed the football crown. Thanks to Steph St. Martin and Ari Wile's organization and 
preparation, the first ever senior girls' Powder Puff football game was a complete success! 


Junior. Pr^m 

The Junior Prom, held at the Taunton Holiday Inn on May 10, 2002, was an unforgettable night filled with 
laughing and dancing, shared by everyone in attendance. Although only Clint Cooper and Ashley Slater 
could be crowned Prom King and Queen, we all felt like royalty that night. The ambiance of this special 
occasion was magic, elegance, and sophistication as we danced with each other to our theme song "Cruising 
Together," by Huey Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow. The floor shook as we also danced to other favorites such 
as "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias and "I'm a Slave for You" by Brittney Spears. At the end of the night, we 
hobbled to our cars with sore feet swearing we would never wear these uncomfortable shoes again and sorry 
that the night was over. 

1. Radha Sinha, Andrea Forman, 
and Heather Blanchard look for- 
ward to their unforgettable night. 

2. Kim Nehiley, AJ Ronayne, Jackie 
Robak, Christina Doris, Erica Pinto, 
and Sandra Berry share a special 

3. Tom Parenteau is lookin' fine. 

4. Our 2002 Junior Prom court in- 
cluded Tim Chiappini, Kylie Biela, 
Haven Nichols, Clint Cooper, 
Ashley Slater, Steph St.Martin, Sara 
McElroy, and Chris Benvie. 

5. Caitlin Jahnke and Chris Flynn 
sing "Endless Love" to each other. 

6. Brian Dwyer and Amy Kapoutsos 
dance to a slow song. 

7. Love birds, Tim Cronin and Megan James sing along to t 
song while dancing. 

8. Kim Moras t, Ashley Slater, Sophia Myers, and Staci Durso < | 
the electric slide. 

9. Pete Moynihan points out how much fun John Bascon ai 
Lindsey Venuti are having. 

10. Amanda Ryan, Sarah Prime, and Erin McNamara a 
looking fabulous and feeling that way too. 


11. The Class of 2003 "keepin' it real" at their 
Junior Prom. 

12. Five lovely ladies, Jenna Sullivan, Kathleen 
Reid, Megan Blanchard, Cheri Sharland, and 
Andrea Thompson capture their memory of 
the night. 

13. Dan Chipman, Reagan Lenanne, Kristen 
Panton, John Foster, Danielle Heckbert, and 
Mike Petrino looking dashing before the prom. 

14. Ryanne "still thinking about track" 
Bradshaw, shows off her sneaks. 

15. Joanna Sullivan and Jimmy Reynolds take 
a rest from the dance floor. 

. The boys take time out to take a picture 
IfGreg Feroli's house before the prom. 


Ms. and Mr. Regional 

On November 22, 2002, underclassmen and seniors alike congregated for the annual 
semi-formal dance at which Jon Bascon won Mr. Regional and Vanessa Carney took 
Ms. Regional honors. The night of dancing, glamours dressses, and damcingfun was 
another B-R tradition we will long remember. 

1. You can tell Ashley Slavin and 
Adam Ward have been practicing 
their dance moves. 

2. Stephanie Domingo, Sam Forman, 
Brittney Cox, Desire Quinn, Ariana 
Warner gossip while they dance. 

3. Tom Parenteau and Sara Prime 
share a slow dance. 

4. Danielle Bentley, Lauren Young, 
Alicia Corr, and Amanda Iafrate can't 
wait to see who gets crowned Ms. 

5.Emily Winsor, Lauren Pincolini, 
Laura Yafrate, Bethany Marion, 
Catherine Whooley, and Meghan 
Driscoll rest in the lobby between 

6. Brian Gerrish and Kevin Piper prac- 
tice their dancing skills. 


7. Alex Shea and Rachal Gorman get close during a slow dan| 

8. The Semi Court- 
Back Row: Dan Luchetti, Aaron Serafian, Jon Bascon, P(M 
Moynihan, Steve Prisco. 

Front Row: KylieBiela, Christina RiccardLVanessa Carney, S; I 
McElroy, Shannon Morrisey. ^ e ... 

9. Mike Petrino and Danielle Heckbert enjoy 
the evening. 

10. Sophia Barros and Niccole Ruuska look dash- 
ing before their big night out. 

11. Pete Moynihan gets help with his tie from 
Mr. Heaslip. 

12. Steph St. Martin discloses a secret to Chelsea 
St. Martin, probably not about their coinciden- 
tal last names. 

13. Rusty Best attempts to crowd surf. 

14. James Lawrence comforts Jill Moore after a 
tiring night of dancing. 

1 . Samantha Gallagher focuse 
on typing an English theme. 

2. Amanda Martelli, Kait 
Kilroy, and Diana Kosta at tht 
end of their day in study. 

3. Katie Soderbom reaches for 
supplies to bring to class. 

4. Alicia Corr and Heidi 
Connolly smile as they make 
their way to the lunch line on 
nugget day. 

5. Russell Moser and Holly 
Connolly are happy to be in 

6. Katie Saba dreams of a trip to Mexico. 

7. Rvan Canhar and Christina Kiely take a moment for deep thought. 

8. Ryan Goodell enjoys lunch with his friends. 

9. Stacey Berard hurries to class. 

10. Jake Hagman shows off his best friend, Magnum. 

11. Jen McGuire and Kait Kilroy hang out with the girls during the 2001 semi. 

12. Pat Leahy and Steve Yelle cool out after dancing. 

13. Erin Morrissey puts the finishing touches on her clay pot. 

14. Adrian Morse does intricate work in shop class. 


Where would B-R be without its underclassmen? Since they first walked through the 
lobby doors as nervous and inquisitive freshmen, they have grown as individuals and 
truly adjusted to their new surroundings. Once the initial fear of teachers, tardiness, 
and intimidating seniors passed, underclassmen had a lot more worries on their minds. 
As sophomores, they start getting ready for the rest of thier lives. By the time MCAS, 
SATs, and ACTs pass, juniors become seniors. With the same initial worries we had our 
freshman year, we enter our senior year with hopes and aspiritions to be successful in 
the life that awaits us. The class of 2003 would like to wish the underclassmen good luck 
in the future. 

15. Jen Cueller works hard on a Catcher in the Rye project. 

16. Valerie Zampine and Tamanique Rebolo are persistant note-takers. 

17. Ryan O'Connell concentrates on his notes. 

18. Mike Wood is eager to participate in class. 



Kevin Anderson Kailee Andrews Stephanie Ataman Ashley Atkins Colleen Ayers 

Jana Ballard 

Brooke Barra Emily Barrett Michael Beane Christine Bechtel Joshua Begley 

Kristan Bell 

Michael Berard 

Kelsey Berry 

Shane Black Jamie Blackden 

4> ^fl h 


t ill 


John Blanchette 

Bodensieck, Jr 

Katelyn Bosworth Christina Bowen Emily Brady 

Jeremy Bragg 

76 Freshmen 

Stephanie Brooks Jessica Brophy Donte Brown 

Gregory Browne Margaret Bruckman Megan Buchanan 

imenic Calderone Emily Calderone Christoper Callahan Alexandra Cambra Christin Cameron Nicholas Campbell 

tachael Cattaneo Rachel Chaffee Amy Chambers Richard Chiappini Catherine Christofi Andrew Chuckrari 

Freshmen 77 



Alexandra Coughlin Britney Cox 

Amanda Craffey 

Cara Crane Christina Croteau James Curley 

Douglas Currie Gary Cusack, Jr. Anthony Cutillo Caitlin Dailey Benjamin D'Amari f 

Paula Damigella Paul Danforth Michael Dangoia Katelyn DaSilva Sarah DaSilva 

Staci DaSilva 

78 Freshmen 

iNuria Delgado Daniel DesRoche Jacqueline Diliddo 


Karen DiMarzio Alexander Dimisioris Joseph Doherty 


S?phanie Domingo Hannah Domschine Michael Donnelly Shawn Donnelly Alyssa Donovan Rebecca Doris 

Emily Duhamel Elizabeth Durrigan Casey Dvvyer 

iBrianneDyke Erik Elsmore Stephanie Emberg Ryan Engley Kaileen Estano Jessica Feroli 

?phenie Filipek Jonathan Fillmore Patrick Finn Thomas Fisher Clark Fitzgerald Brian Flannerv 

Freshmen 79 



class of 2006 

Melissa Frederick Alicia Frevermuth Jabari Frith 

Meghan Galanif Samantha Gallagher Steven Gardner 

Jenee Grace Christopher Gracia Anthony Grieco Elizabeth Guardia Claudia Guindeira Melissa Gumpei 

80 Freshmen 


Kristine Haley 

Kayla Hallisey Jennifer Hammond Richard Harrington Meghan Hartford Kyle Hauck 

I Jillian Haynes Jessica Hebb Michelle Heckbert Timothy Hegarty Christine Hennessey Devin Hennessey 

iberly Herrington Carlene Hess Meghan Hickey Lesley Hill 

■HI— ^ 

Matthew Hogan Scott Hogrell 

nn-Marie Illsley Amy Irving Casey Jarusevicius Paul Jasinski Michelle Jasper Daniel Johnson 

Freshmen 81 


Zachary Keene Peter Kelly Alexander Kemp 


Katelvn Kennedy 

Alex Kenney Brandon Kenne\ 

Kristina Kiely Elizabeth Kiley Michael Kirchick Devin Kitterick 

Drew Knappik Margaret Koch J 


Natalia Kopyra Joseph Lauper Kayla Lenane Philip Lennon John Leombruno Eliza Levesque 


Jonathan Lewis 



82 Freshmen 

HUKfl&i **■»< 

l^HB : • jfihSaBBSt: ■ 

Lulu Li 

Ingrid Liao Bailey Lindsey Christopher Lindstrom James Linehan 

Xudan Liu Brooke Livingston Kevin Looney Dana Lopes Jenelle Loring Ashley Loveday 

ames Lucia, Jr. Christopher Ludecker Jared Luthi John Lvnn III 

Jamie Macbeth Laura MacDermott 

Kurtney Machado Daniel Maclnnis Eric Mader Mark Madonna, Jr. Amanda Maheux Derik Mahoney 

urtney Maloney Michael Mantia Joseph Marini III Cristina Mastria Mark Matthews Alexandra Mazeiko 


>arah McCann Ian McCarthy Meghan McDermott Brianne McDonough Ryan McElhinney RyanMcGowan 

Freshmen 83 


Michael McGrath Brittany McLaughlin Jacob McPherson Stephanie McSweeney Kayla Mello EnnisMelmeil 

David Morrissev Elizabeth Moseley Russell Moser Tales Mota Kevin Movnihan Benjamin Murpl ■ 

Daniel Murphy Deirdre Murphv Monica Murrav Anne Mvers Julieann Mvers Laura Nastri 

Ashlev Nehilev Beth Nelson Michael Nelson 

Shane Nelson 

Lauren Neumeister Anthonv Niccol 

84 Freshmen 

Kstopher O'Leary Thomas O'Leary John Owens Christopher Paze Carrie Peabody Maria Pelaggi 

|Megan Pereira Ian Perkins Nicole Peterson Pamela Petrino Benjamin Piche 

Marissa Pigeon 

Freshmen 85 



Michael Pugliesi 

Desiree Quinn 

Matthew Quirk Kristen Raggiani Ashley Ramadan Michael Randc ' 

Marie Raymond Tamanique Rebolo Michaael Recupero 

Brian Reid 

Thomas Reilly Zachary Richarc I 

Eric Richardson 

Christine Riley Shane Riordan 

Eva Rit 

** 1 
Antonio Rivera Jeffrey Robisor 

Shane Rolfe 

a. I 

Douglas Rollins Sean Sanderson 

Jessica Sares 

Tanya Sattar Katelyn Sawye | 

Diandra Schiffer Christina Schneider Benjamin Schultz Jonathan Seale 

Ray Seekell 

Matthew Seufe i 

86 Freshmen 

Aron Shepley Amanda Sherburne Chandra Sibilia Heather Sieger Krishna Silvia 

I Lindsay Simmons Rebecca Sircar Andrew Slavin Darcy Sly Michael Small Aaron Smith 

Derek Smith Samantha Smith Laurie Soderbom Michael Sousa Lauren Spada Alicia Spector 

Jason Spring Nicholas Stevenson Tara Stewart Lisamarie Stone Sonya Striggles 

Ik rthew Striggles III Michelle Sullivan Christopher Temme Althea Tetrault Michael Thetonia Emmanuel Tiliakos 

Freshmen 87 


Kyle Timmons Matthew Tracey Anthony Traister Sarah Tumiski 

Katelyn Turner Elizabeth Uleviciu< 

Jeffrey Vachon Vanessa Valente Yamilett Valle John Vasvatekis Brandon Veracka Jennifer Vinal 

Andrew Welsh Kerri Welsh Kaitlyn Weygand 

Megan White 

4 i 

Steven White Matthew Whitehoul 

James Whitfield Kristine Whittemore Ryan Whitty 

Julianne Wigley Philip Wilcox 

Shawn Wilde 


88 Freshmen 

Daniel Willis 

Jeshua Wilson 

Tenley Wilson 

Kristin Winn Thomas Witherell Donald Wood 

Burtney Woodward Adam Woodworth David Worsham Valerie Zampine 

Vasilios Zarras Randal Zimbone 

Tyler Zingg Christopher Zutaut 

Mike Dangoia, Ryan McElhinney, Dan Maclnnis, and Devin 
[Hennessey fill in review vocabu lary charts for the mid-year exam. 

Christine Riley, Eva Kit, Kristian Schnore, and c aragh Poh practice 
word processing w ithout looking at the kr\ s 

Freshmen 89 


Ashley Abrahamson Regina Acampora Laura Adduci Sage Adkisson Michelle Agee Thomas Ahern !j 

Patrick Andrews Emily Arrighi 

Lindsey Avelar 

Victoria Baczek 

Nikki Bader Dean Baggs Christopher Bailey Karlyn Bailey Rabia Bajwa 

■ ■ 

Jesse Bisson 


■ : • _ . 

90 Sophomores 

Allison Blanchard Andrew Boimila 

David Boyd 

Meghan Boyle 

Shaina Boyle i 

lymond Bumpus II Justine Buonanduci Aaron Burke 

Robert Burke Daniel Cabral Anthony Caliri 

James Callan Mary Callinan Taylor Caparell Teresa Caricchio Nadia Carlevale Ashley Carreiro 

■I Zachary Carro 

Jill Chaffee Tabitha Chaffee Leslie Chandler Kimberly Chappell Andrew Charpentier 

Kincent Chiappini Christine Chubbuck Matthew Ciullo Tyler Clancy 

Jaime Clark 


Sophomores 91 



Leigh Delahanty Julianne DeMello Matthew Devin Cindy Diaz John Di Benedetto Elizabeth Dillon 

92 Sophomores 

Daniel DiMascio Daniel Dion Elizabeth Donovan Jessica Donovan Adam Doucette Amanda Doucette 

-' ^;,\ ^ 

Peter Drosos Danielle Drost 


Daniel Duval Matthew Duval 

Ashley Dyer 

Irena Eaves 

imy Engelhardt Danika Erikson 

Rvan Estes 

Corey Farcas Matthew Federico Kyle Feelev 

Jeanne Fernandes Brittany Fernandes Edward Ferreira Timothy Figgms 

Sean linn Stacey Fit/patrick 

Sophomores 93 


Peter Gomez Jr. Adam Gourdin 

Beau Gravlin 

Matthew Gray Danielle Graziano Richard Green 

Samantha Green Matthew Grein Tabitha Guilmette Catherine Hall William Hall III Shannon Haluch 

94 Sophomores 

vin Handricken Laura Happnie Michael Hardy Andrew Hauck Ashley Haynes 

Scott Haynes 

laitlin Heavey Krystina Hennessey Patrick Herrington Daniel Hogg 

Kristen Holcomb Jessica Hollstein 

[Timothy Holt 

Mandy Holyoke 

Jessica Hood 

John Hughes 

Amanda Iafrate Katie Innocenzi 

Jennifer Jaffe Heather Jankins Kenneth Jasper Adam Jeannette David Johnson Ashley Johnston 

latthew Jones Natasha Jones Lindsey Kahler 

Lisa Kaplan 

Amv Kapoutsos Shawn Kelleher 

Sophomores 95 

Tiffany Lopes 

96 Sophomores 

kxander Martineu Meghan Martorana William Mason Vaughn Maxson Neal Mazzoleni Shaun McAuliffe 

Aarron McCoy Ashley McGrath Jennifer Mclntyre Colin McMasters 

evin McRae Anthony Mendes Tiffany Messer Julie Molina Samantha Montisano Charlotte Moore 

Daniel Morton Tiago Mora 

Kevin Mulligan Anthony Murdoch 

Sophomores 97 



Melissa Murphy Timothy Murphy Siddhartha Nannapaneni Alexander Neary Patrick Newell Meghan O'Donm | 

Patrick O'Donnell Matthew O'Leary Stephanie Oliari 

Mark Orellana Marisa Orhz-Merrill Timothy Oxley 

L A 

Tiffani Papadopoulos Michael Pappas Jillian Parenteau 

Kevin Paulicelli Daniel 

Pavton Joshua PearsorvB _ 


Patrick Perkins Jill Petersen Scott Place Kari Pohl Robert Poole Matthew Power . 


Steven Precourt Shane Prescott Robert Pringle Justin Raynard Kevin Reagan Adam Rebelo 

98 Sophomores 

JKate-Lynn Reed Theresa Reis Amber Rhilinger 

Sean Riley 

Amy Roberts Milagro Roberts 

— ' W*A in 
landra Robinson Lauren Rocha Robert Rodriguez 

Ashley Rosata Jaclyn Rosher 


Amy Ross 

Matthew Ryan Carlos Sabino 

Robert Sadler 

Jenna Sankus Michael Santos Kristen Sarafian 

IKevin Sargent Alexander Schavrien Stephen Scolamiero Brandon Secatore Deborah Sharland Ariel Shaw 


Cellyrose Shea Valerie Shore Allison Shrago Meredith Shunstrom John Sibya III 

Ashk'\ Silv.i 

Sophomores 99 


Marc Sperrazza Nutthavut Srisathith Wilbert Steffy III 

Emily Steinberg Nicholas Stewart Michelle St. Mar I 

Daniel Stone Danielle Sullivan Michael Sylvia 

Drew Taylor Wayne Teague James Thetoni 

Jaimie Thomas Jennifer Thomas Timothy Tilbe Justin Tiplady Zachary Tolivaisa Barbara Torres I 

100 Sophomores 

Ian Tremouliaris Jennifer Turpel Michael Vachon 

Rahul Vedula 

Carley Vespa 

James Vose 

|ulie Webber Bethany Wegman Nicholas Werra Michael Westcott Jessica White William Whittington 

ittany Whitty Jonathan Whynock Julie Wood 

Steven Wood 

Bryan Wright 

Lauren Young 

I fKanda Zaiter 

Enjoying his lemonade, Dean Baggs hangs 
out with his friends John Sibia, Tim Ahern, 
Eric Ferreira, Sean Finn, and Tim Murphy. 

Julie MacBeth, Cathy Hall, and Carley 
Vespa relax after a strenuous gym class. 

Sophomores 101 


James Acone Jr. Jesse Agger Michele Allen Jennifer Anacki Brian Anderson Denisse Baez 

■Jf\ j* 

Andrea Bagas Amanda Balzarini Sophia Barros Matthew Barthel Matthew Beane Ryan Beaudoin i 

n k 

Joseph Belloli Nicholas Bennett Stacy Berard Nicole Berghelli Kyle Bergquist Jessica Berry 

Matthew Bezarro Louis Bianchini Brvan Bissonnette Jessica Blackden David Blanchette Michael Bradfor 


Michael Brennan Dominique Brissett Bonnie Bromberg Jacqueline Bryant Louie Buccella Casey Buczek 

102 Juniors 

Jessica Burke Matthew Burke Melanie Byam James Cadigan Laura Calderone Brendan Callahan 



'atrick Callahan Michael Card Raymond Cardoza Jr Francisco Carrasco 

Andrew Carson Matthew Caver 

istina Cederlund Michael Champagne Sarah Chappell Kristine Chiljean Jennifer Chiocca Stephen Christofi 

Catie Chuckran Kayla Ciliberto Allison Clark Daniel Coburn Matthew Combra Mary Condon 

MB * 

Ryan Connolly Jonathan Connors Michael Cooney Matthew Copp BreannaCon 

Juniors 103 


Sarah Correia Christopher Corrigan Samantha Costa Adam Cournoyer 

Eric Cox 

Michael Cronin 


Dustin Crossman Nicole Croteau-Watson Jennifer Cuellar Scott Curley II 

Corev Dann 

Kyle Davies 

David Dean Laura Dempsey Michelle Desalliers Stephen Desgrosseil ( 

Sean Daley Meghan Daniels 

Luke DeSilva 

Brian Deslev 

Joseph DesRoche Michael DeVincenzo Nicholas DeVincenzo Helen De Young | 


Niki DiCicco 

Lauren DiMarzio 

Adam DiVencenzo 

Kyle Dooley 

Justin Driscoll 

104 Juniors 

Meghan Drisa 

Robert Ellenberg 


Brendon Elliot Kris Elsmore 

John Esposito 

Hope Faria Brian Farrington 

Meghan Feeley Cheryl Ferreira Eric Ferreira 

Brian Figgins Amanda Filipek Glenn Fleenor 

Sean Gerrish 

Sean Gilrein Nicholas Giordano Jeffrey Gleason Crystal Glocknei Alishia Gonsalves 

Juniors 105 


Amy Graziano Peter Grieco Anna Grodecki Dean Guasconi Megan Guinazzo Michael Gulushc ■ I 


Daniel Hagerstrom 

Jacob and Magnum 

Amanda Hall Colleen Hallisey Christopher Hamilton Justin Hancock I 

Curtis Harrington Ashley Hatch Danielle Heckbert Jaime Heffernan Megan Hennessey Ryan Hennessy Wk 

^1 ■ ** 

Meagan Hess Robert Higgins Alexander Hill Jacquelyn Hinds Brittany Hocking Ryan Homer 

106 Juniors 

Pamela Hook Kristina Hoyo Michael Hsueh Jennifer Hubley Theresa Hughes Chante Ilacqua 

Rachel Jacobs 

Kaitlin Jasper Kenneth Johnson Jamie Johnston Christopher Joyce Johanna Justice 

Kristen Kahler Danielle Kearns Matthew Kellogg Amanda Kenn Rebecca Kennedy Gavin Killea 

, ,T>. 

'Mark LaFrance Sean Lamontagne Jennifer Langner Jeanne Larson Jennifer Laupex Michael Lawrence 

Juniors 107 


Corey Maher Matthew Mahoney Michelle Mahoney Michelle Mahoney Bethany Marion 

Amanda Martelli Matthew McDermott Alyson McDonough Kristen McDonough Laura McElroy Joseph McGaughey 

108 Juniors 

Deanna McGillis Gregory McGovern Jeffrey McGovern Mary-Jill McGrath Jennifer McGuire Michael McGuire 

Icquelyn Murphy Kevin Murphv William Myles Saba Nessralla Andrew New In Vshley Nichols 

Juniors 109 


Brittnev Nichols 

Keith Nicholson Udoka Nwosu Jonathan O'Brien Jason O'Haver Nicholas O'Neil | 

Jonathan Prath Danielle Prescott 

Angela Prisco Meagan Quarterley Joshua Randall 

Nicholas Rando 1 1 

110 Juniors 

Mollv Riordan Scott Roberts 

r ii 

Jessica Robinson Jeremy Robison 

Stephen Robison Kenneth Robison Jr. 

Daniel Roland Kyle Ross Eddi-Jo Rothman Sumon Roy Michael Ruehrwein Niccole Ruuska 

Kaitlyn Saba Evan Scott Stephen Sesin Alexander Shea Allison Shockley Kristen Sieger 

Nicholas Sietins Kristin Simmons Oscar Singson Jessica Sircar Ashley Slavin Christopher Smerz 

Mexander Smith Amanda Smith Brittany Smith Carolyn Smith Matthew Smith Robert Smith 

Juniors 111 


class of 2004 

Justin Sylvester Ross Svpher Chris Szymczuk Jr. Lisa Takahama Samuel Tarr 

* 7 

James Taxiera Jacqueline Tenney Cassandra Thielker Christina Thomas Eleni Thompson 

Alexander Tolivaisa Christina Tripolone Kelly Vanaken 

Nicholas Tate 

Patrick Timmon 

112 Juniors 

Mhelle DeSalas ponders over her science 


In a chemistry lab, Andrew Grant takes a 

measurement while Jessi Wood double 

checks his accuracy. 

Alyssa Freinv, Amanda Smith and Lindsa) 
Duckworth wait for the lunch bell to ring 

Juniors 113 

1. Melissa Cabral throws the softball 
strong from the outfield. 

2. Jen Lin hurdles her way to victory for 
the girls' spring track team. 

3. John Frizzell catches some shut-eye 
before a baseball game. 

4. Seniors and captains of the boys' win) 
track team: G. Feroli, S. Churchill, R. 
Sanderson, B. Brezner, P. Balboni, A. 
Pacheco, T. Chiappini, M. Peabody, C. 
Cooper, P. Allen, and C. Kolentsas. 

5. Dillon McGovern dominates his 
opponent and earns the pin in wrestlin; 

6. Clint Cooper sprints his way towar 
the finish line in record time. 

7. Kristen Doroni perfects her stance on 
the balance beam. 

8. With a powerful return, Leslie Chandler tears up the court. 

9. Coach Urban, stopwatch in hand, makes sure the cross country girls keep the rigb 

10. The cheerleading squad pumps up the crowd during a time-out. 

11. Dustin Crossman averts a tackle and completes the play. 

12. Brian Sousa passes the ball for an assist on net. 



*m nj^ 




No matter the season, the B-R Trojans always dominate the fields. Loyal fans 
follow them to meets and games even far away. We have the greatest sports 
fans at the Regional. Students and faculty bring their red, white, and blue 
apparel, making the perfect atmosphere for our student-athletes. Every year B- 
R teams hit the field with enthusiasm and many win championships. We expect 
the best because we are B-R! 

13. The girls' field hockey team hold up their sticks as they prepare for a win. 

14. Katie Innocenzi sends the ball flying from her head. 

15. Alex Mastria digs the ball from a kill. 

16. Jason Akstin tries to locate the pop-up in the air. 

17. Billy Whittington and Matt Benvie jump for a rebound. 


1. Greg Feroli runs with the foothall 
as Matt Peabody runs behind him 
looking to block. 

2. Frank Pacheco makes the tackle. 

3. The 2003 Football Team (top to 
bottom): P. Drosos, B. Callahan, D. 
Guasconi, V. Maxson, K. 
Moynihan, R. Hennessey, T. 
Murdoch, V. Chiappini, S. Finn, 
Sharpe, A. Boinilla, A. Hauck, M. 
McCaine, T. Caliri, A. Mendes, U. 
Nwosu, B. Morton, G. Killea, M. 
Mahoney, B. Smith, N. Spencer, P. 
Brigandi, S. Riley, G. Karsnor, J. 
Sibia, M. Benvie, B. Bissonette, M. 
Grein, M. Devin. Z. Tohvaisa, B. 
Whirtington, S. Kelleher, N. 
Deluiis, B. Gerrish, R. Buckley, K. 
Nicholson, D. Perkins, J. O'Brien, F. 
Pacheco, M. Beane, K. Ross, J. 
Freyermuth, J.P. Morrison, A 
Tolivaisa, C Florence, S. Wilcox, C. 
Harrington, N. Dudley, S. Gilrien, 
R. Mullet, C. Joyce, D.Bovd, Coach 


Dan Buron, M. Cronin, B. LeClerc, S. Yelle, D. Corssman, J. Powers, J 
Bascon, R. Letendre, M. Desisto, T. Parenteau, A.J. Ronayne, M. 

P. Moynihan, T. Grieco, M. Munise, 
G. Feroli, S. Frisco, Manager Nick 
Sylvia, Captains: M. Peabody, 
C.Cooper, P. Allen, J. Freyermuth 

4. Scott Place directs the huddle. 

5. Brett LeClerc sets up for a "Hail 
Mary" pass. 

6. Dustin Crossman receives the 
ball from Matt Peabody as Frank 
Pacheco and Pete Moynihan create 
a hole. 

7. Matt Munise, Pat Allen, and Matt 
Benvie escape a host of oncoming 

8. The referee tries to restore 
order out of a massive pile of 

9. Dustin Crossman evades a 
tackle in his quest for the 

10. John Bascon reaches for the 
extra yard. 

"Get it up, 

"Play like 



The Trojan's football team had yet another dominating season! 
Though they lost the Old Colony League Championship in a heartbreak- 
ing lost to Barnstable, the team still managed only two losses on the 
season. On Thanksgiving in their first ever "Snow Bowl", B-R beat the 
Silver Lake Lakers for the twenty-two consecutive year! Captains John 
Freyermuth, Pat Allen, Matt Peabody, Clint Cooper represented the 
Trojans at the Divison 1 Superbowl where they were honored with the 
Divison 1 MIAA Sportsmanship Award. The dynasty continues... 


1. Cassie Ellis winds up as an 
oncoming ball approaches. 

2. Battling an opponent for the 
ball, Lindsey Venuti shows her 
aggressive side. 

3. The 2002/2003 B-R field 
hockev team: Steph St. Martin, 
Sarah Prime, Vanessa Carney, 
Kim Nehiley, Jess Donovan, 
Coach Katie VVigley, Cassie Ellis, 
Brittney Kearney, Staci Durso, 
Lindsev Venuti, Kylie Biela, 
Amanda Ryan, Jenny Chiocca, 
Coach Joan Casabian, Coach 
Eleane Flatten , Manager Xicole 
Gelinas. Brianna Corr, Samantha 
Green, Lauren Francev, Laura 
Dempsey, Casey Busek, Jen 
Walsh, Autumn Ossai, Mary 
Condon, Jen VVigley, Manager 
Julie Walsh, Manager Erica 

4 Members on the bench eagerly 
wait to see the next play. 

*i *. 

5. Players Brittney Kearney and Amanda Ryan follow 
through the shot on net. 

6. Kylie Biela dives for the ball in a desperate attempt 
to pass it. 


mekM- I an%***«.lJS;^rafc: 


1. Vanessa Carney, Autumn 
Ossai, and Staci Durso set up for 
a corner attack! 

2. Goalie Steph St. Martin dares 
the other team to, "Bring it on!" 

3. Amanda Ryan takes a whack 
at the ball and sends it flying. 

4. Staci Durso reaches beyond 
the opponent to grab the ball. 

5. The team celebrates a strong 

6. Coach Casabian and Erica 
Wynot compare stats after the 

7. Jen Wigley sets up for a 
pass down field. 

8. Autumn Ossai digs the 
ball out of the clutch. 


"B-R Field 


nopells to its 

3rd straight 



The B-R girls varsity field hockey team clinched another post-season 
birth this year! Led by captains Vanessa Carney, Kim Nehiley, and Sarah 
Prime along with seven other seniors, these tenacious girls finished 10-6- 
2 on the season and 3rd in the Old Colony League. In their 3rd straight 
post-season appearance, the Lady Trojans lost against Stoughton in the 
final seconds. With each year the team strives closer to the top, these 
girls are going to give their opponents a tough battle in the years to 


1. Chris Duerden gets ready 
to receive the ball. 

2. Steve Robolo defends his 
net and goalie against his 

3. The three captains, Steve 
Robolo, Paul Oliari, and 
Chris Duerden lead their 
team to many victories. 

4. Jay Weigold sends the ball 
flvin? on a throw-in. 

5. Paul Oliari makes a 
fantastic save in net. 

6. The 2002 Boys' soccer 
team: Robby Prime, Mike 
Griely, Kyle McCarthy, 
Brandon Springer, Steve 
Robolo, Paul Oliari, Chris 
Duerden, Jay Weigold, 
Shawn Churchill, Rvan 
Simpson, Pat Egan, Pat 
O'Donnell. Mike Oxlev, Mike 
Champaign, Bryan Souza, 
Kevin Sullivan, Nick 
DiYincenzo, Chris Smurz, 
Chris Hamilton, Mike 


DiYincenzo, and Dan Moore. 

7. Mr. Crane coaches Pat 
Egan on the field of play. 

8. Jay Weigold sets up for a 
beautiful head ball. 


Led by senior captains, Chris Duerden, Paul Oliari, and SteYe Rebolo, and 
supported by OCL All-Stars Tim Gracia, Brian Sousa, and Jason Weigold, the 
Boys' Varsity Soccer Team enjoved a successful season in 2003. Under the 
guidence of Head Coach Mr. Bill Crane, the team finished third in the OCL, 
including a memorable 2-0 victory over Marshfield under the lights at the 
Bordon Colony Soccer Complex. The team returned to the South Sectional 
Tournament after a one year absence, losing to Nauset in the first round. 







1. Sabrina Gambill boots the ball 
down the field with her killer 

2. Katey Choicca goes to trap the 
ball inside her opponent. 

3. The 2002 girls' soccer team with 
coach Heslin: Holly Laubinger, 
Paula Moniz, Julie Innocenzi, 
Kristyn Whittington, Sophia 
Myers, Kim Morast, Brigid 
Dailey, Carlene Hess, Meg Hess, 
Megan Daniels, Christine 
Chiljean, Kate Turner, Courtney 
Maloney, Victoria Bazcek, Coach 
John Helsin, Kristen Seiger, Kyla 
Harrington, Emily Arrighi, 
Caitlin O'Leary, Sabrina Gambill, 
Steph Oliari, Katey Innocenzi, 
Allison Blanchard, Katey Choicca, 
and Manager Sara McElroy. 

4. A team huddle during a time 
out allows the girls to regroup. 

5. Kim Morast does what it takes 

6. The girls get themselves 
psyched up before every game by 
huddling on the ground and 

7. Julie Innocenzi belts out a goal 

12w- 11 -It 

'Success is 

our only 


ilure's not. 


The Girls' Varsity Soccer Team had another incredible season. Going into 
the start of the season, Coach Heslin shared with the girls that "we don't 
repeat championships; we 4-peat!" And 4-peat was precisely what these girls 
did. They practiced and played with tenacity and went as far as being the 
South Sectional Champions! Led by captains Holly Laubinger, who had over 
100 points during her soccer career, Paula Moniz, Kim Morast, Sophia Myers, 
Kristyn Whittington, and goalie Julie Innocenzi, everyone gave her all to 
contribute to such a successful season. Good luck next year girls! 


1. Senior captain Tim 
Chiappini leads the way to 
the finish line. 

2. Junior Ian Crotty picks up 
the pace, leaving his opposi- 
tion in the dust. 

3. Pete Balboni, Kyle 
Bergquist, Anthony Leone, 
Dusty Hall, and Chris Ladd 
exhibit team camaraderie. 

4. Senior captains Tim 
Chiappini and Aaron 
Pacheco lead the way, as 
Kevin Murphy is in hot 

5. The lone Ian Crotty breaks 
away from the pack. 

6. The B-R Boys' Cross 
Country Team. (Pete Balboni, 
Pat Leahy, Dusty Hall, Kevin 
Murphy, Chris Ladd, 
Anthony Leone, Kyle 

Bergquist, Ian Crotty, Rob 
Sanderson, Aaron Pacheco, 
and Tim Chiappini) 

7. Pete Balboni talks with 
coach Joe Lenar about his 
latest timed run. 

8. Aaron Pacheco bursts off 
to a commanding lead. 


8w- I 

The 2002 Trojans had their best season ever. They won the first ever 
Old Colony League title for B-R. A main factor in the team's success was 
the senior leadership of Tim Chiappini, Rob Sanderson, Pete Balboni, 
and Aaron Pacheco. The future looks bright for the team as a new class 
of runners is greatly progressing. 

' Goooooo!' ■$! 
- Coach Joe jL 


1. Jill Parenteau and Ariel 
Shaw tackel the hill at a 

2. A team hug psyches the 
girls up and encourages 
them to do their best. 

3. The 2002 Girls' Cross 
Country Team ( Alyssa 
Donovan, Jill Parenteau, 
Danielle Kearns, Kristen 
Francoeur, Christina 
Ricciardi, Ariel Shaw, 
Lindsey Kahler, Denise 
Bentley, and Caroline 

4. Captains Christina 
Ricciardi and Kristen 
Francoeur lead the pack at 
the beginning of the race. 

5. Caroline Mailloux records 
times as the team manager. 

6. All the girls pay attention 
to their coach, Paul Urban Jr.. 

7. All hands in! The team 
says their cheer before 
heading out. 


4 zv- 41 

"Suck it up 
and Run! 1 / 

B-R's girls dominated the trails! With captains as talented as Christina 
Ricciardi and Kristen Francoeur, these ladies were ready to meet any 
challenge. High spirits and good times during tough practices forced 
them to run their hardest. The closeness of teammates helped form the 
team bond. Let's celebrate their season as we look forward to new lead- 
ers and a new team next year! 


1. Kevin Reagan sends a ball flying 
with his perfect stroke. 

2. Captain Cory Blanchard and 
Derek Phillipe carry their heavy 
golf bags to the next tee. 

3. Coach George Pimental gives the 
seniors a pep talk before they hit 
the course. 

4. Dan Luchetti looks over the sea 
of golf bags left behind. 

5. Dennis Rodrigues sets up to putt 
the ball in for par. 

6. The '02/ '03 B-R Golf Team: Dan 
Luchetti, Derek Phillipe, Chris 
Campbell, Jeff Weeks, Corey 
Blanchard, Jeff Bradshaw, Tim 
Hall, Dennis Rodrigues, Andy 
Carson, and Coach Pimental. 
Along with Kevin Reagan, Matt 

■ K 

-''' 1 \-Jb 






Cayer, Matt Bazzaro, and Eric Cox. 

7. Derek "Flip" Philippe bends in half 
backwards on a drive. 

8. Chris Campbell puts away his last 
ball of the day. c 


12 w- 41 

The B-R Golf Team continued its whining ways with another great season. Led by Captain 
Cory Blanchard, the Trojans were able to qualify and compete for the state title in the State 
Tournament in Western Massachusetts. The golf team finished second only to Barnstable in the 
Old Colony League. Highlighting his senior year, Captain Cory Blanchard won medalist 
honors at the State Qualifier by shooting a score of 71. The Trojans also played in the rain 
soaked Old Colony League Tournament held at Hyannis Country Club. The OCL Tournament 
was called off after nine holes of play due to inclimate weather. The golf team also was 
recognized with the Old Colony League Golf Sportsmanship Award. This award was voted on 
by the players at the OCL Tournament. The Trojans had key contributers which included: Dan 
Luchetti, Derek Phillipe, Matt Cayer, Andy Carson, Matt Bezzaro, Mark Folkins, Jeff Weeks, 
and Jeff Bradshaw. The team will be losing half of its starters, but still visualizes its chances of 
contending for the OCL title in the upcoming season. 


Far 1 / 



1. Danielle Heckbert and Ryanne 
Bradshaw block a spike from the 
other team. 

2. Rachel Amaral smacks the ball 
over the net. 

3. Coach Robert Mastria and his 
2002 Varsity team: Jackie 
Murphy, Rachel Amaral, Kayla 
Lenane, Ryanne Bradshaw, 
Lauren Pincolini, Danielle 
Heckbert, Nicole Wilde, 
Meredith Kellogg, Regan 
Lenane, Chrissy Mastria, Sherry 
Saunders, Meg Feeley, Alex 
Mastria (captain), Julie Govain, 
Jenny Govain, Kristen Follette, 
Kelly Burke, and the one and 
only Kate Post. 

4. Coach Mastria plans out his 
next move for subsitution. 

5. Alex Mastria digs the ball. 
Nice bump! 

6. A 2001 Volleyball pasta party 
group picture of Nicole Wilde, 
Regan Lenane, Meg Feeley, 


Lauren Pincolini, Ryanne 

Bradshaw, Sherry Saunders, 

Alex Mastria, Meg Driscoll, Julie 

and Jenny Govain. 

7. Meg "How you feelin'" Feeley 

serves the ball with impecable 


3w- 151 



Though our volleyball team at B-R has not shined as the other sports have, its team has 
shown that fun and enthusiasm are the true feelings of playing. As captain Alex Mastria led 
the team, the girls bonded as friends and teammates. Pasta parties, food runs before home 
games, and bus rides to away games allowed these girls to have as much fun as they could. 
Lasting relationships were formed on and off the court between girls of different grades and 
talents. Our new uniforms, consisting of spandex, allowed the team to move freely and dig 
balls off the ground. The winning record does not reflect the hard work that went in to ever) 
practice. Keep having fun and let's hope to improve the record next year! 


1. The B-R 2002 Wrestling 
Team: Paul Jankins, Tom 
Hennessey/ Ben Katz, Chris 
Arrighi, Mike Zella, Dillon 
McGovern, Alec Tolivaisa, 
Mike Patrino, Devin 
Hennessey, Anthony Leoni, 
Mike Burke, Jim Freyermuth, 
Neal Mazolini, Greg Brown, 
Paul Brigandi, Ryan Canha, 
Nick Spencer, Dan Hogg, John 
Sibya, Andrew Hauck, Dave 
Kingsley, Patrick Finn, and 
Max Melmer. 

2. John Sibya comes through 
with a win. 

3. Chris Arrighi employs 
strategy in the grapple. 

4. Ben Katz holds the competi- 
tion away. 

5. Alec Tolivaisa struggles to 
gain the edge. 

6. Tom Hennessy shows 
control on top. 

7. John Sibya attempts to take 

out his opponent through 

8. Dave Kingsly regains his 
strength after a strenuous 

9. Greg Brown goes for the pin. 

10. Max Melmer gains the top 
position with a half-nelson. 


The B-R wrestling team had a season record of 14-10-1. The team won the 
Marshfield Holiday Tournament, with 11 out of 14 weights placing. The team 
was lead by seniors Tom Hennessy, Chris Arrighi, and Ben Katz. The team 
also won a close meet against Silver Lake to take home the OCL champion- 
ship. The team was led by Coach Stan Holmes and Jeff Francis. 


Pin him 
down! I 


1. Sarah Chappell and Kate-Lynn 
Reed perform the half-time dance it a 
home varsity basketball game. 

2. Ashley Rosata, Jen Vinyl, and 
Sonya Striggles get the crowd 
pumped up at half-time. 

3. The 2002/2003 Basketball 
cheerleading team: Sonya Striggles, 
Sarah Chappell, Amanda Clapp, 
Niccole Ruuska, Liz Dahlborg, 
Ashley Rosata, Lindsey Duckworth, 
Jen Vinyl, Sophia Barros, Brianne 
Striggles, Kate-Lynn Reed, and Annie 

4. The girls keep warm at the 
Thanksgiving Day game: Sarah 
Chappell, Alysa Freni, Amanda 
Clapp, Charlotte Moore, Liz 
Dahlborg, Kate-Lynn Reed, Lauren 
Veraka, Niccole Ruuska, Kristen 
Leon, Pam Petrino. 

5. Ashley Pitta and Liz Dahlborg 
pump up the crowd during a time- 
out cheer. 

6. Sarah Chappell, Capt. Amanda 
Clapp, and Niccole Ruuska, support 
eachother before a game. 

7. The 2002/2003 Football 

L V^^^^ jP 


l' |r ^ 

t ik 

cheerleadering team: Sarah Chappell, 
Alysa Freni, Sophia Barros, Emily 
Winsor, Ashley Rosata, Niccole 
Ruuska, Angela Prisco, Lindsey 
Duckworth, Charlotte Moore, Kate- 
Lynn Reed, Lauren Veraka, Amanda 
Smith, Kristen Leon, Pan Petrino, 
Amanda Clapp, and Becky Torres. 



let's GO! 


The Trojans' Varsity Cheerleaders showed their spirit every weekend as they 
cheered on the varsity football team. In November, B-R hosted the O.C.L. 
Cheerleading competition in which they placed second and earned a bid to South 
Sectionals. The basketball cheerleading squad worked hard all season practicing for 
competition where ever they weren't cheering or the boys varsity basketball team. In 
a repeat of the fall season, the girls hosted the winter O.C.L. competition placing 
second and earned a bid to south Sectionals. Captains Amanda Clapp and Alysa 
Freni led the team through both exciting seasons, making the hard practices pav off al 


1. Tim Chiappini runs his heart 
out in the mile. 

2. Matt Peabody, Tim Chiappini, 
and Clint Cooper stretch out 
before the meet. 

3. John Frizzell, Clint Cooper, 
and Matt Peabody at the start of 
the 50 yard dash. 

4. Ryan Buckley takes the lead 
against a Plymouth South runner. 

5. Pat Allen's releases the shotput 
with aggression. 

6. Matt Peabody makes a sweet 
attempt of 5'10"at the high jump. 

7. The Boys' 2002 Winter Track 
Team: I. Crotty, A. Pacheco, T. 
Hegarty, D. Brown, J. Prule, P. 
Kelley, K. Berquist, V. Maxson, J. 
Lucia, P. Jisinski, J. Patel, J. 
Prime, B. Brezner, R. Sanderson, 
S. Donnolly, K. Goodhugh, K. 
Hardy, K. Murphy, B. Murphy, 
P. Drosos, M. Madonna, W. Hall, 

U. Nwasu, P. Allen, C. Gracia, S. 
Wilcox, R. Buckley, M. Peabody, 
M. Beane, P. Balboni, C. Benvie, 
M. Donnolly. A. McMullan, N. 
Tate, S. Rolfe, B. White, J. Frizzell, 
T. Chiappini, F. Pacheco, C. 
Kolentsas, J. Begley, S. Finn, A. 
Slavin, N. Dudley. 


The boys' track team at B-R has always been a dominant force in the 
Old Colony League. Lead by coach Paul Urban Jr., the boys this year 
reigned again. A flawless winning record was led by seniors Shawn 
Churchill, Greg Feroli, Tim Chiappini, Chris Benvie, Pete Balboni, Clint 
Cooper, Ben Brezner, Pat Allen, Chris Kolentsas, Matt Peabody, and Rob 
Sanderson. The team captured the league title once again this year and the 
4x2 relay team went on to win 2nd in the State. 


Run, Ya 


1. Kim Chappell and Keri Pohl 
come in close behind a Silver 
Lake opponent. 

2. Kristyn Whittington, "K- 
Dubs", twirls and whirls in the 
shot put. 

3. The 2002-2003 Girls' winter 
track team: Coach Denise Gould, 
C. Doris, B. Dailey, S. Gambill, 
K. Biela, R. Bradshaw, K. 
Whittington, S. Myers, C. 
Ricciardi, A. Freitas, K. Pohl, M. 
Pelaggi, C. Maloney, A. 
Donovan, E. Caldrone, V. 
Baczek, J. Lomar, K. Chappell, J. 
Lin, J. Weldon, K. Winn, E. 
Colburn, M. Bruckman, M. 
White, J. Cooper, K. Hooben, K. 
Kennedy, M. Condon,C. Smith, 
C. Thelker, M. Jasper, and J. 

4. Coaches Denise Gould and 
Coach Urban congradulate Jen 
Lin and Ryanne Bradshaw after 


\ Get off 


a tough hurdle race. 

5. Keri Pohl leads the pack of 
determined runners. 

6. Sabrina Gambill attempts to 
overcome the high jump bar. 

7. Victoria Baczek blasts off from 
the starting line. 

6 w - 11 

The 2002-2003 Girls' winter track team had an awesome season. Led by 
senior captains Christina Ricciardi, Kristyn Whittington, Kylie Biela, Ryanne 
Bradshaw, Brigid Dailey, Sabrina Gambill, and Christina Doris this team went 
all the way to win 2nd place in the Old Colony League championship. Com- 
pared to other years, the team was very small, but our B-R girls triumphed 
over all odds and won the hardest meets. With coaches like Paul Urban Sr., 
Denise Gould, and George Pacheco, the team worked hard and had fun as 


1. Amanda Barker leads the play 
as the point guard. 

2. Kim Morast reaches to get a 
hold of the rebound. 

3. The 2002/2003 Girls' basket- 
ball team: Kathy Dunham, 
Nicole Wilde, ]en Walsh, Kim 
Morast, Ashley Abrahamson, 
Amanda Barker, Megan driscoll, 
Ali Howe, Danielle Heckbert, 
and Emily Arrighi. 

4. Meg Driscoll knocks down a 
free throw. 

5. Mr. Cunniff and Amanda 
Barker discuss the game plan. 

6. Jen Walsh looks for an open 
forward to pass to under the net. 

7. Nicole Wilde takes a pull up 



8. Ashley Abrahamson and 
Emily Arrighi fight for the ball. 

9. Jen Walsh shoots a foul shot as 
Emily Arrighi looks on. 

10. Meg Driscoll reaches for the 

11. Meg Driscoll runs to reassure 
Kim Morast's shot of going in. 

12. Jen Walsh shoots a three 
outside her opponent. 

13. Emily Arrighi captures the 
ball as the other team drops it. 

18 w- 41 

'Jump shot! 

The B-R girls' basketball team had a great year. Led by senior captains 
Amanda Barker, Allison Howe, and Kim Morast, they went undefeated 
in the Old Colony League capturing the title for the second season in a 
row. Coached by Mr. Jerry Cunniff, Mr. Jon Lindskog, and Mr. Brian 
Ferris, they made it to the second round of the State Tournament, where 
they were defeated by Norwood. Despite their finish in the tournament, 
the team closed their season with a record of 18 wins and 4 losses. Good 
luck next year to all the returning players! 


1. Billy Whittington takes an 
outside jumpshot. 

2. Kevin MacDermott avoids the 
defensive pressence. 

3. Justin O'Neill, A.J. Ronayne, 
Mike Driscoll, Joe Powers, Paul 
Oliari, Nick Silvia, Mike 
Brennan, Kevin MacDermott, 
Scott Warner, Bill Whittington, 
Coach Larry Fisher, Andy 
Carson, Pat Callahan, Matt 
Benvie, Justin Driscoll, and Scott 

4. Paul Oliari reaches for the sky 

5. The team huddles up to 
discuss the game plan. 

6. Mike Driscoll gets great 
elevation on a perfectly timed 

7. Justin O'Neill shows great 
concentration from the front line 



8. Mike Brennan demonstrates 
his dribbling skills. 

9. Justin O'Neill employs perfect 
release on his shot. 

10. AJ Ronayne uses a strong 
move to power up towards the 

11. Bill Whittington gets the 
points and the foul. 

12. Kevin MacDermott fights for 

13. Justin O'Neill skies above the 

11 TV- 121 




The 2002-203 Trojan's basketball team defied the critics by making the tournament 
yet again. The team unity was strong, as no one player stood out from the rest. Led bv 
captains Mike Driscoll and Joe Powers, the Trojans went all out on the court. With the 
help of head coach Mr. Larry Fisher, the team had a winning season. Mr. John Kearney 
was always a source of inspiration as the assistant coach. The boys made it to the third 
round of the State Tournament, where they had a devastating loss to Brockton High 
School. Even with the wins and losses, Manager Nick Sylvia kept the team's and 
crowd's spirits soaring throughout the entire season. 

T< I 


1. Billy Manning and Greg Hartford 
battle for positions against their new 
found rival, North Quincy. 

2. Dan Roland prepares for the face- 
off in a moment of anticipation . 

3. Paul Augustine, Matt Turner, John 
Foster, Greg Hartford, Jason Akstin, 
Dan Chipman, and Costa 
Tremoularis celebrate their victories 
at the Stone Forge restaurant. 

4. John Foster skates the puck 
through mid-ice to start the rush for 

5. Scott Curley looks to get back in 
the game. 

6. The 2002-2003 Ice Hockey team: 
Matt Barthel, Matt Turner, Paul 
Augustine, Greg Hartford, Dan 
Chipman, John Foster, Jason Akstin, 
Costa Tremoularis, David Bean, Scott 
Curley, pat O'Donnell, Dan Roland, 
Zach Tolivasa, Pat Leahy, Greg 
McGovern, Chris Joyce, Kevin 
Sullivan, Jeff McGovern, Mark 



\f S _ 


ter ^^% 
lolalion ^^^ 

in Bridg^^ 

d "* 

Diamond, Billy Manning, and Bobby 

7. Pat O'Donnell looks to pass 
through the center. 

8. Matt Barthel makes one of many 
saves in his outstanding season as 
OCL All-star goalie. 


4^ .^rj 



The hockey team this year embarded on a journey that will never be forgotten at B- 
R hockey history. The team, led by captains John Foster, Greg Hartford, Jason Akstin, 
and seniors Dan Chipman, Matt Turner, Paul Augustine, and Costa Tremoularis was 
the best team the school has ever seen. The team not only made their first tournament 
appearence, but also finished second place in the Old Colony League. This was a fairy 
tale season for Coach Mark Jones and a great last season for the seniors. This winter 
will always be remembered as a stepping-stone for the B-R hockey program. The team 
also finished with the best record in the school's 33-year history, 11 wins, 4 ties, and 5 

''Try for 
a hat I 

trick!" I 


1. Katie Hiltz uses her balance 
and technique on the uneven 

2. Jill Dillido demonstrates her 
perfect balance beam routine. 

3. The 2002/2003 Girls' Gymnas- 
tics team: Coach Terri Green, 
Ashley Nehiley, j ill Dillido, Katie 
Hiltz, Kristen Doroni, Asst. 
Coaches Christie McKinnon and 
Eileen Sullivan, Becky Kennedy, 
Meredith Shundstrom, Amanda 
Smith, and Liz Moseley. 

4. Becky Kennedy dazzles the 
crowd with a mid-leap split. 

5. Meredith Shundstrom makes a 
graceful landing. 

6. Amanda Smith attempts a 
mid-air split. 

7. Katie Hiltz chalks up her 
hands before her routine. 




3 iv- 41 

The Bridgewater-Raynham gymnastics team had many victories this year. Coach 
Terri Green with Assistant Coaches Christie McKinnon and Eileen Sullivan, inspired 
the girls to do their best. Co-Captains Becky Kennedy and Stacy Durso led the team 
in unity for a great season. Freshman Ashley Nehiley was a great asset to the team's 
victories along with sophomore Meredith Shundstrom. The whole team showed 
impecable strength throughout the year and is getting stronger and stronger. 


1. Matt Jones is ready to send the 
ball back over the net. 

2. Steve Nelson backhands the 
ball to his opponent. 

3. Robert Liao struts his stuff on 
the tennis court. 

4. Andy Carson smashes the ball 
over the net as his partnet Dan 
Mackey prepares for the volley. 

5. Mike Driscoll follows through 
with his backhand stroke. 

6. Dan Clark eyes the ball as he 
prepares to strike. 

7. The 2002 Boys tennis team: 
Rahul Vedula, Matt Jones, Robert 
Liao, Dan Mackey, Coach George 
Pimental, Andy Carson, Steve 
nelson, Corey Blanchard, Dan 
Clark, Mike Driscoll, Matt Cayer, 
and Sumon Roy, Derek Phillipe. 

8. Coach George Pimental 
watches his team attentively. 

9. Derek Phillipe lunges for the 


12 w- 41 

Under co-captains Dan Clark and Mike Driscoll, the boys' tennis 
team managed to have a productive and accomplished season. The team 
did well considering they lost many seniors from last year, however they 
could not pull off a sixth straight Old Colony League Championship. 
Coach George Pimental helped all the boys achieve their best as the 
season record shows. The team came close to a championship and will 
hopefully pull it off next year! 


"Vunch thost 

volley s\ 


1. Erin Nelson bends low to 
hit the tennis ball. 

2. Kerri Whittaker focuses 
intensely on the ball prepar- 
ing for a forehand hit. 

3. Elizabeth Dillon follows 
through on her perfect 

4.The 2002 girls' tennis team: 
Kara Silva, Erin Nelson, 
Carrie Simmons, Kerry 
Whittaker, Leslie Chandler, 
Coach Robert Mastria, 
Danielle Sullivan, Anne 
Bruckman, Liz Dillon, 
Caitlin O'Leary, Mary 
Condon, and Sarah 

5. Sarah Salamon winds up 
for a backhand. 

6. Caitlin O'Leary's fore- 
hand is a real swinger! 

7. Danielle Sullivan proves 
that she knows how to 
follow through after a great 

8 W - 12 1 


The B-R girls' tennis team, coached by Mr. Robert Mastria, welcomed 
Carrie Simmons as their team captain last year. Carrie, Erin Nelson, and 
Kara Silvia succeeded in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd singles. Though the weather 
was unusually cloudy throughout the season, the girls had fun playing 
against such teams as Bishop Feehan, Falmouth High School, and Ply- 
mouth South High School. They said good-bye to many seniors and 
looked forward to seeing new faces for the wide-open varsity positions. 


1 . AJ Ronayne handles a quick 
grounder at the hot corner. 

2. Steve Prisco attempting to leg out a 

3. Chris Campbell warming up in the 
outfield before a start. 

4. Matt Peabody swings for the fences 
with outstanding acumen. 

5. Coach Kearney paying his daily 
homage to the baseball gods. 

6. The 2002 Boys Varsity Baseball 

(bottom row, left to right): Steve 
Prisco, Mike Andrews, Rich Florence, 
Ian Delahante, Andy Merriam, Ryan 
Gardner, Tony Barrett, Coach John 

(top row, left to right): Mike 
Fitzpatrick, Jason Akstin, Cris 
Campbell, Pete Moynihan, Matt 
Peabody, AJ Ronayne, Paul Oliari, 
Greg Feroli, Ryan Simpson, Nick 

7. Tony Barrett reaches to make 
contact with an outside pitch. 

8. Andy Merriam swings for the 
fences with all his might. 


7w- 71 

The baseball boys of B-R headed into a difficult 2002 OCL schedule, in 
search of their first playoff birth in five years. Led by Coach John 
Kearney and All-Stars Andrew Merriam, Tony Barrett and Matt 
Peabody, they finished with an impressive 7-7 record in the challenging 
Old Colony League. The Trojan Boys missed the playoffs by only two 
games this year. The team went through their seasonal ups and downs 
with great sportsmanship and outstanding attitude. The emotional 
season will, without a doubt, charge the boys in making the playoffs in 
the 2003 season. 

Buy me somi j 
peanuts and \ 


Jacks 1 / 



1 . Meg Feeley getting signs from the 

2. Natalie Crimmens makes the stretch 
at first base. 

3. The 2002 Girls Softball Team: Julie 
Govain, Julie Innocenzi, Jackie Julius, 
Jenny Govain, Lisa Kaplan, Kristen 
Mullany, Brigid Dailey, Jen Lyford, 
Melissa Cabral, Coach Corrozza, 
Natale Crimmins, Stacy Berard, 
Amanda Martelli, Megan Feeley, and 
Megan Martorana. 

4. Melissa Cabral gets ready to round 
third base and head home for the 

5. The team discusses the game plan 
before the game. 

6. Stacy Berard throwing straight heat. 

7. Jen Lyford looks on as her throw 
sails across the infield. 

15 w- 41 

'We want a 

homerun, just 

a little 

homerun 1 / 

The Trojan Softball team finished second in the OCL behind 
captains Jackie Julius and Julie Innocenzi. Talent and sports- 
manship proved to help the girls copete in the OCL Tourna- 
ment. The dedication of the girls along with coach Corrozza 
will continue the success of the Trojan softball in the year to 


. Nick Tate changes into his 
spikes before running a long 
distance race. 

2. Matt Grine strides his way to the 
finish in the 300 meter dash. 

3. Ryan Hennessey clears the high 
jump bar. 

4. Saba Nesralla flings the discus 
out of the ring. 

5. Ben Brezner focuses on the 
finish line at a Brockton meet. 

6. The 2002 Boys' Spring Track 
team with Seniors M. Resmini, T. 
Higginbotham, M. Battastini, J. 
Marcott, B. Gambill, and R. Post, 

along with Coach Paul Urban Jr. 
and Assistant Coach L. Pacheco. 

7. Shawn Churchill clears the last 
hurdle and heads for the finish. 

8. Vaughn Maxson takes the lead 
in the 110 meter hurdles. 


The 2002 Boys spring track team reclaimed their OCL championship 
title after a dramatic finish. The team also had an excellent showing at 
the Class A Relay meet. With captains like Thomas Higginbotham and 
Mark Battastini, this team pulled together and lived up to the long- 
standing reputation the boys' track team has established. Coach Paul 
Urban Jr. forced the boys to work hard and be the best they could. It 
paid off with a championship. 

" Take a 


- Coach 




1 . Kylie Biela finishes up the long 
800 meters. 

2. Christina Doris nails a long 

3. The 2002 Girls Spring Track team 
with Coach Paul Urban Sr., 
Captains J. Zolga, K. Silva, M. 
Lawton, K. White, and Assistant 
Coach D. Gould. 

4. Victoria Baczek and Kristvn 
Whittington struggle to beat North 

5. Jen Lin perfects the long jump. 

6. Jen Lin and Sabrina Gambill fly 
over the hurdles. 

7. Megan Driscoll throws the discus 
with perfect form. 

7 w -It -01 


all the 




The girls' spring track team finished off another terrific season led 
by Molly Lawton, Jen Zolga, and Cathy Silva. As the season pro- 
gressed, the Trojans became a threat, and finished as the #1 team in 
the OCL, with a total of 7 wins, 1 tie, and no losses. Coach Paul 
Urban is hoping to lead his team to another OCL title in 2003. 




1. Emilv Goudreau and An- 
drea Paul relax during Grease 

2. Matt Federico greets visi- 
tors arriving for the Break- 
fast with Santa. 

3. The chorus at the Winter 
Concert sings "O' Sifuni 


4. Radha Sinha and Vanessa 
Carney make posters for the 
senior class. 

5. Mr. Peterson warms up 
the Jazz Band: Robert Ellenberg, Tiago Mota, Steve Nelson, and Bryan Sharland. 

6. Kevin McMullen blasts a tune on his trumpet. 

7. Ian Perm, Leisel Schwenzfeier, Ashley Slater and Kyle McCarthy learn salsa 

8. Always a crowd pleaser, the chorus is in perfect harmony. 

9. Kathy Dunham and Tinley Wilson love playing clarinets. 

10. Tyler Clancy and Julie Wood rehearse a song for the spring musical. 

1 1 . The cast of Grease eagerly anticipates a great show. 

12. Ms. McGuire and Ryanne Bradshaw discuss page designs for the yearbook. 

13. Jess Phaneuf and Greg Webber practice dancing for the musical. 

14. Serene Fraihat and Leisel Schwenzfeier discuss plans for the Art Club. 



From music and art, to 

skiing and dancing, 

B-R activities offer 

tudents a range of activities. 



m -^M -JL 

1 * ^^m 

|^| : .:: :: :: * : - 

1 * ' ♦ "* 


,«I**k i 

r Vj&fi i ^xJ 

* ^^s% M 


fjt .'^" 

From Band to Color Guard, or NHS to Art Club, activities provide an outlet 
for almost every interest. These groups not only give students the opportunity 
to explore many different interests, but also give them experience for possible 
future careers. The participants of TJ 2 explore science and engineering. Mem- 
bers of Color Guard, Art Club, the music groups and Raynvvater Players use 
their creativity. Creative Writing Club, Unitas, the Regional Sound, and the 
Photography Club assemble publications and displays to showcase their 
talent. Many play an active role in community and school service. Acti\ ities 
also provide a good time for students of all grades to socialize and make new 

15. Jean Larson, Alex Mastria, and Brett LeClerc serve breakfast. 

16. Chris Coyman and Jen Annacki show off their skeleton sculpture. 

17. Kyla Harrington learns how to salsa dance from the instuctor himself! 


" A little brains, 
A little talent/ 

Vibrant costumes, a terrific, detailed set and an 
incredible cast made the 'Ol-'Ol production of 
"Damn Yankees" a great success. Emily 
Goudreau, did an amazing job playing Lola, the 
femme fatale. C.J Pennington with his disbolical 
stage presence put on a very convincing show. 
Erik Edson following their lead did a spectacular 
job playing the gullible yet lovable Joe Boyd. The 
rest of the cast brought the audience to their feet 
with their charisma and amazing display of talent. 
The show was directed by and also choreographed 

Damn Yankees 

by Ms. Kelley Baran. Ms. Janice Issa worked her 
magic as the musical director. Everyone was 
dressed wonderfully with the help and direction of 
Atia DeRosa and Daniel Gravely as the costume 
designers. Producer and assistant director Ms. Lisa 
White was generous with her time and patience. Of 
course the show wouldn't have been as exciting 
without the set designs of Mr. Jack Phaneuf. All in 
all "Damn Yankess" made for a very exciting and 
memorable show. 

1. The Devil, C.J. Pennington 

2. Joe Boyd, Erik Edson, ponders 
selling his soul to C.J. 

3. Joe Cannon, Omar Zeid, Kyle 
McCarthy, Pat Lee, Mark LaFrance, 
Nathan Conrad, Jon Bragg, Jason 
Munise, Bryan Sharland, Mike 
Morlani, and Jesse Witcher discuss 
their dedication to the game. 

4. The Mambo!!! 

5. Doris, Nicole Price, provides comic 

6. Joe Boyd, Erik Edson, enjoys the game. 

7. Washington Senators fans show their 



<# 4 


Mrs. White has been a part of the spring 
musical for the past fourteen years. She has been 
the Production Manager, Assistant Director, 
Producer, and eventually, Director. This year, for 
the musical production of Grease, Mrs. White will 
fulfill the roles of Producer/ Assistant Director 
and Faculty Advisor. 

This year's cast includes :Michael Vachon as 
Danny, Emily Goudreau as Sandy, Gavin Killea as 
Kinickie, Zoe Furtado as Rizzo, Michael Morlani 
as Doody, Alicia Spector as Frenchy, Greg Webber 

as Roger, Jess Phaneuf as Jan, Julie Wood as 
Marty, Tyler Clancy as Sonny, Josh Webber as 
Eugene, and Laura Hubbard as Patty Simcox. 
Also, a surprise faculty member will take the 
part of Teen Angel. 

This year's staff includes: Ms. Kelley Baran as 
Director and Choreographer, Ms. Janice Issa as 
Musical Director/Conductor, Mr. Jack Phaneuf 
as Set Designer, and Ms. Linda Blocker as 
Lighting Designer. Teamwork and dedication 
always result in a quality production. 




*■ \ 


1. The cast of Greese: M. Pappas, J 
Donovan, J. Petersen. C. Vespa, CC 
Whooley, J. McGrath, E, Winsor, L 
Yafrate, C. Hall, K. Chappell, J 
McBride, S. Correia, B. Nichols, Z 
Fortado, J. Wood, E. Goudreau, M 
Morlani, T. Clancy, J. Godfrey, N 
Croty, N. Mace, A. Paul, S. Haluch, A 
Atkins, L. Delahanty, L. Hubbard, J 
Sankus, A. Waterman. J. Phaneuf, J 
Webber, M. LaFrance, and G. Webber 

2. Julie Wood, Jess Phaneuf, and Tyler 
Clancy wait for their scene to come 

3. For brothers Greg Webber and Josh 
Webber theater runs in their blood 

4. Ashley Atkins, Leigh Delahanty, 
Shannon 1 [aluch,and fessica Godfrey 
study their lines. While Ashle) 
\\ aterman dances in the background, 

5. Director /Choreographer Kelle) 
Baran helps Mike Vachon and Jill 
Peterson learn their dance mm es 

6. Zoe Furtado and Gavin Killea wait 
tor their next direction. 

7. Mark LaFrance and Julie Wood 
...break it down! 


Marching Ban 

The marching band has had yet another 
wonderful season. Under the direction of 
Mr. Bill Solari and Mr. John Fantucchio, they 
performed selections from the Civil War era 
during half times of home football games. 

Led by drum majors Karyl Dunham and 
Joe McBride, the band marched at the 
Weymouth Jamboree, Abington Jambo- 
ree, the NESBA competition in Peabody 
and the Quincy Christmas Parade. They 
had a fantastic year! 

1. Caitlin Jahnke plays the 
piccolo with "perfect 

2. Trumpet soloist Stewart 
MacArthur takes the 
crowd's attention. 

3. Mark Amaral and Jon 
Wilson keep the beat. 

4. The band finishes 
another wonderful perfor- 

5. Billy MacArthur leads 
the band. 

6. Justin Lovell belts out 
the song on his saxaphone. 

7. Justin Lovell and Eric 
Dimarzio lead the trom- 
boners along the right 


2%«It 'in 



1 ' 

s ■•■ v, .. . 



1. 2002-2003 color guard 
Lauren Dimarzio, Karen 
Dimarzio, Krista Smith, An- 
drea Thompson, and Lizzie 

2. Krista Smith holds her flag 

3. Andrea Thompson marches 
with pride. 

4. The B-R color guard twirls 
in unison. 

5. The color guard ends the 
field shows with flair. 

6. The squad performs to 
"Battle Hymn oi the Repub- 

7. After their last home game 
performance, seniors Andrea 
Thompson, Lizzie Burt, ^nd 
Krista Smith remember the 
highlights of the year. 


The 2001-2002 season was a huge success for 
TJ 2 . The team went to two different regionals in 
Connecticut and New Jersey. The team placed 
3rd in New Jersey our of more than thirty teams, 
as well as winning the Daimler-Chryslet Spirit 
Award. In Connecticut, their success continued 
as the drive team finished in 2nd place. The 
drive team included B-R students Caitlin Jahnke, 
Aaron Burke, Mike McGuire, Chris Sczymczuk, 

Krista Smith, and Paul Zeller. 

The elected leadership included Captain 
Caitlin Jahnke, Assistant Captain Andrew 
Carson, Secretary of Public Relations Mark 
LaFrance, and Secretary of Spirit Jess 
Phaneuf. With 43 students, 7 teachers, 4 
alumni, and 9 parents, the team finished off 
the incredible season as quarter-finalists in 
their division at Nationals in Orlando, FL. 

r ff£MM ! 

1. Andy Carson is happy to be 
in Walt Disney World for 
National Competition in 2002. 

2. Tom Calef and Mike 
McGuire carry TJ 2 off the 
playing field. 

3. The 2002 robotics team 
eargerly awaits a match. 

4. Ms. Calef, Tom Calef, Mike 
McGuire, Dave McGuire, and 
Caitlin Jahnke make prematch 
checks on their robot. 

5. Terry Young and Ms. Calef 
inspect a robot carefully. 

6. TJ 2 grabs a goal from 
Lebanon's grasshopper robot! 

7. The 2002 Drive Team: Aaron 
Burke, Mr. Glenn Morrison, 
Mike McGuire, and Caitlin 




Whether it was newspaper staff, Creative 
Writing Club, or Journalism Class, every 
student involved in creating school publica- 
tions found an outlet for his or her creative 

Writing text and captions, proof reading, 
photo identification, and page layout took 
hours and hours. Last period of every day 
was spent creating the yearbook you are 

looking through now and also the weekly 
calendar and newspaper. 

After school, the members of the respec- 
tive clubs continued the process of writing 
and lay out designs. The staffs learned of 
the real life responsiblities of journalists, 
having fun along the way. We are proud of 
our three publications: The Regional Sound, 
Unitas 2003, and Asylum. 

1. The Regional Sound: Ms. Diane 
McGuire, Brittney Nichols, Sarah 
Correia, Ross, Kerri Whittaker, and 
Dan Mackey. 

2. Unitas: Andrea Thompson, Lizzie 
Burt, Ryanne Bradshaw, Ms. Diane 
McGuire, Erica Pinto, Brigid Dailey, 
Ross, Brittney Nichols, Sarah 
Correia, Kim Smith, Tim Pearson 
Rachel Hauck, Kyla Harrington, 
Dan Mackey, Gus Al-Obaidi, Jackie 
Robak, and Jeff Ramadan. 

3. Tim Pearson works on the laptop 
as Dan Mackey thinks of captions 
for yearbook pictures 

4. Ms. McGuire points out the correct la) - 
out to Ryanne Bradshaw on the computer. 

5. Ryanne Bradshaw helps lim Pearson 
w itli the ladder after the Senior bleacher 

6. The Creath e W citing club 1 im Tilbe, 
[essica Sares, Meredith Kellogg. Mark 
I 5 man, Ms. Diane McGuire. Matt Kellogg. 
I eigh Delahanty, I ulu I i. and Elizabeth 

7. Danielle Prescotl and Michelle Quinn 
work on the weekly calendar 


Student Government 











Chris Gracia, Michelle Jasper, Meghan 
Hartford, and Brianne McDonough 

Student Council 

Matt Grind, Matt Devin, Pat Egan, 

Leslie Chandler, with advisor 

Mr. Michael Lovecchio 

Student Adviser 

Chris Arrighi (VP), Kylie Biela (T), Sara 
McElroy (V), Ryanne Bradshaw (S), Mr. 
Lindskog (advisor), John Frizzell, 
Shannon Morrissey, Steph St. Martin, 
Meg Driscoll, Jen Lyford, Meg Hartford, 
Pat Leahy, Jamie Callan, Laura 
Dempsey, Alison Clark, Allison 
Blanchard, Kim Lucchetti, Ashley 
Freitas, Kristen Chiljean, Meg 
Hennessey, and Emily Arrighi. 

Bridget Flynn, Radha Sinha, Ashley 
Slater, and Alex Mastria. 

Frank Pacheco, Meg Driscoll, Meg 

Hennessey, Meg Daniels with advisor 

Mr. Brian Ferris 

Shannon Morrissey, Sara McElroy, 

Ashley Slater, and Kylie Biela with 

advisor Ms. Barbara Norman 


Band and Chorus 

Bottom: James Acone, Justin Hancock, Jon 


2 nd row: Staizy Kibbart, Karyl Dunham, 

Tiago Moto, Jon DiBenedetto, 

3 rd row: Mark LaFrance, Nick Tate, Kevin 

McMullen, Rob Ellenberg, Casey Cobett 


M. Morlani, K. Whittaker, K. Dunham, S. 
Kibart, T. Moto, L. Colburn, L. Burt, J. McBride, 
M. Lyman, M. Kellogg, A. Jeanette, V. Shore, 
A. Thompson, C. Jahnke, J. Lovell, A. 
Bettencourt, K. Smith, L. Dimarzio, L. Guilfoy, 
T. Holt, A. Slavin, P. Zeller, T. Catillo, J. Munise, 
K. Powell, E. Jorbush, B. Kiley, J. MacBeth, T. 
Wilson, L. MacDermott, L. Hubbard, E. 
Dimarzio, J. Bragg, M. LaFrance, K. McMullen, 
K Dunham, N. Tate, J. DiBenedetto, Mr. 
Hyman, A. Neary, B. Cobb, J. Acone, H. 
Connolly, A. Corr, C Cobett, M. Pratty, D. 
Spear, M. Ryan, M. Hardy, M. Wood, J. Wil- 
son, M. Amaral, B. Reid, S. Tarr 

Bottom: Karyl Dunham, Lizzie Burt, Joe 


2nd row: Andrea Thompson, Caitlin 

Jahnke, Justin Lovell, Amie Bettencourt, 

Krista Smith. 

3rd row: Karen Dimarzio, Tony Catillio, 

James Lawrence, Casey Cobett, Lauren 


3th row: Jon Wilson, Mark Amaral, Brian 

Reid, Eric Dimarzio. 


* ft - "**%t 


H* *&Wh\ 



C. Jahnke, H. Feldman, K. Chappell, E. 
Burt, A. Bettencourt, H. Morse, B. Kinan, 
J. McBride, Mr. Hyman, T. Hughs, K. 
Davis, M. Rebelo, C. Heavy, A. Curtis, M. 
Ortiz-Merril, C. Smith, M. Reardon, K. 
Dimarzio, J. MacBeth, K. Pohl, A. Warner, 
K. Whittaker, A. Atkins, S. Pilotte, C. 
Tripolone, J. Agger, K. Smith, L. Guilfoy, 
L. Dimarzio, S. Halven, J. Knight, S. 
Praino, M. Lyman, M. Kellogg, Z. 
Furtado, J. Wood, J. Phaneuf, I. Penn. 



Science Olympiad 

Back Row: S. Praino, A. McGrath, A. Atkin, S. 


4rth Row: K. Whittemore, A. Slavin, A. 

Athanesiou, J. Pense, Ms. Anania 

3rd Row: L. Lu, J. Begley, D. Erikson, B. Cunha, 

}. Donovan, L. Adduci 

2nd Row: M. Miller, L. Sodabom, L. Dergin, D. 

Smith, J. Macbeth 

1st Row: M. Grielv, J. Reckord, L. Li. 

Math Team 

Back Row: A. Tolivaisa, S. Nelson, J. Nelson, 

M. Brezinski, R. Vedula. 

2nd Row: S. Nannaponeni, M. Powell, L. 

Veracka, L. Adduci, J. DiBenedetto. 

Front Row; Mr. Cox, M. Blanchard, K. Smith, S. 

Salamon, D. Smith. 

National Honors Society 

Back Row: E. Calef, K. Gorga, C. O'Leary, M. 
Munise, Tim Pearson, G. Al-Obaidi, J. Nelson. 
4th Row: H. Feldman, A. Jeanette, M. 
Blanchard, S. Scanlon, J. Smith, B. Dailey, S. St. 
Martin, S. Saunders, M. Powell. 
3rd Row: J. Lovell, J. Bragg, K. McCarthy, P. 
Moniz, S. Bem r , S. Govonlu, A. Pacheco, K. 
Nehiley, S. Nelson. 

2nd Row: S. McElroy, K. Smith, J. McGuire, I. 
Perm, M. Brezinski, C. Duerden, P. Allen. 
Front Row: A. Slater, A. Mastria, K. Francouer, 
S. Salamon. 

Modern World Affairs 

Back Row: L. Lessard, S. Precour, S. Curly, C. 

Joyce, K. Nicholson, D. Guasconi. 

4th Row: E. Connerty, K. Whittaker, M. Benvie, 

L. Dempsev, J. Hines, A. Martelli, B. Bissonnette. 

3rd Row: J. McGrath, N. Mace, T. Moore, L. 

Francev, M. Hennessey, M. Hess, K. Saba, R. 


2nd Row: C. Whooley, B. Marion, A. Clark, L. 

Veracka, J. Lyford, L. Pincolini, L. Yafrate. 

Front Row: A. Jeanette, A. Slater, S. McElroy, P. 

Moniz, T. Hall, G. Hartford, Mr. Sylvia. 



Drama Club 

Back Row: A. Smith, J. Sares, L. 

Hubbard, P. Fillipek. 

1st Row: Ms. L. Blocker, L. 

Delahanty, L. Li, J. Esposito 

Art Club 

Back Row: N. Watson, B. Whiting, 

M. Kellogg 

3rd Row: D. Lavoie, L. Lu, S. Abid, 

L. Li, L. Dergin 

2nd Row: K. Dunham, M. Lyman, 

M. Kellogg, M. Pidgeon, I. Liao 

1st Row: Ms. S. Brown, E. Morrissey, 

V. Carney 



m. f 2"*%#& 



Ji" #. *f 


w\ §* i r Vm 1 

W -^B 

• f, 



Gay Straight Alliance 
J. Buonnaducco, Ms. J. Williams, A. 
McGrath, Ms. S. Brown, B. Sharland, 
J. Easton, D. Erikson, A. Tetrault. 


Peer Mediation 

Back Row: G. Hartford, E. Kirchick, 

J. Lawrence. 

Front Row: J. Balboni, A.Mastria, 

Ms. Cardone, L.Calderone, and A. 


Foreign Language Club 

Back Row: M. Quarterly, M. 
Driscoll, J. Korzeniowski, L. 
Delahanty, D. Erikson, J. Hood 
2nd Row: K. Dooley, L. Pincolini, B. 
Kennedy, J. Lin, T. Smith, V. Baczek 
1st Row: Ms. D. Holt, J. Sares, R. 
Bradshaw, S. Saunders, S. Salamon, 
B. Dailey, Ms. L. Shadley. 


Standing: Sage Adkisson, Beau Gravlin, 
Kim Liston, Kaelyn Bailey, Cherilyn 
Sharland, Ms. Gill-Bass 
Kneeling: Melanie Byam. 

Ski Club 

During such a snowy winter the weather 
seemed to be begging us to hit the slopes. The 
rush of skiing down a double black diamond 
slolumb is unmatched, just ask one of our club 
members. This year the ski club visited suck 
destinations as Okemo, Sunday River, Loon 
Mountain, Attitash, and Waterville Valley. This 
year was undoubtedly one of the best winters 
for skiers in recent history. 

1. Some ski club members 
pose for a picture before hit- 
ting the slopes. 

2. Mr. Heaslip and Mrs. Holt 
are proud of their ski club 

3. After a long day of 
snowboarding, these guys 
are ready to go home. 

4. Dave Boydd, Ashley 
Freitas, Scott Haynes, 
Michelle Jasper, John Si vieri, 
and Jenna Weldon smile ner- 
vously after catching a 
glimpse of the black dia- 
mond trails. 

m<f « 

5. Katelyn Kennedy, Colin Florence, and Christine 
Noone stop at the lodge before they start out on their 


Andy Aiello 

Good luck to all my friends, Warcraft 

3, our sacred grove is being 


Gus Al-Obaidi 

GT'satthespot;Rezi nights; Locust 

St; Baldies; Wootbeer; Nas; Ky; 

Triangle for life; I'll never forget my 

crew, keep it real boys & stay true; 

Mom + Dad, ILY & thanks for 

everything; GL, Sarah. 

Patrick Allen 

Football 1-4; Skiing 1-4; Track 1-4; 

Crane St. Crew; Modified Imports 

and Domestics Works; Carlisle, P. A, 

good luck to all my friends! 

Sirena Amaral 

Lots of love to: Theresa B, Jackie 

B, Kim P, Kim K, Jess B, DJ. 

Kyle Amoedo 

Golf Team 3+4; " Everybody's gone 

and I've been here for too long to 

face this on my own, well I guess 

this is growing up"; accident on I- 

95 with Paul Augustine, and Joe 

Balboni.summerdrives; good times 

playing church football league; 

thanks, Mom, Dad; great memories 

with great people; thanks; TY and 

GL, B-Ft '03 Seniors. 

Kenneth Anderson 

Biddy League 1,2,3,4; thank you, 

Mom, Dad, Papa, Kevin, Keith, 

Gram and Gramp; I love you, 

Lauren; E.R, J.G, J.W, J.K, J.H, 

C.S, K.B, S.K, A.H, E.L, it's been a 

ride; good luck to everyone; I'll see 

you around; "I can't believe I made 

it!" 2003! 

Meaghan Anthony 

Goodbye, Bridgewater and 

Raynham! Special thanks to Mrs. 

Foster. I couldn't have done it 

without you. 

Chris Arrighi 

Frosh Football, Wrestling 1 -4, Capt 

G.Tw/ friends; Italian Movie Nights 

at John's; JR prom down the cape. 

Sunday nights @ the dome w/ Paul. 

Mandarin; I will never forget you 

guys; ILY, Mom, Dad; G.L., Em; 


Theo Athanasiou 

Fun times with A.E., J.B., J..B.; 

Timberlanes with A.E., V.E., S.G., 

M.G., S.P..D,. A. A.; ILY, A.A. 9/30/ 

02.; Leo's rules! this is not my life, 

this is not my home, this is not me... 

I Hate this!! Go rocket power! 

Lindsay Atkins 

L.A., Mom, Dad, TY, ILY; J.L., TY, 

ILY; A.J., ILY; pink house, G.T. w/ 

GF: K.,+ K.W., ILY, best friends 

forever; B.S., I will never forget 

you; G.T w/ G.F, A.M., M.C., A.C., 

M.D., R.A., T.M., ILY, playground 

G.T., M.B., R.I. P. ; G. Z., don't 

forget Teddy! G.T w/ A.F., J.T., 

W.K.. N.C. 

Wayne Audette 

Thank you, Mom, Dad, and Craig, 
this is thanks to you; aspecial thanks 
to the crew of 2003, J.B., K.A., 
E.M., K.W., R.P. Potatos forever; I 
will miss you all very much, good 
luck next year; Laura, ILY more 
each day; remember April Fool's 
day 2002. 
Paul Augustine 

1 -4 good memories playing hockey; 
Civil Rights 3; a shout out to all my 
friends; B.D., thanks for the 
unforgetable memories at Prom 5/ 
10/02, and memories to come; 
Route 95 accident; Good times! 
Xavier Baez 

TY to all the teachers who helped 
me along the way, Mrs. Winsor + 
Mrs. White; ILY, Mom and Dad; 
ILY, Sandy; GL, Denise; I will always 
remember G.T. with G.F. 
Dana Baggs 

My girls fab5+1 ILY + GL; GT: Hard 
Rock, Bei Jing Forever; N.K., ILY + 
TY, I'm wet! Ben, car rides! N.M., 
graceful fall! D.B., clothes store; 
C.S., TY + GL; Ed, you will always 
be my baby! ILY + TY; Mom, Dad, 
Jus, Bren, Crystal, + Dean.TY + 
ILY; Go, 2003! 
Justin Baillie 

Ya, Guy! Give me the beat, Baills, 
to free my soul; good times in the 
small gym, A.E., T.W., J.B.; hack it 
up? Ya hit it, you get it; never forget 
the Jackass show; remember the 
dumpster at Friendly's; Mom, Dad , 
and Tiff, ILY; ya, guy! 
Joseph Balboni 

Good times with the B-R crew, 
driving through Taunton with K.A., 
W.A..E.M.; good times chillen' with 
the old crew; Summer 2002 at 
Chip's + M.P.; hey, Craig, Kelly's 
the best. I-95, thank you, Kyle + 
Auggy; I love you, Mom, Dad; don't 
forget the good times; good luck 
class of 2003, I'll Miss you! 
Pete Balboni 

Cross Country 3-4; Winter Track. 
2-4; Spring Track. 2-4; GT w/ Ky 
Babe, TY; X-C dinner at Hooters; 
GT, I will never forget you guys; 
"Go, Go, Go" Lemar; ILY, Gina; ILY 
and TY, Mom; Dad, Jesse, Kaidan, 
Ainslies, Browns, + Joe; TY to the 
college crew; Haha; like going to 

Amanda Barker 

Basketball 1 -4 Capt. O.C.L. champs 
soccer 1-3; JV superstars: S.G., 
J.D., + K.G. No more BK for us! 
never forget shopping for semi 
dresses w/ K.G. + K.C.; running 
from hotel security @ the states 
B.D. speed; Yo, Baka; C.C., C.S., 
M.P. Steve, ILY, TY, Mom + Dad; 
GL, Ash . 
John Bascon 

Football 3-4; Domaz 4 life; Club 
heat GT; Midnight riders; think deep; 
NCAA; Black Raspberry; Da Bears; 
Gloria; Volvo; 1 1/24/02 TY; Joe 2K 
BF + GL; K.W., K.B., GT; GL, 
Barney; Jr. Prom; GT; Cotton 
Candy; Berkely; B-R rule; Powers 
Family, TY; Mom + Dad + Family 
ILY + TY; GL, Mia. 
Kevin Beaudoin 

Good times w/ T. H., L. G., New 
Jersey, how much is this? the 
lawnmowers; crusin' in the Camry 
w/ C.C., C. H.; nights with B. K., 
R.B., D.B., R.H., S.L., thanks and 
good luck to all my friends. 
Chris Begley 

Weight Training 1-4; Basketball 
1 +2; good times with all my friends, 
you're the best; hanging with the 
boys; Mom and Dad, N.B. + J.B., 
thanks, I love you all; "The Twin 
Towers" movie 12/18/02 "All we 
have to decide is what to do with the 
time that we are given." Good Luck! 
Denise Bentley 

Fab 5 + 1,1 will miss you; Keep 
mouth clean w/ Listerine" 
Smartfood; trunk full of presents 
R.S.; TY, C.L. for road trips; C.S. 
enjoy the powerdrink;.N.M., vanilla. 
TY, Mom and Dad, ILY; TY, Eric I 
will always love you; never forget 
the good times; bye, 2003! 
Sandra Berry 

NHS 3+4, CD., M.J., Since frosh 
year, ILY; all my girls, I'll miss you, 
Kelsey. "Life moves pretty fast, if 
you don't stop and look around once 
and a while, you miss it"- Ferris 

Amie Bettencourt 
I'll neverforget Marching Band 3-4, 
Color Guard, Bill and Tooch's 
excellent adventure; Krista, Lauren, 
Laura, Matt, game nights, the Cape, 
M.V.; Chorus 1-4, Bandos forever; 
thanks, Mr.H; 1 0/1 2/01 , thank you, 
Justin for loving me. I'll always love 
you; Dance. 

Kylie Biela 

Field Hockey 1-4; Winter + Spring 
track 1-4 Capt.; Nute, best friend, 
ILY; GT w/ the girls; GT @ Nutes, 
Tates, + K. W.'s; GT down the Cape; 
K.W., Slip + Slide, ILY; Mullvan; 
Gus, GL + GT's! GL, J.B.; Joe, ILY, 
you mean everything to me *28* 
TY; GL, J+B; TY, Mom + Dad! Ev, I 
miss you. 
Richie Bisson 

Hockey 1 ; GT playing virtual tennis 
@ the mall; GT @ Billards; GT @ 
Brian's house; GT after school over 
my house w/ Rocha & Kelly; GT @ 
the shed & in Taunton; Jess, GL, 
ILY; Kelly, TY, ILY, & I will never 
forget you; Mom & Dad, ILY & TY. 
Marissa Black 

Horseback riding 1-4; Kern, TY + 
ILY, buddy; Fab5+1, D.B. 2 C.S., 
N.C, J.C.; many GT, TY + ILY all! 
A.E. TY + ILY; anything worth 
having is worth waiting for; Pat + 
Kev.TY for everything; to my family, 
TY for everything, ILY all; Shane, 
GL + ILY. 
Cory Blanchard 

Golf team 1-4; Tennis team 2-4; 
ILY, Mom and Sis; a shout out to 
the College Road gang; Flip, 
remember the thirteenth hole at the 
Bend; Ky and Re, best friends 
forever, love ya; TY to everyone 
who helped through the years; GL 
to everyone in the future, GT. 
Heather Blanchard 
To my best friends R.S., J. P., A.F 
J.D., L.S., S.M., ILY+will never 
forget you; GT's @ Chucks, Rezi, + 
the cape; A.F. CarConvos! K.C 
B.K. + S.M. always GT's w/ya girls- 
mullyvan + ski trips! Mom + Dae 
TY+ILY; Ally + Mandy, you guys»; 5 r„ 
are my best friends + always will be :; ., e 
TY + ILY. 
Megan Blanchard 
Two roads diverged in a wood anc 
I, I took the one my friends went by 
and that has made all the difference 
Shawna, Jill, Re, Vanessa, Ky, Cari 
Sarah, Brigid, Sara, Steph 
Kathleen, Terri. Katrina, Allie 
Heather, Cait, Krista, Meg, I LOVI 
Jeff Booker 
Thanks and good luck to all m> 
friends. It was fun; thanks to my ,< t 
family for all of your support; 1 2/1 8, , 
02-"The Twin Towers" movie 
Warcraft 3 "life for the horde"; "As 
each day dies, are we living on tc 
the next or passing on in the 


xi kn 





wr In 
, ; 3nn 




r '. 









I. N 


o TV 






156 Senior Messages 

Lisa Bostrom 

Thanks, Mom and Dad for 
everything; good times with friends, 
you know who you are, Gert, you 
are my best friend, don't ever 
change; good luck, Stefanie 
Ataman, Ms. Gill-Bass you're the 
best; Heather, I miss you, Sean , I 
love you forever. 
Jeff Bradshaw 

Golf 1-4; I love you, Mom, Dad, 
Tara, Gram, G&G; big ups to yellow 
5 the Drive. (Sean, John, Brent, 
Nick); GTs at shows; " Sometimes 
you gotta stop and remember you're 
not gonna live forever. Be young, 
thinksmart, stay true, andjustfollow 
your heart."- Ataris 
Ryanne Bradshaw 
"I'd rather be a could-be if I cannot 
be an are because a could- be is a 
maybe who is reaching for a star"- 
Milton Berle; NHS; Volleyball; 
Track; PCC; GTs with everyone! 
Good luck to my girls; to my bestest 
friend Ky, from 3 thru life together; 
I will walk 500 miles, Tim, 143; ILY, 
'Mom, Dad, and Kyle. 
Jonathan Bragg 
Survivor, sandwich, pie, ponder, 
indeed, quantum, world, turtle, 
chcahuetes, love, smile, wicked, eh, 
cookie, shimmy, memento, 
fluffernutter, sporadic, 
snuffleupagus, monkey, pizza, 
iridescence, mallard, plan, ninja, 
red sox, which word doesn't belong? 

I Molly Brassard 
They love to tell you stay inside the 
lines, but something's better on the 
other side."' ILY, B.F., Yo L!, M.C., 
E.R., K.C., S.M., J.L.; GT K.T. + 
C.C., ILY too C.K.! GL, Via, ILY 
forever, dork; To all my other girls + 
guys, ILY+ hopefully never forget 

Shaena Breese 

3ood luck + I love you, C.C., R.P., 
J.C., S.G., J.S., K.W., K.W., C.C., 
D.W.;Nomore dusting bulbs, K.W., 
J.C., S.C.; Hey, big ILY guys; ILY 
and TY, Pat; David, ILY forever; 
Danny and Kristen good luck and I 
ove you too; Mom and Dad, I love 
/ou so so much. 
3en Brezer 

It's hard to find your way through 
he darkness, hard to know what to 
)elieve. Live by your heart, value 
he love you find, you have all you 
leed to run. Live your heart and 
Hever follow." Hot Water Music. 

) 3 eace and happiness to my friends 
ind family. 

Mark Brezinski 

Everyone should remember me as 
being totally sexy, because, if you 
do, it would be awesome. 
Caitlin Brides 

"Truly great friends are hard to find, 
difficult to leave, and impossible to 
forget." S.S., "your mother", GT in 
E; to the girls, Rea, F.L., J.L.; Rach, 
chats in study; S.F., Rebel, FL; Leis, 
FL, Fork; Nick, FL with Lucy's 
singing; L, S and S drama, 
Kyle Brown 

FootbalU; Winter Track 2; Spring 
Track1;Backlash; Dodge Ram - 
R.I.P; Res i+Chux;boys, I'll never 
forget you, keep it real; Mom, Dad, 
Bill, and Billy thanks for everything 
and ILY guys;" In a thousand years 
and a thousand tears I'll come, 
finding my original crew"; GL, ya'll, 
One Love. 
Nicole Brown 

Buttsy, GT in Florida with Amanda 
who thinks she is Shakira; ILY, 
girlies; Mr. and Mrs. Bellagio; the 
Gods; Jenny (mom), you're the best, 
GL; Heath, thanks for everything; 
Scout; Math; M.Q., S.K., A.T., S.F., 
C.B., J.C., Bird, Mom, Dad, 
Candance, Nana and Gramp, TY, 

Nicholas Bulgaris 
Football 1 -3; Track 3-4; Weightlifting 
2-4; Modern World Affairs 2; good 
luck to all my friends, you know who 
you are; thanks, Mom, Dad, and 
Stacey for being there for me; 
thanks, Mr. Sara for all your help. 
Kelli Burke 

Staci, I wish I could figure out why 
you were mad at me; Carrie, love 
the hair! Nicoles, wish we were 
closer; Anna, you have to keep 
them in line once in a while! Danny, 
ILY so much, you will never know; 
around the world and the world 
never stops! Cosmo and Co. 
Jen Burgess 

GT Halloween 10/31/99; 
sleepovers, movies; Hey, to 
Welchies! what up? T. G., A.G.; GT 
cupcakes; K. S., Skip and Jiff; GTin 
math; Tracie GT, GL, girl! Mom, 
Dad, and TJ, ILY; B. G. + J. G. I 
miss you + ILY! memories @ 
Friendly's, driving around; C.H. + J. 
B. GT in the summer. GL. 

Elizabeth Burt 

"This is my favorite part to rewind 
my life on" thank you + I love you 
Xtina, Andrea (Bam!), Kristen, Liz, 
+ Beni; Thanks, Mr. H; I love you, 
Mom + Katie; Good luck, Dean; 
"Life is a series of hellos and good 
byes, I'm afraid it's time for goodbye 
Nicole Butts 

These 4 years have been fun. N.B. 
you're my 2nd sis + my BF. FL 
Trucchi's; the gods; wheelchair 
Jenny Norton! C.B., FL w/ Lucy 
singing; S.K., hen teaser; S. F., 
R.B., A.G., R.M., CM., Mom, Dad + 
Gramma-thanks for everything. 
Melissa Cabral 

Capt, Varsity Softball 2-4, GL, girls 
+ PAPA; Od + Rea, ILY, I'll miss 
you, TY; Jen + Juls, GT, ILY, GL; 
B.S. I'll never forget; K.S., S.F., 
CD., B.D., L.S., M.J., S.B., S.F., 
N.G., R.H., J.W., A.A., S.R..CS., 
PA., C.K., T.G., B.C., N.B., GT, 
ILY; Mom, Dad, Dan, TY, ILY. 
Jenna Capozzi 

B.F. best friends forever. Road trip; 
AT., E.K., B.F., fruity four; H.S., do 
not enter; good luck my girls; J.E., 
I'm special wave to me; Clubbing 
10/13/02; K.S. nah, nah it ain't like 
that; M.R. Jenner; Mom, Dad, 
Missy, J.J., Jared, ILY. 
Vanessa Carney 
F.H. Capt.; NHS; Ms. Regional; Jr. 
High Crew; Alex, Sarah, Sherry, 
friends always! All my girls. ..Prom 
02 + 03 baby! GT @ the Cape w/ 
Pat, A.A., Xtina! GT @ Xtinas; girls' 
weekend; Xmas © my house; TY, 
Mom, Dad, + Shane; Great 
memories. So long, BR! 
Melissa Casey 

A.C, C.W. Chinese Firedrill A.C.; 
GT in red car A.J. ; GL M.M. ILY; GT 
w/ best friends A.C, C.W., A.J.; GT 
in Braintree won't forget you K.F.: 
ILY, S.C, K.C.; TY + ILY, Mom + 

Katelyn Chapped 
Musical 2-4, Chorus 3-4; Powder 
Puff Game, Girls' Weekend VT, 
Friendless, Cape. Yankee Swap, 
Holiday Party, Prom, Semi; GT girls 
ILY; TY Mom + Dad, ILY; GL Kim + 
Will; "Friends forever, never apart, 
maybe by distances, but not by 
heart;" GL, 2003! 

Jen Chaves 

"It was fun while it lasted; I will 
always remember all of you, GL!" I 
will never forget my Altima; TY, 
Mom + Dad; Jeff-fry, TY for always 
being there + I love you! H.S., GT 
@ the beach + the scrapper! GT w/ 
L.M., 12/09/02 I will never forget, 
TY Fab 5; to all my girls + guys I will 
never forget you. 
Tim Chiappini 

Cross Country 1-4 capt., 2002 
Champs; Winter track 1-4, Spring 
Track 1-4 capt., WorldYouth Day 
2000; Normandy; Carlisle withCC; 
K.W., P.A., A.A., S.W.; JR Prom, 
TY, Em; TY, A.C, C.L., T.C; ILY, 
Mom + Dad; GL, Chenzo; PB + M 
K-12; TY, Mr.C + Coach; GL to all; 

Katey Chiocca 

Soccer 1 -4; Sa, best friends, ILY 9/ 
07/02; ultimate trio; ski trips; Cape 
'02; mullyvan; Bertucci's; girls' 
nights; GT with B.K., H.R., ILY; 
GT's with M.B., Prison night; 
Snickers; Summa Jam '02; Bacon; 
BRISC; GTw/ good friends ILY; 1 1/ 
10/00 Matt, 831 ILY; Mom, Dad, 
Jenn, thank you, ILY. 
Dan Chipman 

Ice Hockey 1 -4 seniorcaptain; Moe 
and Ms. Cardone are the best 
teachers; Falmouth will loose; Good 
times with Grein, Petrino, Turner, I 
can't forget Coyman; got to love my 
parents; Crane St. at 6:30 wasn't 
fun; Oh Yeah, aliens eat onions 
only on the weekends. 
Shawn Churchill 
Soccer 1-4, Track 1-4, basketball, 
not senior year. Much I owe to my 
friends-Tim, Frumpy, John, Paula, 
Sabrina, Allie, Deal, Jakki, and any 
one I missed; Bigfoot hunt, Friday 
escapades; so many good 
weekends; I'll miss you all- keep in 
touch; peace out; thanks. Mom + 

Amanda Clapp 

1-4 Cheerleading, capt. with A.F., 
= thanks girls, ILY and good luck; 
A.M. GT's FL summer 01 ; S.M. 10 
years best friends forever ILY; H.N, 
T.C, C.B., P.J., R.B., K.H., L.N., 
R.M., and everyone else, thank you; 
thank you, Mom, Dad. Chris. 
Heather, Sara, Robin, Jack; good 
luck, Matt. Jeremy. Marina, Trevor 
and Danny. 

Senior Messages 157 

Bernie Cobb 

Concert Band 1-4; Marching and 
Jazz Band 1-3; Ski Club 1-4; never 
forgeting night riders with Nick B., 
Eric L, Chris K., Scott B.; Bridge 
jumping with Pat A. and Joe B.; 
neighborhood gang: Chris S., 
Andrew A.; we all had the best time; 
Jen 12/9/02! Good luck to all! 
Elizabeth Colburn 
Lizzie, I couldn't have done it w/ out 
you, ILY; Driver's Ed w/ J.C. ,+ B.F., 
GT's; Tara, will I die? M.L, M.K., 
B.C., C.C., Mel, ILY all; Em, GL + 
live life to its fullest, ILY; all the 
mistakes made it worth it. GL to the 
class of 2003! 
Dan Collier 

Thank you to my family; trips to 
Amherst; the Milford quarries; 
weekends in Boston; shows; to all 
the people who meant something 
to me while I was in this school, 
good luck; " The world is yours." - 
Clint Cooper 

Football 1-4; Track 1-4; GTs at 
Carlisle, PA. Football with Nos,, 
Mart, Fred , Guy, J.B., Joe the Toe. 
Track with Ky and Dubs. Petty 12/ 
14/02 Mully, Shan anyone wanna 
dance! Midworks double sessions 
at Petes; GTs with Willette; good 
luck, Jenna; ILY. Mom and Dad; 
thank you, L.F. and good luck. 
Laura Courcy 

GT's with the crew; M.C. cell # 1 : 
ILY J.L. 11/2/01; M.C, S.E. the 
fence; S.M. summer'98; CM. ILY 
and thanks; Bombing around; A.C 
don't make me puke; It's finally 
over!; A.M., CM., M.C. road block; 
Northsiders! To my girl, ILY! Mom 
and Dad, ILY and thanks; L.D., good 

Ashley Coury 

C.W. Springfield G.T! M.C, C.W., 
Chinese fire drill, L.C sorry for 
makingyou puke; L.C, C.W. , C.C., 
ILY, D.V.D., Juice, you are so hot. 
M.B. good time in art; to everyone 
who has ever been there for me, I 
love you all. 
Christopher Coyman 
Thanks, Mom and Dad for showing 
me the right path. ILY, Jenna, 
thanks, Buds! Turner, Petrino, Lima, 
Grien, Beaudoin, Chippa, Bergeron, 
hey yo! I wanna talk to Sampson; 
GTs . Heckbert. Blackden, Colburn. 
Bryant, Kallie, Mcquire, Wilsey, 
Weir. Have you seen my baseball? 
Natalee Crimmins 
To my northsiders Raynham what? 
C.C., W.K., S.G., crazy girls; S.E. 
New Years; Hauck's House; 
borrowing Adams car; 7-3; my 5 
Bridgewater girls; Carvers; trip to 
Salem; Mom, my best friend, ILY. 
Thank you, Mom and Dad; Mom, 
Dad, Jon, Shorty, ILY; everyone 
else, Hang out! 

158 Senior Messages 

Tim Cronin 

TY, Mom, Kristy, Nana, Family, ILY. 
GT C.S., S.C., C.S., R.S., M.C, 
S.N., M.J. ILY, MJ 3/30/02. RIP, 
D.S., ILY; peace out boys and ladies 
until we meet again; GT and peace 
out, 2003. 
Jessie E. Cruise 
To MBF's C.C., J.S., R.P., S.G., 
ILY, we've had some good times; 
Good times with G.I., L.B., M.E., 
R.K., J.R.,CD., J.F., ILY; Rave '02 
with Camille, No Doubt with my 
girls; Fatty, how'd we get home last 
night? TY, Ms.Mozzone; good luck, 
A.C, C.C., C.W., A.K., T.M.; TY, 
and I love you, Mom and Dad; GL, 

Camille Curry 

To my best friends, S.G., J.C, J.S., 
R.P.; Good times with W.K., N.C, 
A.S., M.E., R.K., D.J., A.S., CD., 
M.L., J.R.; All 4 semis; No Doubt, 
River Rave '02 w/ JC; The Gang; 
hangin'; Joanna's porch; ILY, good 
lucktoeveryone;TY, Auntie Lynne, 
Donny, and family, ILY! 
Matthew Cushing 
It's been a fun time, good luck to 
everyone, I'll see you around. S.S., 
J.N., S.N., J.B., K.M., CM., A.J., 
J.B., S.M., P.M., M.B., J.M.; " So 
make the best of this test and don't 
ask why, it's not a question but a 
lesson learned in time. I hope you 
have the time of your life" thank 
you, Mom and Dad. 
Brigid Dailey 

Soccer 1-4, Winter Track 1-4, 
Softball 1 -4, N.H.S 3-4, T.T.C 2- 4, 
F.L.C 2-4, yearbook 4, to all my 
friends: I will never forget you. 
thanks for the memories. P. A. 
thanks for everything; I'll never 
forget 5/1 0/02; I love you, Mom and 
Dad; good luck, Caitln, I'll miss 

Cristina DaSilva 
So anxious to leave, now scared to 
go; Mom+Dad-ILY;S.D.,GL; Al, GT, 
I LY; "If you're not here, you're in my 
heart; everything I do that is bad I 
will suffer for it, but in my heart I 
believe what I'm doing is right so I 
feel like I'm going to Heaven." 1 Luv 
Sara DeLeo 

To all my friends throughout my life 
we've had some good times! I will 
never forget: nights in Providence, 
Boston. To my family, I love you. 

Craig Derocher 

What's up, boys? You know who 
you are; High Street Gang; Noone, 
New Year's, haha! to all of my girls: 
L.M., R.P., C.C., J.C, haha, J.S., 
J.G., S.G., A.F.; J. P. GT & B.T. 
Good Luck; Life's a lesson, you 
learn it when it's through; GL, '03. 
Eric DiMarzio 

Marching Band 1-4, Concert Band 
1-4; Weeksie; Bragg, you love 
Shaw's; A.B., J.L., K.S., here's to 
Friendly's after the concert; game 
Nites; heres to Bandos! In the end 
we all find our path, greatness is 
our destiny, journey on! 
Christina Doris 

GT w/ good friends. S.B., TY for 
everythings my 'IN Swiss; M.J. 
you're an A+ friend; M.C. the hockey 
games + Sears; S.G. Track, fav + 
breakfast; ILY all + I'll miss you all. 
TY, Dad, Lori + 1 - Man. GL, Becky. 
S.G., tuck + roll. 
Michael Driscoll 
Basketball 1 -4: Tennis 1 -4; Midnight 
riders + Masscracks = GT; High 
Street + the Mitsubishi; Snaggy w/ 
Juice @ Bowski; Columbus Bowl 
0-2; Chucks + Resi = so beef; to my 
bro and sis, GL; TY for everything 
Mom + Dad. 
Chris Duerden 

Soccer 1-4 Captain; Spring Track 
1-3; Ski Club 1-4; NHS; Hey, 
Modified Imports and Domestics 
Works guys, can't wait for Carlisle; 
I love you, Buttons, I miss you; 
Benvie-Shzoboom-never forget St. 
Maarten, GL, man; A.J., remember 
to yield; Katey Jean, you dork, I 
miss you, hun; BMW e30 sport. 
Karyl Dunham 

Marching band 1 -4, Jazz band 2-4, 
Peer Leaders 1 ,2, + 4, Art Club 4; 
Hey, Honey Dew! miss the good 
times @ B.C.; we love you, Karen! 
Staci Durso 

Field hockey 1-4, Gymnastics 1-4 
Captain; GT w/ my girls; I will never 
forget you, GL. FC Champs: Nelly 
w/ Holly. Farmland Rebs, Mullyvan, 
New Year's 99; Nute's house; GT 
down the cape; Chuck's; SR Semi; 
JR Prom; Downtown Rebs. Mom, 
Dad. Kris, Steve, Willie, ILY + TY. 
Andy Ebbs 

Yah, Guy, remember the times; 
Hack it up! Good times at Bob's. 
J.R., + J.B., don't forget the small 
gym; gimme the beat, Bails, to free 
my soul;. GL, kid; GLto J.B., J.G., 
M.P., + the rest of the crew, GT. 





Cassie Ellis 

Field Hockey 1 ,2,3,4; Renaissano 
Club 2,3,4;Foreign Language Clul 
3,4;GT in NHS, Salem + Volleyball 
GT in Field Hockey; Go, Trojans 
GL, Seniors; TY, Mom, Mark, Dad 
Mary, + Justin, ILY. 
Marc Emma 

GL, R.K., B.D., G.S., D.C., S.N. 
S.G., C.C., J.C, J.S., A.S. 
Chambers, GL! TY, Brog; Renee 
ILY; TY, Mom, Dad, + Joe.; GL 
Class of "2003" 
Jennifer Englehardt 
A. E., S.M., K.M., TY, ILY, GL 
Mom, Dad and my girlies, than 
you for everything, ILY, GL; Han 
clubbing; pool table 7/16/0 
Flamouth 3/17/01- 3/18/01 
camping 2002. 
Bethany Farias 

'The hardest thing to do in thi 
world is to live in it.TY to my be 
friends Jenna +Anna; GT + GLtoa 
my chicas. ILY guys! To my famil 
Mom +Dad, ILY; Jared, GL to yo 
to the Glennons, keep the faith an< 
God bless everyone; reach for th 

Heather Feldman 
Thanks for an experience I'll new 
forget; Smitty, my girl; K.G., It 
been fun; M.B. Asian sisters; N.B :: . e 
forever friends; Caity O. who's d<j 
man? Sugar Posse, ILY guys fo 
life & forever; D.H„ ILY 08/26/01 
GL, Joey, stay funny; Mom & Dad 
TY & ILY. 
Greg Feroli 

Football 1 -4; W Track 1 -4; Baseba! 
1-4; Mid Nite Riders, Domaz, GT 
Club Heat, Chucks & Resi GT 
Madden Tourneys; B-Bop Crew 
Come finding my original crev 
2003;Keyslip, Zaza, bring it al 
then;8th grade Backlash; K.S., IL> 
& TY; Mom, Dad, Jess, GL, ILY. 
Ryan Fisher 

Waddup to my boys, you're like 
family to me; all the beautiful womer 
I spent the past 4 years w/, mucf 
love; Mom, Dad, Lexy: ILY+TY 
GT's with everyone. "Life is < 
comedy to those who think, and < 
tragedy to those who feel." - Horace 
Mike Fitzpatrick 
High St. 4 Life; Resi; (K.B. + R.B. - 
M.F. + D.C.) = Dirty; Bbop Crev 
(M.P. + S.P. + M.F.); In 1000 yr: 
and 1 000 tears I'll come finding m> ■-. 
original crew OAR '03: Doc. you're 
the main man; DMB; Katie BF Petty 
Keyslip+Zaza = Bring it all then 
(S.M.) Syrup; GL , everyone 
Midnight Riders; Nos. 

I B 




Bridget Flynn 

"Truly great friends are hard to find, 
difficult to leave, + impossible to 
forget" ILY, M.B., E.R., M.C., J.L., 
C.K., K.T.; GT @ Junior Prom + 
Cape,; Soccer, 259; 7/01; B'Days; 
GT @ Holiday Party, TY, K.R.; ILY, 
Nick; TY for everything, Mom; ILY, 
Dad +Chris. 
Andrea Forman 

Softball, track 2-4; Car convos w/ 
Heath, BF; Jr.+Sr. Prom; '03 Semi 
@ Venutis; Radhas '00, '01, '02; 
Chuck's; A.F. summer '02; Army 
Girls; GT's @ Cape w/girls; Rezi; 
courts; Timmys; H.B., J. P., R.S., 
S.M., J.D., ILY, guys, GL; Mom + 
Dad, TY, ILY. 
John Foster 

Hockey1-4; Golf 1-3; GT @ pasta 
parties; Kristen, 10/19/01 , ILY; 
Grien, Chip, Hartford, Turner; GT 
@ Cape w/Kristen, boat, lake 
summer ' 02; side of road w/ Grien 
& Kristen comes along 10/12/02; 
thanks, Mom, Dad, Pat, Jen. best 
wishes, Pat, hope you make it, GL. 
Serene Fraihat 

The good thing about destiny is 
that it never ever makes a mistake"; 
L.S., CM., C.B., S.K., thanks for 
the good times; 5/27/02, "You too"; 
NHS; Art Club, TY, Ms. Brown! GL, 
Kristen Francoeur 
Cross Country, Capt. 1-4; WTrack 
1-3; STrack 1-3; NHS; Xtina + 
Lizzie, best buds; Jimmy, TY for 
everything; girls weekend VT '02! 
XC Gals '02, love ya; Funway '01! 
thanks for a great 4 yrs; "Good 
times come + good times go, I only 
wish the good times would last a 
ittle longer." TY, Mom, ILY. 
Sabrina Gambill 
3T w/ friends; CD. GT + good 
ood; Paula Portugal; Soccer 1-4; 
>ack 1-4; hurdles; tuck + roll; GT 
W Katey's; Prison Night; K.C. 
snickers; girls' night; T.H., 
Cherokee; A.H. 7-0; TY, family; GL, 
Tiff; it has been a fun 4 years but I 
im out of here; I Rule! 
(elly Gardner 

Soccer 1-3; GT @ K.C; skiing w/ 
he girls; girl's nights; Main St.; 
tertuccis; Prison Night; Summa & 
Monster Jamn '01 , '02; GT w/ good 
iends, ILY; Richie, ILY, I will never 
orget you 2/24; Mom & Dad, TY & 
Y; Steve, GL & ILY. 

Nicole Gelinas 

Field Hockey 1-4; Track 1; K.S. & 

R.H. TY for everything; Through 

GTs & bad, you're the best friends 

I've ever had! ILY! TY, S.F., A.H., 

M.J., M.C. & everyone else that's 

shared the GTs; I'll miss you all! To 

my family, TY for your support; 

GOOD LUCK 2003! Live life to the 


Christopher Gilbody 

What's up, class of 2003! Thanks 

for all the great times; I won't ever 

forget you guys, especially T.H., 

L.G., S.M., C.G., J.B., P.B., K.L, 

K.A., M.G., A.S., B.F., R.H., K.S., 

B.D., R.B., K.C, T.C, T.H., K.B., 

M.P., I wish you all happy lives and 

good times forever, don't ever forget 


Shannon Gobin 

Good luck everyone; I love you 

CO, J.S., J.O, R.P., D.J., W.K., 

B.D., M.E., N.C. and everyone that 

I missed; We had some good times 

together; I love you, Chambers; 

hang out; thank you, Mom, Dad, 


Amy Golden 

GT's with Andi, Krystina, Holly, 

Reema, and Sara; the pastforyears 

have been great! Let the good times 

roll; California; oooh, Barracuda; 

TY to everyone; Mom, Dad, Jess, 

Kelly, ILY; GL to all my friends. 

Cristian Gomez 

Hey, to everyone, great times at the 

Regional; Who would have thought 

high school would fly by so quickly? 

Thanks to everyone who made this 

moment possilbe; If you ever want 

to contact me my instant messanger 

screen name is Cristian989, later! 

Good luck. 

Katrina Gorga 

I know this day seemed far away, 

but it's come at last and really fast, 

The work was tough and sometimes 

rough, but we did it all and had a 

ball!; I love you guys, A.J., CO. and 

M.B.; I can't believe all this hassle 

for a tassel! 

Josh Gourdin 

It's finally over; TY, Mom + Dad, 

ILY; ILY, Pam, TY for everything; 

TY, all my teachers, Mr. Peterson, 

Mr. Brogna; Good luck to all my 

friends at B-R. 

Jennifer Govain 

I played volleyball and Softball 1 ,2,3, 

and 4 year; thanks, Mom, Dad, 

Kelly, Julie, and daycare kids for 

everything, I love you all very much; 

to all of my friends, thanks for all of 

the good times that we shared; It's 

been memorable. 

Julie Govain 

I played volleyball and Softball for 4 

years; thank you for everything 

Mom, Dad, Kelly, Jenny, Daycare 

kids, and friends, I love you all. 

Tom Greco 

B-R Football Rules! 1 -4; Matty, shut 

up! John, Richard Greico! Pat 

Rules! GL in the future to all; Small 

engines crew Lars, You do it! Tom, 

tin knights! Marc + Jim, this guy 

knows; Dr., take care, Remember 

the space cushion, we on FIRE! 

Odie, Miss, Clap + Rhae: love you 


Mike Greely 

Soccer 1 -4; Science Olympiad 1 -4; 

Great times in drafting w/ Moe 2-4; 

Stay above the RIM; TY, Mom, Dad, 

Cait, Moe, T.A., D.L., the foreigners; 

It's been great. 

Jon Grein 

Turner, Petrino, Chipman, 3 best 

friends, Can't forget Coyman and 

Dan Rudy; Julie, advice buddy, 

never change; Regan, thank you 

for everything; I love you, Mom, 

Dad, Matt, Sara, Kiana; Hockey 1- 

3 and 4 with injury; the same with 


Laura Guilfoy 

Thank God we're out! to the band 

members, show us how to get down! 

Colorguard, shake it! loves to my 

Mom, Dad, Nick & friends. 

Tim Hall 

Golf 2-4; GT w/ C.C., E.G., A.R., 

G.H., K.G., K.C, K.M., S.M., S.G., 

P.M.; good times @ Katey's ; 

Summer '02 anybody want to go 

watch a movie?; Cape w/ Hartford; 

CFL; Mom and Dad, TY and ILY; 

GL Chrissy, A.H., and T.H., the 


Christina Hamilton 

10/26/02 V.F. 1 8th B-day party; GT 

in Martha's Vineyard w/ V.F.; J.E., 

T.M., J.C, M.R., ride home from 

J.W.U.; 5/10/02; J.E., ride home 

from Plymouth 7/04/02; GL, Steph; 

TY, Mom + Lenny, ILY; Benny, ILY 

always + forever! GL to the rest of 

class 2003. 

Courtney Hanney 

I painted a picture of a day gone 

past, An ancient sculpture and a 

house of glass, People looking 

through the window, Neverknowing 

what to find when they couldn't see 

me, I locked the door and left them 

behind. TY, Mom, Dad, Ting and 

Sean; Amy, wheres RA? 

Alex Hanson 

Soccer 1-3; T.H., T.H., the game; 

S.G., 7-0 luck, I'll always win; T.C, 

J.W..OB., Celtsgames,J.B.,B.B., 

R.S., T.G., K.R., good times doing 

nothing; 'The Twin Towers" movie 

12/18/02, S.C.; slap fights, D.M., 

K.C, Bacon; Mom + Dad + Had, 


Kyla Harrington 

Soccer 1-4; Track 1-4; Ski Club 1- 

4; BRISC 1-3; PCC; GT in VT; X- 

Mas w/ my girls; endless fun w/ my 

gang! ILY guys + I'll never forget 

you!; Re- side by side since age 3. 

You're my best friend and I love you 

forever, TY + ILY Mom, Dad, + 


Gregory Hartford 

Ice Hockey 1 -4 on the line! Track 1 - 

3; GT in shop; Cape Cod summers; 

Its been fun, TY, Liz; TY for the 

support Mom+Dad; Nice work, Jon; 

GL, Meg; TY and GL, to all my 

buddies; Zone "I wish you the best, 

I wish you nothing less, than 

anything you've ever dreamed of 


Rachel Hauck 

GT's w/ best friends K.S., N.G., 

J.L., S.F., M.J., ILY, TY for the 

memories; trips to Bago always 

great times; the Vineyard w/ the 

girls, ILY; the rest of the best, stay 

close; Mom, Dad, + boys, ILY, TY: 

GL, Andrew + Kyle. 

Angela Healy 

"I lean against the wind, pretend 

that I am weightless, and in this 

moment I am happy. "best friend 

forever, Tiff. ILY, .I will never forget 

you, AT.. B.W., M.S.. D.D., H.S.. 

S.A.. and all those that have been 

there, never forget, "Everything that 

is real comes around." ILY. Beau, 

do the diddy! 

Tom Hennessey 

Wrestling 1-4 Capt. Sect. Champs; 

S.H. + J.FTY for everything; L.G.+. 

K.B.NJ'01;K.BI ate the soup; KB. 

+ L.G. timetraveling; A.H. + T.H. 

the game; T.G.. tin knights; L.G.. 

A.M. + all my friends TY 4 GTs; 

C.S. 8/9/01 ILY; Mom. Dad. Dev,+ 

Bri, TY guys + ILY. 

Senior Messages 159 

Katie Hiltz 

1 Soccer, 1-4 Gymnastics, 2-4 
Spring Track; good luck to all my 
friends! Mom and Dad I love you! 
thanks, 217; 99 Bus ride to away 
meets for Gymnastics with the team, 
we are B-R 2003! Good-bye! 
Allison Howe 

Basketball 1-4; Captain; Shan best 
buds GT girl; GT @ frosh softball; 
K.S. + N.G., GT together; GTw/the 
girls GL + TY; Shan, Mully, Clint, 
Who wants to dance?; L.C., M.C., I 
miss ya; ILY, Becky, GT girl; Mom 
+ Dad, TY + ILY; Adam + Sam GL 
+ ILY. 

Gretchen Isenor 
R.S., C.W., A.F., S.M., L.S., J.D., 
H.B., J.C., J.S., C.C., R.P.; Lisa- 
best friends; GT Frosh year w/ M.L., 
GL Mikey; TY, Bostrom Family; ILY, 
Jimmy; TY + ILY Mom, Dad, + Gram! 
Caitlin Jahnke 

TJ 2 1-4, Oh Yeah? Marching Bane 
+ Concert Band 1-4 Oh Yeah! GL, 
M.K., K.D.I + "All the little people" 
ILY Mom, Dad, GeeG, + Paul; 
Auswiedersehn 2003! 
Megan James 

GT w/ good friends; Marthas 
Vineyard; holiday party; good times 
at Christina's; J. P.; Boston Trips; 
Fire + Ice; beach trips; to my girls, 
ILY + I'll miss you, thanks for the 
GT; TY Mom, Dad + Staci, ILY; 
Timmy, ILY, thanks for everything. 
Paul Jankins 

I've had a great four years here at 
the Regional; having so much fun it 
should be illegal. There have been 
so many good times it'd be 
impossible to count; best of luck to 
everyone in the future; good luck, 
Wilcox and VT next year at B-R. 
Allison Jeanette 
Band 1-4, NHS. Modern World 
Affairs 3-4, Foreign Language Club 
2-4; GT'sw/ friends Katrina, Paula, 
Megan, Sara, and Caiti Lau and 
Ash, you two are my sisters, TY for 
everything! TY, Mom and Dad, ILY; 
Adam, good luck and have fun! 
Ben Katz 

To all my friends TY, you know who 
you are. I can't forget my RSD crew. 
Nicole, ILY, TY. Our lives are better 
left to change I could have missed 
the pain but I would have missed 
the dance. "I will still go to the ends 
of this earth for you" ILY, Mom + 
Dad, ILY. 
Whitney Kaye 

So basically... Crane St. bad luck 
huh. Shan? Adam's car Natbag; 
School St. home of the brave. 
BridgewaterWhat! to all my friends 
, GL: the foursome: Camille, Shan, 
Natalee, crazy year; don't tell me 
what to do: hangout, you don't know 

160 Senior Messages 

Brittany Kearney 

Field Hockey 1 -4; Spring Track 1 -4; 
GT's with the girls; New Year's Eve 
'99; Mullyvan 01-02; Farmland 
Rebels; H.B. + K.C. GT's; Steve, 
TY for all the GTs, ILY, you're my 
best friend + I could never forget 
you; Mom + Dad, TY for everything 
ILY; Liz, GL + ILY. 
Meredith Kellogg 
GT w/ M.L. playing scrabble; TY, 
Mom + Dad, I love you; I'll never 
forget Saturday nite movie tests; 
GL to all of my tweekos, you know 
who you are, you weirdos! And that 
is why evil shall always triumph, 
because good is dumb! 
Stacy Kenn 

TY, S.F., CM., Take, A.P., Jen, 
R.J., N.B., K.+S.R., K.B., I will never 
forget you; TY, Dad, Mum, Corey, 
Gram, Dale, + Serene, ILY w/all my 
heart; TY + GL to the boys- 
Brockton's illest: Dale, T.J. , Josh, + 
Jeremy; Dale, you are the wind 
beneath my wings. 
Nicole Kimball 

Fab5+1 , ILY! Never forget the GT! 
Dana, ILY + TY! Nees, Smartfood; 
Chels, GL! Craig, Andrew, Ryan, 
ILY + GL! Nichole, ILY + GL! Ben, I 
love you + TY for being there! You'll 
always be my stinky! TY, Mom, 
Dad, Frank + Karen, I did it! ILY! 
See you later, 2003! 
Erica King 

Track 1; FTA 1-4; best times 
Freshman year w/ good friends 
Sandy + Becky; summers @ the 
Driftwood Inn; beach parties, 
jetskiing + the boat races; clubin' w/ 
Steph;GTw/Mark; can't forget my 
friends: N.M., CM., L.C., C.B., M.C., 
+ V.M.; ILY, Mom; GL, 2003! 
Kim Knight 

TY, Mom, Dad, Jen; ILY guys. To 
M.Q., K.P., J.G., J.K., C.W., T.P., 
A.K..G.S.. J.H., R.B., J.M., GL, I'll 
miss you guys! Michelle, black 
backpack! Crystal, stay away! I 
know where you live! bye + GL 
Chris Kolentsas 
Weight Room 1-4 Mr. Lennon; 
Football 1-4; Winter Track 3-4; 
Pacheco; Spring Track, 1 -4; Jocks; 
Fast Times At B-R High; to my best 
friends, Eric, Nick, Scott, Bernie, 
Dennis; GL, Eleni; thanks, Dad, 
Mom, P.J., faculty & friends, Leah 
& Lumpy. 

Holly Laubinger 

Soccer 1 -4 Capt., WinterTrack 1 +2; 
GT'sw/ my girls, ILY, GL; Farmland 
Rebs; Mulvan; J.R., GT; Nelly w/ 
Staci; GT @ Chucks; Jr.Prom; Sr. 
Semi; New Yrs '99; FC Champs; 
Janecrew, Kim + Soph; Nute, good 
laughs! thanks, Mom + Dad, ILY, 
Jeff, GT @ Cape, TY; GL, Jack. 
Adam Lavoie 

Snowboarding Club 1-4; Wrestling 
3; Winter Track 3; Tennis 2-4; GT 
snowboarding w/ my friends; Shop 
class was awesome. 
James Lecesse 

Where do I begin? to my Crews- 
Rae, Tom, and the rest; stay close, 
old and new friends- Ken, Pat, A. A., 
S.W., Car Crew. Study crew- GT; 
great teachers; Mandy-ILY; closer 
than bros- Marc; Kristen- my love 
and my life-ILY; Mom, Dad, T.+ Z., 
ILY all, GL! 
Eric Linehan 

Weightroom 4 yrs, Spring Track 1- 
4, Winter Track 2,4, Football 1 ,3; I 
wish you all good luck class of 2003; 
Especially my best friends OK., 
N.B., S.B.. B.C., D.M.; ILY, Mom, 
Dad and Danny. 
Danny Lopez 

ILY, my Dad + Mom and sister, TY 
for all your help; GL to all the 
students going to college. 
Justin Lovell 

Marching Band 1-4; Concert Band 
1-4; NHS 4; Sax Quartet 3-4; CCD 
Teacher 1-4; J.L, A.B., 10/12/01; 
Thanks to Cheri's party gang; J to 
the L to the O, yo yo, it's JLo; the 
needs of the many outweigh the 
needs of the few. ..or the one.; 
everywhere; It was. 
Dan Lucchetti 

Good times at B-R; Never forget 
the original crew; DMB, Dispatch, 
Oar, 311; Alii, thanks; J.F., K.B., 
ILY, 1stT.L;Resi + Chucks; Mom, 
Dad, can't thankyou enough; T., J., 
L, K., T. ILY; 4 spots, GL, keep in 
touch; GTs with the boys. 
Dan Mackey 

Tennis, Newspaper; "A lot of times 
it seems like you ain't gon' make it 
to where you wanna be in life. But 
yo, yo if you got a plan you gon' get 
everything you ever wanted baby."; 
Good times Umass+Venut's; Ya 
Dan, Right!; thank you, Mom, Dad, 


oc:e r 


■ He 

Megan Magill 

Kathleen, Allie, Katrina, Meggy E 
Caitlin, Mark, Mere, Shawn, Bubbc 
Ronnie, Dave, Cheri, Terri, Andres 
ILY; Merry and Jen, we are the girl 
of Papa Gino's; Who does that? 
do; Lola and mola, forever; Mor 
and Dad, ILY; Berryborry c 
Caroline Mailloux 
"Life can only be understoo 
backwards but it must be live 
forwards."- S. Kirkeguard. To m 
family and my girls, thanks fc 
standing by me; 2003, thanks fc 
the smiles; .... and remember, 
What is meant for you will not g 
past you"; GL! good Bye, B-R ! 
Pat Maguire 

High St. Crew, Matt's place, goo 
times; Pratti janitors for life; Ca| 
'02 with E.M., J.W., K.T., B 
J.D.; chillin' at Jay's; cardboa 
pizza, I was tired; my GS500; loi 
straws; Fridays with Erin; movie: 
Cape, Hull; time well spent; thank. 
Mom, Dad, Jus, and Bren. 
Alex Mastria 

Volleyball, cheering, NHS, Foreic 
Language Club; TY to family; Muc 
love + luck to my Junior high crew 
Sherry, Sarah + Vanessa; Gre; 
summer memories down the Cap< 
Prom, FLw/Clappa, DMB '01 ;T 
all my new Bridgewater friends-w 
didn't have long enough; bye, B-F 
Joseph McBride 
"So raise a glass to our true friend 
they're always on our mind. Ar 
though we traverse wide the worl 
our hearts remain behind." 
Elise McCann 

WinterTrack 1-2; Spring Track 
3; GTs w/ my girlies ILY! Goc 
laughs w/ my boys W.A., J.B., K.L 
I will never forget you guys! nev 
+ woulda + buckle up! TY, Mor 
Dad, John, and Gretchen.lLY! 
Kyle McCarthy 
TY to everyone for the memorie, Pflls '' 1 
GL, J.M., J.B., M.C., J.N., S.r- 
S.M..C.M.,A.J.,J.L.,C.S.;"Telln r 
a story where we all changed / ar 
we live our lives together / and n 
estranged / No regrets / They doi 
work / No regrets / They only hur 


'. -: 

■:■:: : 



*ays , 

am, Pj 


; :> 

5a ra McElroy 
Soccer 1-4; Katey, best friends, ILY 
J/7/02; ultimate trio; GTw/GF; Cape 
02; Summa Jam '02; Girls night; 
Bertucci's; Mullyvan; Skiing trips; 
T w/ M.B. + M.C.; GT w/ H.B.; 
Jlatt "1/13/01 * always remember 
ou; TY, Mom, Dad, ILY; GL.Lau, 
., ILY! 

, )illon McGovern 
used to think that yearbooks were 
tupid, but then I tried the sushi. 
irin McNamara 

H 2-3; Fooz + Sah Tres Amigas, 
ninute away; A.R., best friends 18 
ears, 2 many GTs; Cape w/ P.M., 
LT., J.W., B.N., J.D., cardboard 
izza; driving in the Lumina w/ Pat, 
lull. Cape, worth the wait; Thanks, 
flom, Dad, Steve , Bri. 
rystal Medeiros 

"o everyone that doubted me, what 
ow? L.C., J.L., B.K., N.M., E.K., 
.E., J.C., D.J., M.C., A.M., and 
.C, thank you guys so much for 
laking the past 4 years worth it! To 
iy family, thank you for everything; 
can't believe it's finally over; 
ongrats to the class of "03". 
lichole Medeiros 
ieep your head up and reach for 
ie stars; N.K., D.B., D.B. never let 

'." ie hand hit your heads! E.K. GT 
Iways! J.I. GT in English, stay 
trong! TY, Mom + Dad, ILY; Nan, 
>ram, Pam, Stacey, and Chelle , 
Y All; Cisco TY for being there, 

•ennis Mitchell 

he thoughts from yesterday 
irgotten, I like the way this new 
kin feels. Bring me splinters of 
)morrow, collect the parts where I 
»in. The Dawn of a new day never 
>oked as good as this. - In Flames- 
im Morast 

asketball + Soccer 1-4 Capt.; 
occer girls, ILY; South Sectional 
:hamps; GT w/ the girls ILY; Flip 
up Champs; Wendys-S.M.; 
hucks; Mullyvan; Jane Crew; 

a-armland Rebels; Jr. Prom; GT 
oph. year; New Years '99; H.L. + 
D., GL; Mom. Dad + Family, ILY 

erek Morey 

m a little tea pot, short and 


Shannon Morrissey 

Al, Clint, Mully -Who wants to 
dance? A.H. + C.C., best buds 
forever! Norris- Ladies man! J. P., 
Wendy's + Chucks! R.S., FebVaca! 
G.I., my purse! Lys -The Hornet + 
Sundays! Best buds! T.C., good 
times at your house! Fitz- syrup! 
Jeff.lLY! Erick + Mom-ILY! 
Robin Morse 

GT w/ my friends; GL C.B., S.D., 
S.F., L.S., A.C., A.D., K.P., H.F., 
I'm not the only one; food fight w/ 
J.B.; JAG talks w/ Mr. S.P.; TY 
Mom + Dad, GL, Hannah, ILY, Jess; 
Avi + Ethan, GT w/ my best friend, 
Nathan, miss you guys, B.F., S.K., 
N.B., K.M., A.G., M.R., CM. 
Dave Moseley 

GT through the years with 
everybody, paintballin' with the 
crew, dicin' with the crew; what 
up.Winga? GT in the Malibu + 
Paintball; thanks to my family, Mom. 
Dad, Matt, GL.Liz; what up, Bobby 
Boy? Peace. 
Peter Moynihan 

Football 1 -4, Baseball 1 -4; GL to all 
my boys, we had so many great 
times; Da Bears, Madden tourneys, 
Edgewood, where's Reed, Dome. 
Baldies, Akstin - Buncy' s; TY, Mom 
+ Dad, GL, Chris + Laura; 
IWNFY'lt's been real, its been fun, 
but it hasn't been real fun," Peace. 
Kristen Mullaney 
Softball 1-4; GTs @ K.C.; GTs w/ 
good friends; Cape 02; Bertucci"s; 
Skiing w/ the girls; Girls Night; 
Mullyvan; S.M., C.C.; A.H., anyone 
want to dance?; Kel, best friends, 
ILY; Main St; Summa + Monster 
Jamn; Ultimate 3; Mom + Dad, TY 
ILY; GL, Joe + Mark, ILY. 
Jason Munise 

Band 1-4; Musical 1-3; GT @ 
Trucchi's, C.S.'s + S.P.'s house; 
ILY, Mom, Dad, Erin, + Joe; GL to 
all my friends; "It's better to keep 
your mouth shut and appear stupid 
than to open it and remove all doubt" 
- Mark Twain. 
Matthew Munise 
Football 1-4; NHS 3-4; Great 
memories w/ 53, 54, 40, 14, 70, 22 
on the field; to the group, I'll miss 
you all, you guys are awesome; GT 
w/ Steph, 10/21/01 , TY + ILY; Mom 
and Dad, I love you + thanks for 

Sophia Myers 

Soccer Captain, track 1-4, 
gymnastics w/ S.D., Soc girls, ILY 
GL, GT @ L.V., Janecrew K.M. + 
H.L., ILY, girls! Mulvan-GT @ K.W.; 
ILY girl! GL, Farmland Rebels; 
Wendys w/ K.M.; New Yr's GT w/ 
the girls; 3+4 Prom. GT! ILY girls, 
GL; GT w/ Derik, TY; Julz + A.J., 
ILY GL; Mom + Dad, TY, ILY! 
Jimmy Nelson 

GT at Chucks and Resi;Flip cup 
champs at UMass;To all my boys 
good luck I will miss you all you 
guys are like brothers, keep in 
touch;TY, Mom and Dad, ILY; Kelly 
and Brendan, ILY: Gretchen, I'll 
never forget you, you're the one, 
ILY;C.C, Don't give up; 2003! 
Jeff Nelson 

"Those left standing will make 
millions writing books on the way it 
should have been." - Incubus 
Steve Nelson 

Jazz Band 1-4, Tennis 3-4, Math 
Team 2-4, Band 1-3. TY for all the 
memories: GT in the parking lot, 
Fake ID forever!, holiday party, late 
night movies. Good luck! "In order 
to discover new lands, one must be 
willing to lose sight of shore." 
Brian Noone 

The best times were the times on 
High St. w/ the boys! Where's 
Dave? I love you, Jill. 
Scott Norris 

Basketball 1-3 GT @ Tims, Shan's, 
Chuck's, and the Rezi. What up, 
High St + South; GT down the cape, 
4th of July. NYE; GL to all my boyz 
and girls. TY, Mom, Dad, and Becky. 
Caitlin O'Conner 
"Am I wasting all my time chasing 
innocence to find a time in my life 
when I should have known better? 
Have I wasted all these years 
holding back the tears behind a 
smiling face?"-H20, ILY, Jill, 
Reema, Jon, Mom, Dad, + Meg. 
Cristen O'Donnell 
"I'll love you forever, I'll love you for 
always, as long as I'm living my 
buddies you'll be" TY, guys, you 
mean the world to me; remember 
the GTs @ the cape, Six Flags, 
girls xmas, etc. Bralla, TY, ILY! 
TADAH! Track 1-4; swimming; TY, 
Mom, Dad, May, + Sean. 

Caitlin O'Leary 

I don't know half of you half as well 
as I should like, and I like less than 
half of you half as well as you 
deserve. To my family + friends- 
ILY + TY! All Irish Wild Girls! K.R.: 
K.G.-My cat's name is Mittens; H.F.- 
Best times ever! 
Paul Oliari 

Soccer 1-4 Capt. .Basketball 1- 
4. Baseball 1-4; Domers, the crew 
GTs; O'Leary, Steph. good luck, 
have fun; Mom, Dad, Danielle, TY, 

Aaron Pacheco 

2002 OCL Boys Cross Country 
Champions; Biff; Ian - Quicksand; 
Mr. Diaz; yellow sundress; Thriller: 
Mock Trial; the woman; Shiner; 
Gonzo; Harry Music Video; Rob + 
Pat free slaves; rusty leg; Cross 
Street dog; perks: reflected glory. 
Thomas Parenteau 
Football 1-4; W/S Track 2-4; Ski 
Club 2-4; my crew the 4 corners, 
the vultch, The Tim Parson Project, 
Jay Fry; Bigfoot hunting, full contact 
hockey in Fry's driveway, G.T.; To 
the R/C's and B/C's much love; In 
Doors; N.E. Birds for life; Adios 
Kimberly Paris 

To you: Eric, Chris. Nicky, Andrea, 
Kimmie, Tobin, Jacki. Andy. Andi, 
Chris - what up dawg? And the rest 
of the gang, GT. ILY! TY, Mom + 
Dad, ILY; to Kaite - Best friends 
since 1987! ILY + GL, TY 
Andrea Paul 

GT w/ my buddies; Ash + Lisa: 
thank you for everything, I will miss 
you!; Josh, Anna, Ben, Kim, Dean, 
Stacy, Eric, Cait. Leis, Serene, Kel, 
Aaron. Zoe: GL, I love you guys; 
remember the good times, times 
we laughed so hard it hurt; Mom + 
Dad, TY. ILY. 
Matt Peabody 

Football + Baseball 1 -4 Capt.; to all 
my boys, TY for the GT; NCAA I 
was good! Keyslip + Za = Bring it all 
then: mailbox bandit 4 Life: 11/10/ 
00, 831, ILY, K.C.; Killington '02; 
14-2-22; Mom + Dad, TY for 
everything; ILY: TY. Sarah. IL> 
Keep it gangsta. 

■ ■ 


Senior Messages 161 

Ian Penn 

I LOVE GOOOLD! To Rebirth: 
thanks for all the good times. "It was 
the best of times, it was the worst of 
times." Another turning point, a fork 
stuck in the road.Time grabs you by 
the wrist, directs which way to go. 
Good Luck to everyone. Rock on! 
Jeff Pentz 

Good Times w/ J.M., M.G., J.B., 
W.A., C.C., C.G.; fun time @ Six 
Flags w/ R.P., W.A., K.A.; fun night 
@ E.G. house w/T.H., C.C. during 
Patriots game; and chillen' with 
crew; TY, Mom + Dad + Heather; it 
is finally over! 
Jaren Perewitz 

I'm outta here for good! Thanks 
Mom, Dad, Jody, + Jesse for your 
support! I'll miss you, K.C., M.A., 
J.H., D.B., T.F. 
Renee Perkins 

TY, girls, best friends C.C., S.G., 
J.S.. J.C., ILY; GL, R.K., D.J., T.C., 
G.I., R.B., K.H., B.W., CD., 
Chambers, keep your head up, ILY; 
Marc Emma, ILY + TY for always 
being there! TY, Mom, Dad. + Steph. 
ILY! GL, Class of 2003! 
Michael Petrino 

Bye, B-R! Thank-you and GL to my 
boys, Turner. Coyman, Chip + 
Grein; Thanks + ILY, Danielle; 
Wrestling team 1,2+4; thanks to 
Holmes + Stump; RIPtoall who lost 
their life on + because of 9/11; 
"United We Stand!" thanks + ILY, to 
Mom, Dad, + Pam. 
Derek Phillipe 

Golf 1-4; DMB, 311 and Dispatch 
Crew, good memories; Luch, 
where's rockl 5? Blanchard, GL with 
golf. I will never forget the past 4 
years with my true friends, keep in 
touch; to my Grandmother and 
Grandfather, I love you and thank 
you for everything. 
Erica Pinto 

FH 1+2; Jr. Prom, Semi, summer 
'02 so many GT w/ my girls: V.C., 
R.B., B.D., S.S., A.M., K.N., S.B., 
S.P., M.J., R.H., K.S., I will never 
forget you! Jackie, best friend 
forever, ILY! Class of '03 GL! Mom 
and Dad, TY, ILY! Brittiny, GL! 
Michael Pistone 

The game is over. Marching Band 
1-2, Concert Band 1-4, Jazz Band 
1 -4, Peer Leaders 3-4; PCC 4-eva! 
Deciphercon 2002! All my friends 
C.S., N.D., AT., J.B..JLO., Nelsons! 
I love you ALL! To my Mom, Dad 
and Amy, thanks for your support. I 
would have never made it w/ out 
you; See you on a TV station. 
Jennifer Pizzutti 
To my crew there is no me without 
you!" G.I., R.S., J.D., H.B., A.F., 
L.S., S.M., A.F.. ILY; to my boys, 
ILY; GT@R.S., T.C., H.B.. S.M.. 
J.D., A.F., R.S., Cape, Resi, 
Chuck's, Columbus Bowl; Class of 
03* I'll miss you! CD., ILY! Mom + 
Dad, TY + ILY; B.P., GL! 

162 Senior Messages 

Makia Powell 

Band, Math Team, 1-4; NHS 
Science Olympiad. 3-4; Girls' State, 
3: GT w/everyone! Webmaster: total 
anarchy at peace out + 
remember: pencils are weapons of 
mass destruction! beware of the 
evil turnip people! **** Barney is a 
— conspiracy — "**!!! 
Joe Powers 

Sports 1-4; Volvo; Domers Club 
Hea + College Road Crew; 
Joe.TheToe;" Joe2k; GL, J. Bluva; 
thanks for all the GT; GT w/ Vinny 
GL.Sis; TY for being there, Big Matt; 
GL; Have fun, Ky; 8-12 I love you 
with all my heart ; *28*; TY, Mom 
and Dad; You are amazing; words 
can't describe what you guys mean 
to me. 

Steve Praino 

Science Olympiad 2,3,4; so long B- 
R! It's been a blast! I got memories 
forever: to all my friends. . . keep the 
faith, no matter what life throws at 
you. "Experiences last a moment; 
love lasts forever" 
Robbie Prime 

Soccer 1-4; GT's @ Six Flags with 
J.P., W.A., J.B., k.A., K.L; thanks 
for all the good memories; thank 
you, Mom, Dad, and Sarah; good 
luck, Jonathan and Sarah; best of 
luck to the class of 2003! 
Sarah Prime 

FH 1-4 Capt; Ean + Fooz, Tres 
Amiras for life; Andy thing; Jaz. 7/ 
16, Canton- It's fate; E.M., A.R.. 
S.W. GT's Semi '02 K.W. & Bridgy, 
the Beach; Kevy, W.A. Joe, GT; TY 
+ ILY, Mom + Dad; GL, Rob; GL 
Jonny Boy + have fun; Erin, GL + I 
miss you. 
Steve Prisco 

Football 1-4; Baseball 1-4; GT's 
with the Bebop Crew (M.F., G.F., 
S.P., M.P.); bring it all then; GL to 
all my boys; Britt, thank you for all 
the good times: thank you, Mom, 
Dad, Nancy, you guys are the best, 
ILY; Good luck, 2003 it's been real. 
Michelle Quinn 

GT: Sarah + Danielle; laundry 
business 4 life; ILY, Ninny, Mom, 
MA, Dad, K.K., don't make me hit 
you, good luck, N.B., J +J.G., B.N., 
J.M.; Antwone, Cha Cha Cha; 
Angel, Richard forever; good luck 
to everyone I forgot. 
Jeff Ramadan 

GT's with the boys; DMB was the 
best;.; 3 N.J.; Rezi with the crew; 
Triangle, keep it real; to all my boys 
stay true and I'll never forget you; 
thanks for everything, Mom, Dad, 
Ash, ILY; Brittany, ILY forever 7/23/ 

Melissa Rebelo 

Chorus 1-4;Mom + Mike. TY for 
everything! Heavey, I'm Beni: Ali, 
l"m going to miss you. make the 
most of high school; K.S.. + H.S., 
TY for being there when no one 
else was; Jenner, you too! A.R., + 
C.K., you're the best, what would I 
do w/ out you? 

John Reckord 

Laura, Steve. Tara, you gave me a 
reason to go to school, I love you 
guys, keep in touch; you can't 
change the direction of the wind, 
but you can alter the direction of 
your sail; good luck. 
Kevin Reese 

Mom. Dad, Eric. Kelsey, thank you 
for everything; good luck to all my 
friends; B-R staight edge " Tried so 
hard to cut us but never left a 
scratch"- Ten Yard Fights 
Kathleen Reid 

I will never forget you- C.S., M.M., 
CO., AT., T.S., M.C., B.F., M.B., 
J.W.; I love you, J. P., thank you for 
never letting me down; thank you 
and I love you, Mom, Dad, and 
family; "Although it's a cliche, I 
wouldn't change a thing." 
Jackie Rhilinger 
Too many crazy times to fit; GT w/ 
Julie, Joel, Erika, Merry, JoJo, + 
Jason; TY for everything, Ed; TY+ 
ILY, Mom + Dad, GL, Amber; Rest 
in Peace, Jonny, ILY + will never 
forget you; I know you never said 
good-bye, I had so much left to 

Christina Riccardi 
Cross Country, Winter and Spring 
Track Capt 1-4; GT on Crane; 
Kristen + Lizzie ILY! GT in VT; 
Summer '02; V, Sarah, Alex + 
Sherry, I love you girls; P.A., A. A, 
I'll neverforget you guys!, TY, Mom, 
Dad + Rob, ILY; GL, Cross Country 
girls; K.F, 7 years later and we're all 
grown up ILY! Smile :) 
Elyse Roberts 

Senior year everyone- We're out! 
"If you can go through life without 
experiencing pain you probably 
haven't been born yet!" B.F, M.C, 
C.K., J.L., K.T., M.B., I love you 
guys + always will!! ILY, Mom, 
Amy+Larry; Dad- RIP 5/30/00, 1 will 
never forget you. 
Dennis Rodrigues 
Golf 1-4, Baseball 1-2, Chucks, 
Wendys, Dex, Yo Mack, GT JP, 
G.F., J.F., D.L.; TY Mom, Dad, 
Ashley, Andrew, ILY 
Amanda Ryan 

Field Hockey 2-4; Sah & Eah: Tres 
Amigas forever! movie nights; BF 
Erin: 18 yrs. "It's a minute 
awayYDad, are we American?", 
thanks for being there; Sah: the 
Andy thing; Junior Prom; Semi GT 
with S.P., E.M., J.W.; Thanks, Mom, 
Dad, Mike, Jeff, and Jon, ILYA! 
Lindsay Saba 

To my girls, we've had GT's, ILY, 
J.D., ILY, best friends forever! R.S., 
J.P., G.I., H.B., L.B., GT ILY! GT @ 
Chucks + Rezi! GT, @ L.V. + K.W.'s; 
Jay , I don't know what I would do 
without you, TY + ILY! GL, Katie. 
Courtney + Ryan; TY, Mom + Dad. 

Sarah Salamon 

Coletti's Girl drivin' the Rolla! J. 
crew forever; good times Xtina; 
my friends: you've left foot prints 
my heart; to my family: TY so muc 
for everything, ILY; to the Class l 
2003: good luck, and keep smilin' 
it's been fun! 
Rob Sanderson 
"So here I am, It's in my head that I 
savor every moment of this." -Th 

Sherry Saunders 
Kristen and Jeff, thanks f 
everything. Alex, Sarah, Vaness 
I love my Jr. High crew and ne 
additions, Kristen and Christin 
Good times on Crane Stree 
summer time, the living's eas' 
John, I love you. but I hat 
goodbyes; good luck class of 200; 
Shawna Scanlan 
Thanks to all of my friends for th 
laughs and good times.; Meg an 
our inside jokes, the library crew- \ 
Hedda, Smitty, and Mark. Sara 
and good times on Crane St. an 
Carl and the French clan; thank; 
Mom, Dad, James, and Michelle 
Leisel Schwenzfeier 
To those who've been there throug 
it all: S.F., TY for always laughin 
w/ me; C.B., to my others B.F.; Lu 
to Rebirth & crew; Chris, you mak 
life worth living, ILY; Gigglefes 
study sessions w/ my chicas; TY t 
M.B. & M.P. who push me, TY t 
my family, ILY & GL. 
Bryan Sharland 
Art, GSA, CRT, Creative Writin 
Club, Band, Musicals, + the other 
=); GT @ Cheri's; TY, Dad, Lis; 
Ms. Brown, Cheri S, Mike P, J+. 
Brian, TYforall you have done, IL 
so much! GL everyl ! ILY+TY for a 
Mr.Phaneuf, AT., LB., K.D 
L.G., M.L, M.K.,R.M.;andmostc 
all, TY. Yoda:. "May the force b 
with you." 
Cherilyn Sharland 
Musical 1-4; Peer Leaders; NH 
TY to my friends T.S., K.R., AT 
K.S., M.P., K.M., Nelsons, you ar 
the best; GL, Kate; Riverside w/th 
girls; parties at my house; stressin 
over life; 2nd place @ holiday part 
'02; GT; I'll miss you all; TY, Mom 
Dad + ILY. 
Ryan Simpson 

GT w/ C.L and M.O. at the Cap 
and just hanging out: J.B.andK.L 
GL after high school. It's been fu 
the last couple of years; N.K., D.B 
J.C., D.B., M.B., and anyone I forgo 
It's been fun hanging out; Mom an 
Dad, ILY and TY. 
Radha Sinha 

Cross Country and Tennis- Ye 
Girls! To all of my friends, we had 
blast. Never forget the good times 
H.B., J. P., S.M., A.F., J.D., L.S 
G.I. Thanks for everything, IL' 

Ashley Slater 

'03 + NHS Pres; GT @ HMUN; 
basketball, soccer, track; Girls of 
'02, ILY, Ford, Heath, Keri, Meg + 
Jill; GT @ HOME, NY, St. A's, BC, 
New Bedford, Brockton, + Cape; 
TY, Justin 4/27; TY, Sylvia, Mr.P + 
Alii; RIP, George; TY + I love you 
Mom, Dad, Shane, + Laura. 
Holly Smith 

Volleyball 2+3; Basketball 1+2; 
Softball 1; Jenna, 1 way streets; 
MV '02 w/ my girls; to my best friend 
Krystina, TY for always being there 
for me; so many fun memories; 
The Loop"; NYE; J.C., GT @ the 
beach + the scraper; Vianka's party; 
Prom; GT w/ Andi, Amy, K.S. + 
MR.; Mom, ILY; GL, Bren 
Kim Smith 

GT w/ the crew. I will never forget 
you guys. ILY all! R.H., N.G., + 
M.J., GT in the Cape + MV; best 
times in Sebago; Cheerleading w/ 
M.C. + S.F.; A.H., GT together; 
R.H., + N.G., TY for always being 
there, best friends forever! TY. 
Mom, Dad, Chris, + Kevin, ILY; GL 

Krista Smith 

Marching Band 1-4, Winter Guard 
2-4, TJ 2 1-4, Math Team 2-4, NHS 
4; GL my friends: C.S., AT., T.S., 
K.R., A.B., L.D., L.G., E.D., J.L, 
M.P., B.S.; Mom, Dad, Amanda, 
Matt: TY + ILY; "When you get the 
choice to sit it out or dance, I hope 
you dance." 
Tara Smith 

"I never figured that we'd ever 
devolve. True enough, you're 
happy blaming faultlines. True 
enough, coz that is where the fault 
lies. True enough that sex + death 
are your breath + you said your hair 
is short so your life's a disaster." - 
Krystina Sousa 

Chorus -2; GT w/ H.S., A.H., A.G., 
M.R., J.C., B.F., V.F., CD., J.C., 
J.B., M.C; Martha's Vineyard '02; 
'97 Neon; dubbin; crazy times w/ 
Holly, ILY like a sis; Mom, Dave + 
Grandma, ILY, Thanks for 
everything; GL, 2003 
Ricky Sperrazza 
Mom + Dad, You'll never know how 
■ thankful I am to have you, ILY; 
Marc + Shawn, ILY; Mari, You 
complete me, ILY; 03' We don't fool 
around. It's at the spot, DVD, 
JoGrandAm, B.N., CD., T.P.; The 
lD.P., D.L., D.D., T.C, S.N., 

.N.J.A., M.P., P.M., "It's thicker 
than water." 
Brandon Springer 

Dccer 1-4; Ski 1-4; GT @ M.V.; 
\.M., Ski Trips w/ Mike + Paul 
^ogglots; Terra Squad; GL, Zeeb; 
^L, Mike + Paul w/ Moto X; Mobag; 
skating the edge; GT w/ everyone 
it the Bellol; House; J.B.; GL, Dani; 
<Z.C, don't give up TY + ILY, Mom 
h Dad; GL, Hope. 

Chelsey St. Martin 

Winter Track - 1,2,3; Spring Track 
3; Fab 5+1, TY for the GT, D.B. 2 , 
J.C, M.B., N.K., Matt, how's my 
mailbox doing? " We may not have 
the past, we may not have the future, 
but what we have is now, and now 
we have eachother." to Mom and 
Dad, ILY and TY! all my friends, 

Stephanie St. Martin 
Field Hockey 1 -4; NHS 3-4; Foreign 
Language 2-4, Italy '01 Gelati w/ 
S.S.; GT in Vermont; Powder Puff 
'02 CHAMPS! to the Gang- TY for 
the memories; Raynham girls- 
Yankee Swap, YMCA; GT w/ Matty 
10/21/01, TY, ILY; Mom, Dad, 
Andrea, and Michelle TY, ILY; GL, 
Jonathan Stairs 

GT w/ A Vengeful Heart. + Dan; GT 
@ Dunks. Reema, Jill, Caitlin; GT. 
Lauren, you are the best. " Your 
faith + fear seared me and love + 
you pull all the right strings " How 
we get older, how we forget about 
eachother, " She said entwined with 
the sadder of Days." 
Merry Stone 

Thanks to everyone; Sue, you're 
my best friend; Mom and Papa. 
ILY; Sarah you're the best; Jacks, 
you got me through it all; Jonny, we 
miss you more each day, ILY forever 
+ I'll see you when I get there; keep 
on trucken' Jonny, forever in my 
heart, 9/10/02. 
Chris Sullivan 

To all my friends thanks for the 
great times; Andrew, Shawn, Pat, + 
Paul, you guys are the best; Leisel, 
you are my everything, the love of 
my life, my inspiration. You'll always 
be my babe 2 legit 2 quit, 4/1 1//02 
Best day of my life, I love you. 
Jillian Sullivan 

"High school seemed like such a 
blur. I didn't have much interest in 
sports or school elections and in 
class I dreamed all day about a 
rock n' roll weekend." - Social D. 
ILY, Reema, Caitlin, Jon, Russ, 
Mom, and Dad, XO. 
Joanna Sullivan 
I love you, Mom and Dad, thank you 
so much; through good times and 
bad, I love you girls S.G., C.C., 
R. P., J.C; James, I will always love 
you and never forget you; I will miss 
the GT with G.I., P.R., C.R., L.B., 
N.C., D.V., CD., M.E., R.K., GL, 

Anna Takahama 
GT in Ski Club: 2-4, Eric, ILY and 
TY for everything, GT w/ my best: 
J.C. + B.F., ILY, GL to all my girls: 
A.P.,H.S.,J.E.,Vee, N 2 , J.R..S.K., 
CD., TY to my family: Mom, Ken, 
Lisa, and AM, ILY, " Live life to the 
fullest cause it's too short to waste" 

Andrea Thompson 

Musical 3-4; Color Guard 1-4; 
thanks to all my family + friends. GT 
@ parties w/ C.S., K.R., K.S., T.S., 
M.P., S.N.; never forget Six Flags + 
Holiday Party! always remember 
studies; Sophmore Prom w/ K.R.; 
TY to Lizzie for car adventures; 
Bam! GL to all my friends. 
Rebecca Torres 

Cheerleading 2, 3-Capt.,4; GLinthe 
future everyone, I'll miss you; GT 
Freshman year w/E.K.; GT @ the 
games + comps; road trip w/Alia; 
Al, you're crazy, I'll miss you girl; 
ILY, Sandy; ILY, Wayne, TY for 
always being there; TY, Mom for 
everything, ILY; ILY, Dad. 
Kayleena Tunewicz 
Cape '02- J.W., P.M., E.M., J.D., 
B.N., cardboard pizza;. DQ rides. 
GT.TY, E.R., M.C, J.L., B.F., M.B., 
ILY; thanks, Mom, Jamie & kids. 
ILY; 8/26/02 forever in my heart. 
Jay, I love you always. " It's all part 
of our storybook." 
Matt Turner 

Thanks, Mom, Dad, Adam, Kate for 
pushing me to succeed; to my 
boys, Petrino, Grein, Coyman, Chip; 
to Julie, thank you for everything 
you've done for me, you'll always 
be a big part of my life. I'm out, get 
at me! Peace! 
Derik VanDyke 

Wut up to all my boyz; High St. for 
life; keep it real after high school 
and you guys know you're like my 
brothers to me; GT @ Chucks + 
Reszi; Doc, you're the main man; 
03' is the realist; Soph, ILY babes; 
"Worst comes to worst, my boys 
come first" 
Lindsey Venuti 

Field Hockey 1-4; Basketball 1-2; 
Ky, best friends, ILY; GTs w/ The 
Girls; Farmland rebs; mullyvan; 
New Yrs '99, Jr Prom; GTs down 
the cape; GTs @ Dubs + Tates; 
Good laughs, Holls! Chucks; ILY 
C.C. best friends; GTs w/ DC, TY; 
TY, Mom, Dad, + Moe, ILY. 
Anthony Lee Walker, Jr. 
Bye, T.H.; Mom + Dad ,keep your 
head up, Desi! 
Kourtney Washburn 
ILY, All! V.M., S.B., A.M., N.C, 
L.A., T.M., M.C, K.M., M.L., J.C, 
S.C To my sister Kandace. .I love 
you! 7+3 top down, chrome spinnin' 
I will never forget my friends and 
teachers, especially Ms. Stone. 
Josh Webber 

Golf 1; Musical 2-4; Renaissance 
2-4; GTw/"The Greek" +Ken; "Little 
air in here" TY +GL: K.S., K.A., 
T.A., A. P., E.L., B.C., J.M., C.S., 
J. P., J.T., you guys are the best! 
ILY+TY, Mom. Dad, Melissa and 
Greg; "Don't bet on the weather, 
call Joshua Webber"; TY+ILY. 

Jeffrey Weeks 

Golf 1 -4; C.B., AH., and T.C. GT at 
the Celts; D.M., "You want a candy 
bar?" 12/9/02, C.L. and R.S. "Best 
dates ever"; M.O., "Nice excuse"; 
M.N., you're my bro; TY, Mom and 
Dad, ILY; GL, Smitty and D.L.; "Do 
the right thing." 
Jason Weigold 

Cape '02- K.T., P.M., E.M., J.D., 
B.N. cardboard pizza;, freeze pops 
w/Pat; rides to DQ; Sittin'poolside; 
Craney, GT, ILY; thanks for 
everything, Mom, Dad, Jill, Dan, 
Kayleena, I love you forever. 
Kelly White 

1 43 Mom, Cole, Nate, best 3 years; 
TY, GL, "Be your own light, your 
own refuge. Believe only that which 
you test for yourself. Don't accept 
authority merely because it comes 
from a great man, or is written in a 
sacred book, for truth is different for 
each man and woman" 
Kristin White 

Cross Country 1 -3; Spring Track 1 - 
3;GL to all my friends, ILY guys, I 
will never forget you; GT at 
Horseneck Beach; proms, random 
road trips; Florida, chillin' with the 
crew: E.M., S.P., J.W., W.A., J.B., 
K.L., K.A., + the rest; TY Mom + 
Dad + Cait; GL, Megan, GL class of 

Julie Whittemore 
Competition Dance Team1-4; 
Dance Captain 4 ; GT w/ the crew 
E.M., S.P., K.W., A.R., J.B., W.A., 
K.L. ILY All! Semi 4, GT getting 
ready! GT Study 4 ; GL, Kris, Bre + 
Robi, TY, Mom + Dad, ILY All! Life 
is what we make it - Always has 
been, Always will be; Never stop 
trying for your dreams. 
Kristyn Whittington 
Soccer + Track 1-4 captain; Ky 
slip+slide, ILY; FC Champs w/Stac. 
Hols, + Kim; GT @ the Cape. 
Nutes, Tates, Jr. Prom, NewYrs 
'99, + Soph yr; J.B., G.F., GL+GT; 
Soph, always fun, ILY; Jeff + Steve, 
GT; my girls, ILY+GL; mulvan; Kris 
+ Al, GL; C.C, GT, TY; 5/4/01 ; TY. 
Mom + Dad, ILY; GL, Billy. 
Christina Wholley 
TY. Mom, Dad, Karen + Jared: 
Jared, ILY forever: GT w/ best 
friends; A.C., M.C, N.M.. L.D.. ILY 
guys; L.D., Springfield + Hampton 
Beach; GL w/ the baby; A.C. M.C, 
Chinese firedrill; DVD. stay in 
touch, TY, Mrs. Holt + Mr. Sara! 

Good luck, 
Class of 2003! 

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